Semi-transparent Static Film to Protect Electronical Parts

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Semi-transparent Static Film to Protect Electronical Parts

Metal in static shielding film made our of VMPET/PE films for packaging ESD sensitive devices.It is uesed for making ESD static shielding bags ,Thoes films are available with or without printing

Film construction:

Anti-static Static Shielding Film echnical Data

Electrical PropertiesTypical ValuesTest Method
Surface Resistance ANSI/ESD STM 11.11
Exterio<10E11 ohms
Metal <100 ohms
Static Shielding <15 nJANSI/ ESD STM11.31
Static Decay <0.03 seconds EIA 541
Charge Generation < 100 volts ** 15kV and 12% RH
Physical Properties
Material Thickness3.6mil+/-10%**
Puncture Resistance ≥10.0lbsMIL-PRF-81705D
Tensile Strength> 4500 psi MD/TDASTM D882
Seam StrengthNo separationMIL-PRF-81705D
Optical DensityOpaque(Sliver) ASTM D-882
Heating sealing Conditions375°F 0.5sec.60 PSI**
MVTR< 0.02grams/100sq. in/dayASTM F-1249
AppearanceNo tears,holes,sctratches,etc.
Chemical Properties.Compliant to ROHS,REACH,
Halogen free ETC requirement
Amines/AmidesNot detectedFTIR

 Antistatic Static Shield Film Roll  Film specifications:



Printing: Standard with ESD requirements,approx 50X50mm

             Yellow. Date code(YYMM).

About us :

Btree is China's top 5 supplier of Static Shielding Bags and Moisture Barrier Protection. We offer a full range of

ESD Packaging solutions. Speak to our friendly team or request a brochure.

ESD Moisture Barrier Film Technical Data

Electrical PropertiesTypical ValuesTest Method
Surface ResistanceANSI/ESD STM 11.11
Exterio<10E11 ohms
Metal 100 ohms
Static Shielding <15 nJANSI/ ESD STM11.31
Static Decay <0.03 seconds EIA 541
Charge Generation < 100 volts ** 15kV and 12% RH
Physical Properties
Material Thickness: 4.0mils+/-10%
Puncture Strength10.0 lbs MIL-PRF-81705D
Seam StrengthNo separation MIL -PRF-81705D
Heating sealing Conditions
Temperature300°F -400 °F
Time0.6 -4.5seconds
Pressure 30 – 70 psi ASTM D882
Tensile Strength >3,500 psi MD/TD ASTM F-1249
Water vaporTransmission
<0.006grams/100 sq in/day
Visual inspection No tears,holes,sctratches,etc.

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TM is common in foreign trademarks. It is the abbreviation of "trade mark" in English. "Trade mark" means "commercial mark" in Chinese, so "TM" means "trademark""
Q:What is the difference between package material PETAL and VMPET?
Packing material:PETAL represents the PET film composite pure aluminum sheet material. Packaging industry called aluminum foil filmVMPET represents an aluminized PET film, which is a high temperature vacuum in which the high purity metal aluminum is uniformly applied to the plastic film. The packaging industry is called aluminized film.
Q:How can the labels affixed to the bags be removed quickly?
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Reason: PE has better heat sealing property, which is easy to sealPA has better printability and is used in the outer layer to print beautiful picturesPVDC EVOH, good separation performance, prevent oxidation. The film closed light is good, not easy to see the light of the product is appropriate.Specific more professional, no longer introduce one by one
Q:Dried fish vacuum packaging packing bag can not puncture
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Q:How do you determine the 210mm*300mm package and determine its version and length?
Length 21 cm, width 30, vertical roll length suggest up to cooperate with compound printing equipment
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