Semi-transparent Static Film to Protect Electronical Parts

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Semi-transparent Static Film to Protect Electronical Parts

Metal in static shielding film made our of VMPET/PE films for packaging ESD sensitive devices.It is uesed for making ESD static shielding bags ,Thoes films are available with or without printing

Film construction:

Anti-static Static Shielding Film echnical Data

Electrical PropertiesTypical ValuesTest Method
Surface Resistance ANSI/ESD STM 11.11
Exterio<10E11 ohms
Metal <100 ohms
Static Shielding <15 nJANSI/ ESD STM11.31
Static Decay <0.03 seconds EIA 541
Charge Generation < 100 volts ** 15kV and 12% RH
Physical Properties
Material Thickness3.6mil+/-10%**
Puncture Resistance ≥10.0lbsMIL-PRF-81705D
Tensile Strength> 4500 psi MD/TDASTM D882
Seam StrengthNo separationMIL-PRF-81705D
Optical DensityOpaque(Sliver) ASTM D-882
Heating sealing Conditions375°F 0.5sec.60 PSI**
MVTR< 0.02grams/100sq. in/dayASTM F-1249
AppearanceNo tears,holes,sctratches,etc.
Chemical Properties.Compliant to ROHS,REACH,
Halogen free ETC requirement
Amines/AmidesNot detectedFTIR

 Antistatic Static Shield Film Roll  Film specifications:



Printing: Standard with ESD requirements,approx 50X50mm

             Yellow. Date code(YYMM).

About us :

Btree is China's top 5 supplier of Static Shielding Bags and Moisture Barrier Protection. We offer a full range of

ESD Packaging solutions. Speak to our friendly team or request a brochure.

ESD Moisture Barrier Film Technical Data

Electrical PropertiesTypical ValuesTest Method
Surface ResistanceANSI/ESD STM 11.11
Exterio<10E11 ohms
Metal 100 ohms
Static Shielding <15 nJANSI/ ESD STM11.31
Static Decay <0.03 seconds EIA 541
Charge Generation < 100 volts ** 15kV and 12% RH
Physical Properties
Material Thickness: 4.0mils+/-10%
Puncture Strength10.0 lbs MIL-PRF-81705D
Seam StrengthNo separation MIL -PRF-81705D
Heating sealing Conditions
Temperature300°F -400 °F
Time0.6 -4.5seconds
Pressure 30 – 70 psi ASTM D882
Tensile Strength >3,500 psi MD/TD ASTM F-1249
Water vaporTransmission
<0.006grams/100 sq in/day
Visual inspection No tears,holes,sctratches,etc.

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