SH(B)15-M-30~2500/10KV Three Phase Amorphous Metal Alloy Distribution Transformers

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SH(B)15-M-30~2500/10KV three phase amorphous metal alloy distribution transformers is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50HZ for industrial and mine enterprise ,power confirms to GB1094<power transformer>standard.

its performance level reaches international advasnced level of 90s similar product,it has strongpoint of  advanced woekmanship,novel design.nice appearance and less ground demand.low damage,low noise.strong anti-short circuit.

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Q:What current transformer do I need for this set up?
Current transformer coupling the 40kv line then produce about a few hundred volts depending on how many turns existed in the current transmitter. It needs many such transformers to do different step down. If you require over 5kv per step,current transformer coupling might not be the best way. The better way is control the high voltage 40kv source.Vary the supply source shall do.
Q:110kv level, the capacity of about 43MVA transformer models and detailed parameters
Now 110kV transformer capacity is generally 50MVA. Models are generally SZ9, SZ10.
Q:What are the transformer capacity?
Transformer capacity: 15,30 50 63 80 100 125 160 200 250 315 500 630 A high - speed range of 12500 .. The The The The (Unit: KVA) Small is less than 1600KVA Medium 1600--6300KVA Large 8000 - 63000KVA Extra large is greater than 63000KVA
Q:What is Transformer: UNiverse?
Transformers universe is a hasbro line Its not a company
Q:What does S11-M-500/10 transformer mean?
S represents three phases 11 design number M indicates sealing 500 indicates that the transformer capacity is 500KVA 10 indicates that the rated voltage of the transformer high voltage side is 10KV
Q:Asus Transformer Pad TF300 good for school?
(warning : poor English) Yes, Transformer Pad TF300 good for school. 1. It have a keyboard (optional), you can take notes faster. 2. Likes all others (pads), there have camera, you can take a photo of the board (if teacher allowed). 3. TF300 battery life quit good, with the keyboard even better. 4. We will work in cloud computing in the near future (or now) mostly. Google drive meet your needs for word processing, drawing, creating simple spreadsheet. you can share your works, or finish your project collaboratively with your group members via internet. 5. the chips: Tegra 3 is responsive, the screen: 10 (1280x800) is comfortable, the OS: Android 4.0 is more suited for tablets and it's a better os overall, the brand: ASUS, manufacture the best Android tablet (imo).
Q:Can Someone Explain Transformers?
I'd like someone to explain these dumb Action movies to me too!!! :
Q:Transformer confusion.?
You are confusing VA (power ratings) with transformer ratios 120/16 7.5 :1 3300/120 27.5 : 1 So connect 7Vrms to 16 input to give output 1 52.5V Now connect this 120 (52.5V) output to the 120V input of the 120/3300 transformer The output should be approx 52.5 x 27.5 1444 Volts Use the 16/120 to step up and then the 120/3300 to step up again Take the function generator voltage to its lowest and measure at all points now gradually increase the generator voltage measuring at all points until you get what you want If the voltages are not as you expect then the VA ratings may be a problem Remember to be extra careful with High Voltages
Q:10KV distribution transformer how to calculate the tap voltage
If the gear is expressed as 10 ± 2 × 2.5%, the transformer is 5 files, each level gear can be adjusted 10000 × 2.5% = 250V, and so on.
Q:when i connect the positive side of a battery to a transformer, i can read an ac current that doubles the dc?
An ideal transformer is a equal voltage per turn device. If the secondary winding has 28/115 times the number of turns as the primary winding then it will produce 28/115 as much voltage as that applied to the primary. But an ideal transformer is also a power in equals power out device, so that the product of primary voltage times primary current equals the product of secondary voltage times secondary current. So the secondary current will be 115/28 times the primary current. -- Regards, John Popelish

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