SGB10-100-2500-10 H-class insulation three-phase dry-type transformer

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Production introduction

Our company has developed this product by ourselves.As a high performance,high safety,pollution free dry-type transformer,it is suitable for the harsh environments where there is a high fire protection requirement,the great load fluctuation and the site where is of filth and moisture.For example:airport,power plant,metallurgy operation,hospital,high building shopping center,densely inhabited ared,petrochemical industry,nuclear power station and nuclear submarine,elc.

Normal service conditions
1.A unique ceramic type of insulation structure is adopted in H-class high strength insulation cylinders and high-frequency ceramic cushion blocks are adopted to ensure that no deformation will occur.
2.The high-voltage and low-voltage windings are made of NOMEX wrapped flat copper wires and imported copper foils.And they are sealed with high strength insulation materials.
3.The iron core is made of laminated imported high-quality silicon-steel sheets of high magnetic conductivity with a 45 stepwise all-bias structure.A flexible fastening unit is adopted to fasten the winding and iron core,which ensures a relatively low no-load loss and low noise.
4.Outlet terminals are fixed to the top of winding,taps are in the middle of winding,low-voltage line terminal are in plate-type current-conducting rows for which cold pressure welding is adopted.

Normal service conditions
1)Altitude should not be over 1000m:indoor type
2)Highest ambient temperature should not over:+40oC;Highest daily average should not over temperature:+30oC
3)Highest annual average temperature should not over +20oC,lowest temperature should not below -5oC,We can provide transformer operated in special conditions according to user's requirement.

Model designation

Applicable standards
GB6450-1986 Dry-type power transformer
GB/T10228-1997 Technical parameters and requirements for dry-type power transformer
GB/T17211-1998 Guide rules for dry-type power transformer load
GB10237-1998 Insulation level and insulation test for power transformer
GB4208-1993 Casing protection grade(IP code)
JB/10008-1999 6~220KV transformer sound level
JB/T56009-1998 Product quality grading for dry-type power transformer

Performance characteristics
1.Excellent heat dissipation,long thermal life,good overload capacity,without forced air-cooling under a long-term 120% overload and IP45 condition.It can operate for a long time at full load.
2.Extremely high safety fire resistance performance,smoke-free while burning under a temperature as high as 800oC.
3.Extremely high thremal shock resistance capacity.
4.100% water-proof,excellent moisture -proof.
5.Unique winding structure and field strength calculation makes partial discharge impossible.
6.Low loss and significant energy saving effect.Compared with SC9 series of dry-type transformers,the no-load loss falls 10% and load loss falls 5% in average.
7.The insulation material and copper conductor can be dismantled easily and recycled after the service life. Therefore,no pollution will occur.

Notes for placing orders

Transformer type:rated capacity kVA
Number of phases:three-phase single-phase
High voltage: KV/Low voltage:KV
Frequency:50HZ 60HZ
Tapping range:±4×2.5% ±3×2.5% other
Connection group:Yyn0 Dyn11 other
Impedance voltage:4% 6% other
Cooling method: ONAN ONAF
Protecting grade of outer casing:IP00 IP20 IP30 other

Method of incoming and outgoing line:
1.Incoming line to lower part and outgoing line from upper part
2.Incoming line to upper part and outgoing line form upper part
3.Incoming line to upper part and outgoing line form side part

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Q:The specific steps and procedures for installing the transformer
Hello, you said it should be the frequency transformer installation steps it. Steps are as follows: first equipped with skeleton Oh, and then use the winding machine around the enameled wire, and then add the fuse (if the customer specified to), then dip tin, dip tin is the dressing, the package is finished shake the film, shake the film is Plus shell, such a transformer to do a good job. I hope I can help you.
Q:Transformer voltage ratio and current ratio.
In theory, the transformer voltage ratio is equal to the turns ratio, the current ratio is equal to the number of turns inversely proportional. There is actually a slight difference.
Q:Transformers, where to start?
Q:Why does the transformer have three lines
There are three lines is normal, because in addition to a line of fire a zero line, there is a ground wire (ground wire is directly connected to the Earth's line, it can be called a safe circuit, dangerous when it put high pressure directly To the earth, be a lifeline. Transformer is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to change the AC voltage of the device, the main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. According to the use can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers.
Q:What is the power transformer, what is the rectifier transformer
Rectifier transformer is isolated transformer, is often used in the power distribution cabinet to do the power.
Q:Asus Transformer Pad TF300 good for school?
(warning : poor English) Yes, Transformer Pad TF300 good for school. 1. It have a keyboard (optional), you can take notes faster. 2. Likes all others (pads), there have camera, you can take a photo of the board (if teacher allowed). 3. TF300 battery life quit good, with the keyboard even better. 4. We will work in cloud computing in the near future (or now) mostly. Google drive meet your needs for word processing, drawing, creating simple spreadsheet. you can share your works, or finish your project collaboratively with your group members via internet. 5. the chips: Tegra 3 is responsive, the screen: 10 (1280x800) is comfortable, the OS: Android 4.0 is more suited for tablets and it's a better os overall, the brand: ASUS, manufacture the best Android tablet (imo).
Q:Transformers Movie!?
Gosh, there are quite a lot between the Autobots to the Decepticons but I haven't watched the toon in so long. But I have a few toys from the 80s including a G1 Optimus Prime from 1988. I just found it at my mom's house over the weekend. Boy did that bring back memories. I'm surprised I still had it considering we moved so much.
Q:On the transformer problem
2 excitation current characteristics When closing the circuit breaker to charge the transformer, sometimes you can see the transformer ammeter pointer put great, and then quickly return to the normal no-load current value, the impact current is usually called the inrush current, features are as follows: 1) The inrush current contains high-order harmonic components (mainly secondary and tertiary harmonics), so the variation of the inrush current is a steep wave. 2) The attenuation constant of the inrush current is related to the saturation of the core. The deeper the saturation, the smaller the reactance and the faster the attenuation. Therefore, at the beginning of the moment decay quickly, then gradually slow down, after 0.5 ~ 1s after its value does not exceed (0.25 ~ 0.5) In. 3) Under normal circumstances, the greater the capacity of the transformer, the longer the duration of attenuation, but the general trend is the inrush current decay rate is often slower than the short-circuit current attenuation. 4) The value of the inrush current is very large, the maximum rated current of 8 to 10 times. When setting up a circuit breaker to control a transformer, the quick break can be set according to the transformer excitation current.
Q:about power transformer?
it is used to step-up or step-down the voltage when used to transfer electrical energy over long distances. to put it in simple terms - the voltage is stepped up from the power generation plant so that there is a minimal loss of electrical energy when it is being transferred through wires. and it is stepped down when it reaches the destination for usage.
Q:How the transformers arcs work and end?
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