SH16110J7R-2Table Heater With Remote Control Wholesale Buy Table Heater at Okorder

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Product Name: Table Heater With Remote Control:SH16110J7R-2


SH16110J7R-2Table Heater With Remote Control Wholesale  Buy  Table Heater  at Okorder

Table Heater With Remote Control:SH16110J7R-2

* Remote Control Bar Table Heater
* Anodized Extruded Aluminium Alloy Frame & Control Box
* High Efficiency Carbon Fibre Heating Elements
* Two Powers: 800W, 1600W
* 4 Metres Power Supply Cord
* Stainless Steel Table Top: D=70cm
* Stainless Steel Base Cover: D=40cm
* Height: 110cm
* 360 Degree Tip-over Safety Switch
* IP24 Approved


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SH16110J7R-2Table Heater With Remote Control Wholesale  Buy  Table Heater  at Okorder

SH16110J7R-2Table Heater With Remote Control Wholesale  Buy  Table Heater  at Okorder

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