SGS TEST Fatty alcohol ammonium sulfate (LSA)

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aes/ sles 70% surfactant material
1.high quality and low price
2.accept SGS check delivery
4.Owning Factory

high quanlity and low price aes/ sles 70% surfactant material (sles) in Cina

 sodium lauryl ether sulphate Products Name:

product name: Sodium lauryl ether sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

other name: sles ; Aes;  texapon

pH value: 7.0-9.5
Color klett: 10Max
H. S. Code: 34021100

sles70 Specification ( aes/ sles 70% surfactant material ) :

Appearance: white to yellowish paste
Active substance content: 70 ± 2
Sodium sulfate (relative to 100% active matter): <3.0%
Un-sulfated substance (relative to 100% active matter): <3.5%
pH value: 7.0~10.0 (1% a.m.)
Color and luster:

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