SG(B)10-125~125~2500/10KV Three Phase Impregnated Dry Type Power Transformer

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SG(B)10-125~125~2500/10KV three phase impregnated dry type power transformer is a new dray type transformer and its advanced technology is imported from germany MORA company,it uses special design and manufacturing engineer in order to reach the requirment of "three proof"( moisture proof.mould proof ,salt mist proof )and environmental protection .it applies to craft of vacuum-pressure dipping,its heat-resisting class reaches Hlevel and it has strong capability of fiire is an ideal production  of distribution is applicable to power ,undegroung,shipping,chemical industry.high rise building and other places.

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Q:800kw motor how much transformer
Transformer power factor is generally 0.8 (also 0.7), then the total power transformer = 800 / 0.8 = 1000KW. According to the "Power Engineering Design Manual", the transformer capacity, for a simple load of a single transformer, the load rate is generally about 85%, so the above example, the transformer capacity = 1000/85% = 1176KVA, select 1176KVA above capacity transformer. If it is a single motor, due to the starting current, even if the measures taken, but also increase the corresponding transformer capacity. If the three-phase imbalance, but also a corresponding increase in transformer capacity.
Q:friedland d753 door bell transformer?
Although, I have not tested a unit like you mention, I would get the 1.5a unit because that is the maximum it puts out in amperage. If your bell uses less its OK
Q:Help with a Toroidal Transformer. best answer will get max points!!!!?
DC power into most transformers will result in smoke output. All transformers operate on AC. Your description leads me to believe that this is a power transformer with two outputs (not a Toroidal). 26.2 vac ORanGe 0 v (ground) BLacK 26.2vac YELlow and the other output 14.0vac BLU 0v (ground) BLacK/BLUe Your info does not indicate how many amps you can draw from the outputs, but I would suspect that it would be small (1 amp). The 26.2 vac outputs can be used without the ground to produce 52.4 vac output. It is normal for these two outputs to be out of phase.
Q:Which is good for the transformer?
Recommended Shanghai Zul! Zul (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is well-known enterprises in China Transformer! Shanghai transformer industry well-known brands, low-voltage dry-type transformers in the field of the leader. The strength of advanced technology, management science. As a well-known transformer, the company's main products are: SGSBK three-phase transformer (imported equipment dedicated transformer, motor-specific transformers, etc.), OSGQZB autotransformer, ZSGZDG rectifier transformer, BKDK control transformer,
Q:Three-phase three-winding transformer high-pressure medium-pressure low pressure is what it means
Hello! Transformer high voltage, medium pressure, low voltage, respectively, refers to the three groups of winding (rated) voltage level. For example: 220kV voltage level of the transformer: the 220kV high voltage side, 110kV pressure side, 10kV low voltage side of the three groups of voltage levels of the composition. Depending on the needs of the manufacturer, manufacturers may also be required to produce windings for other voltage classes. Such as: by the 220kV high voltage side, 35kV in the pressure side, 10kV low voltage side of the three groups of voltage levels of the composition. 500kV voltage level of the transformer: generally by the 500kV high voltage side, 220kV medium voltage side, 35kV low voltage side of the three groups of the composition of the voltage level winding.
Q:Know the rated capacity of the transformer, how to calculate its rated current?
E.g: 10KV / 0.4KV, 100KVA transformer, low voltage rated current: I = 100 / (1.732 * 0.4) = 144.34A
Q:Transformer issues?
Damn, had to read the question before I realized it has NOTHING to do with Optimus Prime or Megatron. (*laughing*)
Q:Transformer is the transmission of electrical equipment
The transformer is an electrical device that converts the AC voltage level to achieve the purpose of power transmission.
Q:Altium designer DXP transformer in the same name how to change?
I am only familiar with PROTEL, PROPERTIES I am not familiar with
Q:why the low voltage winding is wound at first in a 3 phase core type transformer?
The low voltage side is usually the output side. So putting the secondary windings closer to the core will insure the maximum amount of flux passes through the secondary windings.

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