SER or SEU used to convey power form the service drop to the meter base

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● Joysense Type SE, service entrance cable is used to convey power form the service 

drop to  the meter base and from the meter base to the distribution panelboard; 

however, it may be used in all applications where Type SE cable is permitted

● SE cable may be used in wet or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90℃

● Voltage rating is 600V

Joysense Type SE cable meets or exceeds UL Standard 44 

for Type XHHW-2 conductors UL Standard 854, 

Federal Specification A-A 59544, and requirements of the NEC®.

Joysense Type SE cable is construted with sunlight resistant Type 

XHHW-2 conductors or Type THWN conductors. 

Aluminum conductors are AA-8000 series Aluminum Alloy, 

compact stranded. Joysense Type SE, Style R Cable assembly plus

 reinforcement tape are jacketed with gray sunlight resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Available as 2 conductor (2 insulated phase conductors, bare ground), 3conductor 

(2 insulated phase conductors, insulated neutral, bare equipment ground), or 4 conductor

 (3 insulated phase conducted, insulated neutral, bare equipement ground). 

Type SE, Style U Cable assembly plus an overall concentrically applied neutral and 

reinforcement tape are jacketed with gray sunlight resistant polyvinyl choloride (PVC).

● SER Sample Specification: Cable shall be UL-listed Type SE, 

Style R, suitable for operation at 600V or less as specified in the NEC®. 

Conductors shall be Aluminum Alloy, weather resistant PVC jacketed, 

as manufactured by Joysense Company.

● SEU Sample Specification: Cable shall be UL-listed Type SE, 

Style U, suitable for operation at 600V or less as specified in the NEC®. 

Conductors shall be Aluminum Alloy, weather resistant PVC jacketed, 

as manufactured by Joysense Company.

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Q:How do you connect a PCIe 6 pin power adapter cable to your PC power supply?
But If I have only one moles connector from my PSU, Can I use an Molex splitter for get the 2 connectors that I need?
Q:what volt fuse do I use in my audio power cable on my car amplifier? ripspeed amp.?
you always take wat amp fuses you have in the amp and add them all together and thats the minimun fuse amp you can have in your power, your amp has 2 25amp fuses so you need at least a 50amp fuse on ur power wire, and if you have the lil fuses you cant go beyond 40 so youll have to go get a MAXI fuse block and get a 60amp fuse and you will b fine, you can find them on OKorder for less than 10bucks or at walmart for 15-20bucks, good luck
Q:I Got a intercooler for my xbox360. I plug it on my xbox, but i cn not plug the power cable at the intercooler
The new Falcon 65nm has a different power supply plug that apparently is more efficient with 175 Volts. An older Nyko Intercooler simply won't fit it. Trash that baby. Intercoolers are too loud and cause more problems than they solve.
Q:Electronic power supply?
Electronic devices should be OK if the cord is yanked, as long as it isn't done too often. It would be just like a power outage, the device would turn off immediately. It shouldn't blow a fuse or anything like that. If you pull the plug and it doesn't turn back on later, it could be that the power supply or transformer has gone bad. These are easier to replace in computers than in TVs and often cost less than $50.
Q:What is the fire wire pipe laying? What is the galvanized steel pipe?
Look at the computer and television, respectively, what interface are generally computer and television are more VGA, followed by HDMI, the new out there will be DisplayPort connection at both ends of the wire type is also very rich, VGA-VGA, HDMI-HDMI, etc. also Adapter cable, such as DVI to VGA and one according to the computer and television interface to select the wire, hard link established, win7 will automatically identify, I use the flagship version, feel better than XP. You can choose to clone the screen or expand the desktop and other operations, computer monitors Internet TV while watching movies, like.
Q:How can I find the optimal length needed for a power cable to connect two poles using catenary concepts?
you could connect computers via direct cable get right of entry to on parallel port. you additionally can use a bypass cable for this u could desire to remeber a rule for create a bypass cable it incredibly is 1326 ability connect a million cable with third of different and a pair of with 6 th cable of different. have relaxing
Q:Computer host configuration of about 1,000 yuan (preferably 1000 below) - probably as follows;
"Electrical design of civil buildings," 8.10.13; steel cable bridge straight section length of more than 30m, aluminum or glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge length of more than 15m, should be set up expansion joints. Cable bridge across the building deformation joints, should be set compensation device. The telescopic section is set for temperature change; the compensating device is to prevent settlement at the deformation.
Q:SATA power cable does not stay in hard drive, causing boot disk failure...?
Tape or a new hard drive.
Q:If the Remote Power Cable is switched off, would the subwoofer/amp still cause a power cutoff in my car?
Ok, so this is what your going to do to test this. First unscrew your remote switch and place a wire from the positive terminal from your amp to the remote switch on your amp and then the amp should power on. now if you have the same problem it is most likely that it is not that the remote switch is having problems but probably your sub is not matched with your amp and has greater ohms than your amp is capable of therefore sending it into protect mode which would make sense since you say it is when you turn up the volume. I wish the best of luck : ) P.S check your wattage if your amp draws more than 600+ maybe even 500 your battery may not be able to power it so maybe if all else fails see if you can get your hands on a capacitor.
Q:Will ps2 power cable work on ps3?
No, you can use the power cable for a computer on the PS3. It is a standard shape and can be purchased from any good computer shop. The PS2 uses a transformer and the pin alignment is different. Just get a proper cable, they are really cheap anyway.

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