SG2 Carbon Steel Welding Wire ER70S-6

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SG2 Carbon Steel Welding Wire ER70S-6


Material: copper coated carbon steel


Wire dia: 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.6mm


Packing: 15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet


er70s-6 welding wire/ copper welding wire


1.Material:copper coated carbon steel


2.Wire diameter:0.8/0.9/1./1.2/1.6mm


3.Packing:15/20kgs/plastic spool/box, 72boxes/pallet.



welding wire has excellent mechanical performance such as depositing speed and high efficiency, stable arc, little splash , good welding seam, strong resistance to surface scales and oil stains on the base metal, mainly used for welding low carbon alloy steel, industries of vehicles, bridge-engineering, machine-engineering, steel structures, shipping manufacture.




 SG2 Carbon Steel Welding Wire ER70S-6


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Q:308, 3o9 stainless steel wire component, 309 instead of 3O8, okay?
308 can be welded 304 and 308 stainless steel plate, and 309 is welded special-shaped steel, that is, stainless steel and carbon steel welding
Q:CO2 gas shielded welding wire consists of flux cored wire and solid wire, but whether a hydrogen wire?
Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding wire, flux cored wire and solid welding wire, with low hydrogen welding wire.Low hydrogen welding wire is in flux cored wire according to a classification based on the different hydrogen content of the flux cored wire according to how much the content of diffusible hydrogen in deposited metal, divided into ultra low hydrogen H 5ml/100g (chromatography), low hydrogen (hydrogen content between 5~10ml/100g and H > ml/100g) high hydrogen. The lower the H content of the deposited metal, the better the crack resistance.
Q:What is the difference between Q235B welding with H08mnA and H08A submerged arc welding wire? Which match is better? Ask professional personage to analyse for me
H08A wire welding is used to match Q345B steel welding with H08mnA welding wire. Therefore, the use of H08mnA wire, high prices.
Q:Two what is the material of welding wire?
Two wire is also called carbon dioxide gas shielded welding wire. It is a kind of welding wire specially used for CO2 gas shielded welding. It is usually rolled into rolls to facilitate mechanization and automation.Due to the porosity and splash phenomenon of two welding, resulting in the lack of defects such as welding joint strength, in order to prevent these problems, ensure that the mechanical properties of the weld, welding wire containing alloy -- requirements of silicon and manganese enough elements combined deoxidation, low carbon content below 0.1%.Two commonly used welding wire diameter series: Phi 0.8mm, Phi 0.9mm, Phi 1.0mm, Phi 1.2mm, Phi 1.6mm, wire diameter allowable deviation range +0.01, -0.04.Welding wires for low carbon steel and low alloy steel: H08MnSiA, H08MnSi, H10MnSi.Welding wires for low alloy steel, high strength steel: H08Mn2SiA, H10MnSiMo, H10Mn2SiMoA.Welding line for welded bainitic steel: H08Cr3Mn2MoA.Welding anti micro hole welding seam with low spatter: H0Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9Ti.Welding wire for stainless steel sheet: H0Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9Ti, H1Cr18Ni9Nb.
Q:How many meters is one kilogram of stainless steel wire 2?
Say, model, know the ingredients, calculate the density, then count the length, say what brand
Q:What kind of wire welding carbon steel material does not crack in argon arc welding? Please explain in detail. Thank you!
Carbon steel wire (same material) for carbon steel, if it is stainless steel and carbon steel welding, it is easy to crack, it is recommended to use stainless steel wire
Q:Normally, the proportion between submerged arc welding wire and flux should be answered
My company uses the "Golden Bridge" submerged arc welding wire and flux, welding wire and welding flux together, can not be separated, how is it? It is normal. Submerged arc welding usually has an arc lead plate and a draw plate
Q:What does MIG wire mean?
MIG argon or nitrogen protects the gas and MAG mixture protects it. FMAW core gas shielded welding. TIG tungsten argon arc welding. SMAW manual arc welding
Q:Two how many kinds of wire welding equipment are needed? How much do you charge for a set? Thank you.
Two, welding wire manufacturers have contact.
Q:What welding rod and welding wire are used for Iinconel600 welding?
ERNiCr-3 welding wireIt is used for welding of INCONEL 600/601/690 alloy by means of MIG, tungsten inert gas welding and submerged arc welding.The weld metal formed with ERNICR-3 welding wire has higher strength and better corrosion resistance, and has better oxidation resistance and higher creep exceptional strength at high temperature.182 electrode (ENiCrFe-3) applies to manual arc welding, INCONEL, 600601690 alloy. Use thisThe weld metal formed by the welding rod has high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, and can satisfy the severe X ray irradiationPhase inspection requirement.
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