SFF Series Of Solid Fluoroplastic Insulated RF Coaxial Cable

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Product Description:

The products is manufactured according to the standards of SJ1563-1980,mainly used for the transmission of radio frequency signals in radio communication, radio and electronic equipment under the condition of high temperature.
The cable has the uniform characteristic impedance, low loss, low delay, minimum attenuation properties.

二、Product structure

TypeInner conductorInsulationOuter conductorJacket
SFF-50-1Silver copper7/0.100.87Silver copperSingle Braid0.151.80
SFF-50-1.5-1Silver copper7/0.181.50Silver copperSingle Braid0.182.55
SFF-50-1.5-2Silver copper7/0.181.50Silver copperDouble Braid0.183.20
SFF-50-2-1Silver copper1/0.732.20Silver copperSingle Braid0.183.30
SFF-50-2-2Silver copper1/0.732.20Silver copperDouble Braid0.184.00
SFF-50-3-1Silver copper1/0.933.0Silver copperSingle Braid0.234.50
SFF-50-3-2Silver copper1/0.933.0Silver copperDouble Braid0.235.50
SFF-75-1Silver copper1/0.170.87Silver copperSingle Braid0.151.80
SFF-75-1.5-1Silver copper7/0.101.50Silver copperSingle Braid0.182.55
SFF-75-1.5-2Silver copper7/0.101.50Silver copperDouble Braid0.183.20
SFF-75-3-1Silver copper1/0.553.0Silver copperSingle Braid0.234.50
SFF-75-3-2Silver copper1/0.553.0Silver copperDouble Braid0.235.50

三、Electrical properties

TypeImpedance Ω Withstand voltage
RateInsulation resistance MΩ·km 

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Q:Can we install control cable and power cable in one conduit?
it fairly is a huge-unfold prepare...to run ability and administration cables in diverse conduit however the uncomplicated standards is voltage gradings.All cables upto 500volts may well be laid in a single conduit whether ability or conrol.In case of extreme voltage cables, with the aid of fact of elecromagnetic inducion result, diverse conduit is accompanied.
Q:Why does the AC welding machine burn out the equipment?
Electric workers in the wood when the wood bar, buried in the soil that part of the first use of fire char, and then brush into the ground after the bitumen
Q:Power Cable Check Well b-type covers show what?
Indicating the carrying capacity of the covers, according to "People's Republic of China town construction industry standards" to understand that: steel fiber reinforced concrete inspection covers are divided into A, B, C, D four
Q:What power cord and USB cable goes to this HDD case?
It's a regular USB 2 cable. No idea what sort of power it takes. Can't be a very special power though. Your best bet is to get one of those switchable supplies from Radio Shack and try the voltage one at a time until the drive works. If you go under the drive won't run, so you can't do it that way if you start low and move higher.
Q:does the kinect package come with the power cable for the old 360?
It actually does come with one that connects to both the new and old xbox. Wait for it to come, and enjoy.
Q:Antec Nine Hundered 24Pin Power Cable Length?
pretty much all cables on a psu is long enough to reach any mobo in any case (assuming its the correct form factor)
Q:Is there a hdd power cable with a MALE 4-pin connector that extends into one female 4 pin connector and one..?
Probably, but most people just buy Molex to SATA power adapters. If you need more Molex 4 pin plugs, just buy some Y splitters. Any computer store worth a darn should have some of both in stock, even the chain ones.
Q:When buying computer parts from Newegg, do they include any necessary wiring/cables?
Depending on what the combo contains, it may have the cables. - A power supply comes with a power cable for the outlet, and the usualy cables you find on a power supply... - A motherboard comes with 2 or 3 SATA cables, O/I shield, screws needed to mount ot case, manual, driver disk - JUST Hard Drives...well just the hard drive (NewEgg does not included any cables unless stated) - Graphics cards...adapters, manual, old drivers - Case: cables that connect to the motherboard (On/reset buttons, USB ports, Firewire, fans, sound/mic jacks) Hope this answers your question.
Q:Question about replacing the power supply?
Hi, There is often a plastic clip holding the connection in place, check for that first then pull gently as they are not normally that tight. Arnak
Q:looking for a UPS power cable?
You local should have the cable you need...

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