SGB Safe System Offshore

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SGB Safe System Offshore

The SGB Safe-System with cast-resin dry-type transformers has proved itself in offshore operation.

The performance ratings measured on the test bench were confirmed byoperation in the wind energy plant.

When extending the product range, these experiences were implementedsystematically while new customer requirements were taken into consideration.

o   The SGB Safe-System meets allrequirements of offshore application and has proved itself in practice

o   Transformers are integral parts of awind energy plant. The safe system proves itself in any climate.

o  Quality management - from design to service.

o  Recycling creates revenue

Transformers are integral parts of a wind energy plant

Transformers must be capable of supplying the energy generated by thewind energy plant, taking the international conditions for connection to gridsinto consideration.

Thus, the design of the transformers have to take the technical conceptof the system as well as the requirements of the grid taking up the energy intoconsideration, be it in Europe, the USA and China alike.

Transformers optimized in view both of costs and energy efficiency canbe supplied specifically for the project in question.

Quality management- from design to service

Our company has been supplying the European automotive industry for manydecades and has integrated its quality management requirements into ourprocesses.

On this basis, processes with a low error potential have been selectedfor the Safe-System and the individual steps have been documented andmonitored.

Offshore Service

At thecustomer's request, offshore service can also be provided by our assembly stafftrained for this job.

For drytransformers, visual inspection is sufficient. There is no outlay for oilsampling, oil preparation or the replacement of seals.

Repair of an SGB dry-type transformer can also beeffected, in case of failure, within the plant or on the energy platform onsite.

To this effect, a concept permitting replacement of thefaulty coils is already elaborated in the prototype planning stage.


SGB cast-resin dry-type transformers consist of 94% recyclable materials, such asmagnetic sheets and conductor material.


The SGB Safe System meets allrequirements of offshore application and has proved itself in practice.

Cast Resin Transformers

leadingin on- and off-shore solutions

R e s i n  Q u a l i t y  b y  SGB

Advantage of Cast Resin Transformersfor Wind Power

o  Wellsituated for rapid and high power fluctuation and the service with rectifiers

o  Vibrationproof at service and transport

o  Lowfire load and risk

o   No cooling liquid

Additional Benefit as Jet- System forOnshore

o  Filteredair is directed through windings, leading to less material and less space

o  CompleteCooling system tested at our factory

o   Adaption of the at site service conditions byselecting the right filter

Additional Benefit as Safe System forOffshore

o   Transformer is separated from the ambient air byusing a heat exchanger

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