SFF Series Of Solid Fluoroplastic Insulated RF Coaxial Cable

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The products is manufactured according to the standards of SJ1563-1980,mainly used for the transmission of radio frequency signals in radio communication, radio and electronic equipment under the condition of high temperature.
The cable has the uniform characteristic impedance, low loss, low delay, minimum attenuation properties.

二、Product structure

TypeInner conductorInsulationOuter conductorJacket
SFF-50-1Silver copper7/0.100.87Silver copperSingle Braid0.151.80
SFF-50-1.5-1Silver copper7/0.181.50Silver copperSingle Braid0.182.55
SFF-50-1.5-2Silver copper7/0.181.50Silver copperDouble Braid0.183.20
SFF-50-2-1Silver copper1/0.732.20Silver copperSingle Braid0.183.30
SFF-50-2-2Silver copper1/0.732.20Silver copperDouble Braid0.184.00
SFF-50-3-1Silver copper1/0.933.0Silver copperSingle Braid0.234.50
SFF-50-3-2Silver copper1/0.933.0Silver copperDouble Braid0.235.50
SFF-75-1Silver copper1/0.170.87Silver copperSingle Braid0.151.80
SFF-75-1.5-1Silver copper7/0.101.50Silver copperSingle Braid0.182.55
SFF-75-1.5-2Silver copper7/0.101.50Silver copperDouble Braid0.183.20
SFF-75-3-1Silver copper1/0.553.0Silver copperSingle Braid0.234.50
SFF-75-3-2Silver copper1/0.553.0Silver copperDouble Braid0.235.50

三、Electrical properties

TypeImpedance Ω Withstand voltage
RateInsulation resistance MΩ·km 

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Q:Can A bad battery or power cable cause a laptop to Blue Screen?
BSOD errors are usually caused by driver problems. Try updating the computer's drivers. Try switching between the manufacturer's drivers and the drivers provided by Microsoft Update (assuming it is a Windows laptop). Overheating can cause BSOD errors, and is especially common on Pentium 4, Pentium/Celeron D, and Pentium M era laptops. Bad memory is another strong possibility. You can test your memory using MemTest86. Just search for it on Google. The power supply being about to give out is another possibility. That is more common on desktop models though. Laptop PSUs tend to go out suddenly, all or nothing. Batteries will die in a similar way, although won't hold a charge for as long leading up to eventually not having enough power to even start the computer without support from the power cord. Again, assuming it is a Windows computer, you can use the command prompt and the sfc /scanonce command to fix problems with the operating system files that could be causing the problem. If you want to actually READ the BSOD error before it disappears, right click on My Computer, click Properties to bring up the System Properties screen. Click on Advanced, under Startup and Recovery click Settings, then under the on system failure heading, uncheck the option for automatic restart. Then when the BSOD error occurs, you'll have to press Control Alt Delete to restart instead of the computer restarting automatically. If you get a box afterward that says the system has recovered from a serious error, look for anything in the box that might direct you to an explanation. Be sure to send the crash report to microsoft, because they may send back a link to info on how to solve the problem.
Q:10 POINTS FOR FIRST ANSWER do all PSU's (no matter what wattage) have the same standard power cable..........
They all follow the same 3 pin power cord externally but they are not the same internally ie from the motherboard to the PSU.
Q:The power cable box light is red on my xbox?
It's probably way to hot so plug it out for about an hour and a half and that will probably cool it down then and then it might be ok then.
Q:Does the eVGA GT 440 graphics/video card need a power cable connect from the psu to it?o?
No, it doesn't need one, but it's also a crappy purchase. The Radeon 6670 costs about the same, doesn't require external power, and slaps the GT 440 silly.
Q:What does ZR-YJV 6mm2 * 3 cable mean?
The initial also said that car 3S brand stores, mainly refers to the front of the three S
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The max power you can draw from a USB port is 2.5W (500 mA at 5V)
Q:What type of computer power cable is needed to support a 400W PSU?
The standard 3-prong PC power cables are universal. Many other devices also use them (monitors and old laser printers, fax machine etc). Any one would work.
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Is the interference signal line can not go with the wire,
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Normally, when I do systems, I run it through the hole in the firewall, that was factory drilled for the antenna wire. Unfortunately, I dont think the antenna in this car is located up front, so. People run wires through the door. I personally don't like this, because you can see.. My personal opinion, would be to drill a hole on the passenger side, underneath the dash,and fill the gaps with silicone and run your wires down the side of the door, pushed under the plastic.
Q:what to do with Ps3 power cable and converter!!?
You need a good power converter (appropriately rated for the PS3's power consumption) with a proper American style socket, or replace the PS3 power cord with one better fitting to the receptacle on the converter transformer.

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