Semi- Metal Brake Shoe                   

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PJ1675

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Shoes




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Neutral Package, Color Box, Pallet,


Origin:Shandong, China

Production Capacity:1500000 PCS Per Month

Product Description

1). Material: Q235, Q345, 23k, 20k 

(2). Features: 
1. Stable Friction Coefficient 
2. Abrasion resistance 
3. Low noise and dustproof 
4. Environmental protection, green products 

(3). Certification: ISO9001: 2000, TS16949. 

(4)Our advantages: 
1. We can make brake shoe for Korean cars, Japanese cars, Europe cars and trucks 
2. Advanced Equipments and many year's experience of produce. 
3. More than 800 items 
4. We can supply the samples to customers and accept the trial order with small quantity 

(5). Usually neutral packing, we can also pack accoriding to customers' needs 

The price will be sent to you soon after receive your OEM no. FMSI no., FBK no., etc. 


Brake Shoe


ISO9001: 2008, TS16949


International Standard size

Apply to

Heavy trucks, Trailers, Buses

Place of Origin

China (Mainland)



Minimum Order Quantity

100 Piece/Pieces Trial Order


Qingdao Port, China

Packing Details


Delivery Time

30 days

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:How does the front brake of the motorcycle follow the brakes?
The motorcycle can not finish! Because there is no center! It is easy to fall!
Q:how to maintain motorcycle brake?
Clean the pads/rotors, or shoes/drums monthly with Contact/Brake Cleaner. Brake dust and road debris gets embedded in the brake material, score the brake surfaces and ware everything unevenly. Hydraulic brakes - change the brake fluid yearly.
Q:How to destroy the motorcycle brake system
Do you want to do bad things?
Q:Motorcycle riding technique: Braking in turns?
Slow, look -thorough the turn, lean, accelerate out of the turn. Same principle applies to safe drivers no matter if they drive a motorcycle or a car. In your above scenerio, you should always be prepared for the unexpected when driving around other traffic. IF you can't see all the way thru the turn to the exit, then slow down before entering the turn. On a bike or in a car, when you apply the brakes in a turn you take away critical tire traction normally available for sticking to the road surface, not usually a big deal in a car-you have 4 wheels for stability, but on a bike your contact patch is 2 tires each with 3 or less of contact with the road, you take at least a 1/3 away when braking in a turn. There is a technic for doing it properly, but only very experienced riders and pro racers know it and use it. And even then there is little guarantee that under the right situation you will not low or high side off the bike when using it. It is called trail braking. Will it get you stopped-no it is not designed for that. It is designed to help slide the rear of the bike into the turn.
Q:How to adjust the motorcycle's liquid brake tight
In the rear wheel on the left, can find the brake cable and rear brake brake rocker, adjust the adjustment screw can be there, generally with 14 # wrench twist, clockwise tightening, counterclockwise loose, but in the adjustment to pay attention to see About when the screw when the brake line will follow the turn, if you want to pay attention to the fixed brake line, or easily distorted.
Q:What is the relationship between a motorcycle disc brake and a brake disc?
Working characteristics point of view difference: v brake friction is the rubber mixture and the wheel contact friction (generally said that the aluminum alloy car side of the process, low-grade is polished side, the so-called car side and edge, Better), the general braking effect is still very strong, unless the continuous high-speed downhill, continuous braking, such as when we down to the Huang fork in the fork when you touch the car, is also very hot, such a temperature brake The strength will be weakened. The higher the temperature, the brake effect also will drop the worse.
Q:How do you bleed motorcycle brakes?
when I put in braided stainless strains on my Kawasaki, I too had a very stressful time getting each and all of the air out. first of all, vacuum pumps artwork super for vehicle disc brakes, yet for motorbike disc brakes and previous form vehicle drum brakes, they pull air previous the brake piston seals and you in no way get each and all of the air out. I even have one and prefer something, there's a time and place for it yet no longer on motorcycles and vintage automobiles. first of all, with a hose on the bleed screw on the calipers, open the screw one after the different and compress the calipers one after the different till you have the pistons pushed each and each of how in. this might expell as lots air as obtainable. Then particularly loosen the banjo bolt on the mastery cylinder. conserving a brilliant wadded rag under it, loosen the bolt possibly a million/4 turn and pull the lever back each and each of how till fluid flows out of the banjo bolt. Tighten the bolt and then bypass all the way down to the T installation. With a sparkling rag (you do no longer desire to apply the previous rag and drip brake fluid onto the fender), do an identical with the different end of the line coming from the grasp cylinder. Then do the two one among the different fittings on the strains going to the calipers. Then flow all the way down to the calipers and with a hose on the bleed screw, open the screw somewhat, squeeze the brake lever and while you're conserving it back close the screw. launch the brake lever and repeat it over back till no bubbles seem and then bypass to the different one. this might desire to expell each and all of the air. If it nonetheless seems somewhat spongy, attempt parking the motorbike out in the nice and comfortable solar all day and notice if that helps. that's what it took to get each and all of the air out on my Kaw.
Q:what's the difference between ABS and a TCB?
ABS- Anti-lock braking system TCB- Traction control braking ABS- An ABS generally offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces for many drivers; however, on loose surfaces like gravel or snow-covered pavement, an ABS can significantly increase braking distance, although still improving vehicle control. TCB- A TCB, is a secondary function of ABS in motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels. It enhances driver control. CLEAR?
Q:Motorcycle front brake oil pump how exhaust
Forced to do not let go to find the deflated screw, add enough brake fluid, repeatedly pinch the front brake a little more than a dozen times, tighten the screws, loosen the air disengage screw, repeated this process several times, including the air brake fluid , Until no air is discharged
Q:Motorcycle brakes defects
I would take it back to the dealer. A few years ago Harley changed the composition of their brake pads and all the new bikes had a loud squeel when braking. Harley would never admit anything was wrong of course. The problem was solved simply by beveling the leading edge of the pads.

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