SH(B)15-M-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Amorphous Metal Alloy Distribution Transformers

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SH(B)15-M-30~2500/10KV three phase amorphous metal alloy distribution transformers is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise ,power confirms to GB1094<power transformer>standard.

its performance level reaches international advasnced level of 90s similar product,it has strongpoint of  advanced woekmanship,novel design.nice appearance and less ground demand.low damage,low noise.strong anti-short circuit.

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Q:50KVA transformer each phase current maximum band
Transformer output power is apparent power, and active power (KW) relationship: apparent power = active power × power factor. With an average power factor of 0.8, the 50 KVA transformer can be the load power (50 KVA × 0.8) 40KW of active power. Transformer (Transformer) is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to change the AC voltage of the device, the main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace change, rectifier, frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mine transformer, audio transformers, IF transformers, high-frequency transformers, impact transformers, instrument transformers, electronic transformers , Reactors, transformers, etc.). Circuit symbols commonly used as the beginning of the number. Example: T01, T201 and so on.
Q:150KVA transformer can withstand much power, how to calculate
The power unit is watts (W). Power = current * voltage 1A * 1V = 1W Then 150KVA = 150KW that is 150 kilowatts!
Q:What are the malfunctions and abnormal operation of the transformer?
Transformer failure: can be divided into the tank failure and tank failure. Fuel tank failure: a short circuit between the windings, short-circuit between the turns, direct grounding system side winding short circuit. Outside the tank failure: There is a short circuit between the casing and the lead wire and the ground short circuit (direct grounding system side). Transformer is not working properly: there are external faults caused by over-current, overload, oil level and due to over-voltage or frequency caused by over-excitation and so on. Line fault: phase short circuit (including three-phase short circuit, two-phase short circuit), two-phase ground short circuit, single-phase ground short circuit, transmission line disconnection.
Q:Why is the notebook computer transformer hot?
Laptop Transformer Professional term is called power adapter. Power adapter heat is normal. Power adapter power conversion efficiency can only reach 75-85 or so, in the voltage conversion, a part of the energy loss, which in addition to a small part of the loss in the form of waves, the majority of the way out of the heat The The greater the power of the power adapter, the more energy is lost, the greater the heat of the power supply. The current power adapter on the market are using fire-resistant high-temperature plastic sealed package, the internal heat generated by the plastic shell mainly distributed out. Therefore, the power adapter surface temperature is still quite high, the maximum temperature and even up to about 70 degrees. The following are the same as the " Power adapter heat solution The power adapter heat is unavoidable, but it can speed up its heat to prevent its temperature from rising continuously. 1, the choice of small pressure drop, low loss of switching components, cooling area to be as large as possible, more than 100W switching power supply should generally have a metal perforated shell, or with cooling fan. 2, as far as possible to put the power adapter in a better place to ventilated heat, do not put things like books on the power above. 3, in a higher temperature environment, the use of notebooks, notebook power adapter should be placed in a place not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation; do not put the power adapter in the notebook near the cooling outlet, or not only the power adapter heat dissipation is not Go out, but also absorb part of the heat.
Q:50kva transformer price
You have a problem is the voltage level and model do not know, can not set the price. The capacity is 50 kVA. If it is 10000 volts change 400 volts S11 50 kVA is about 9,000 yuan, S9 7500-8000, S7 is about 7000.
Q:315KVA transformer high-voltage side need to use the specifications of the high-voltage cable
315KVA transformer high-voltage cable 50 square how much, but in accordance with the local power supply from the power supply program to set, not how much is their own
Q:Power transformer primary current and secondary current
Do not know what the specific content of the question you ask? If the relationship between the variable and the ratio, then the secondary current and primary current ratio of the transformer for a second and second turns ratio, the need for specific problems.
Q:Transformer three-phase imbalance which harm
There is no obvious harm to the transformer, but will limit the capacity of the transformer can not get 100% play. For example, A-phase current close to the transformer rated current, B, C-phase current only 10% of the rated current, but then the transformer can no longer take any three-phase power equipment, limiting the capacity of the transformer.
Q:Transformer tap adjustment there are several ways? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
1, no excitation adjustment or no taps. 2, with taps. Their advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1, no taps: taps when the transformer must be shut down after the power, the advantages of safe and reliable, but the disadvantage is to adjust inconvenient, and often because the tap position can not meet the needs of less. 2, with taps Advantages: easy to adjust, do not have to turn off the transformer power can be adjusted, and the general tap position more easily meet the requirements. Disadvantages: due to load adjustment prone to problems, high cost, compared with the same capacity transformer volume, taps device maintenance needs a long time to blackout.
Q:Transformer secondary side is high pressure or primary side is high pressure
Transformer can be divided into two types of step-up transformer and step-down transformer, the primary side of the transformer is the voltage input, the secondary side is the output. Step-up transformer is the secondary side voltage greater than the primary side, step-down transformer is the secondary side voltage is less than the primary voltage.

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