Semi-electric Stacker-- SPN05

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CharacteristicsModel of manufacture SPN0517-610×610SPN0520-610×610SPN0517-760×820SPN0520-760×820
Power supply(electric,diesel,petrols,gas,
main electric)
Type of operation(hand,pedestrian,
strand on,ride seated,order picker)
Capacity/rated loadQ(kg)500500500500
Load center distanceC mm380380455455
WheelbaseY mm90590510601060
WeightWeight(including battery)kg210220220230
Wheels typesTyres(rubber,Vulkollan,pneumatic,
polyurethane front/rear)
Tyre size,frontmmФ180×150
Tyre size,rearmmФ126×50
Wheels,number(x=drive wheel front/rear) 2/2
Track width(rear)b11 mm460460719719
DimensionsLowered mast heighth1 mm2034233420342334
Lift heighth3 mm1730193017301930
Extended mast heighth4 mm2034233420342334
Tiller height loweredh14 mm770/1153
Fork height loweredh13 mm145
Overall lengthl1 mm1220122013701370
Length to front face of forkl2 mm610
Overall widthb1 mm715715760760
Platform dimensionss/l/e mm50/610/61050/610/61050/760/82050/760/820
Overall fork widthb5 mm61061082050/760/820
Working aisle with 800×800 pallet lengthwiseAst mm1930193020802080
Turning radiusWa mm1150115013051305
PerformanceLift speed,laden/unladenmm/s150/295
Lowering speed,laden/unladenmm/s180/100
Parking brake Manual
Electric motorLifting motorKW1.6
Battery voltage,normal capacityV/Ah12/150
Battery weight +/-5%kg45


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Q:Diy a small platform principle
It is possible to design screw and motor power and variable speed system according to lifting weight.
Q:There is no elevator on the 7th floor of the home to install a lift or lift
What do you want to do? Can you agree to install these things? These later additions can only be set outside the building, affecting the fire channel.
Q:Safety operation of hydraulic platform
Purpose: this procedure is used to guide operators to operate correctly and use hydraulic platform equipment. Two procedures: 1, the parts should be inspected carefully before they are work lifting platform, key check whether the screw connection is reliable, hydraulic pipe leaks, loose wires contact with and without, breakage, and so on and so forth. 2, lifting platform lift, put the leg in the four corners, four leg should be firmly supported on solid ground, dispatch work mesa to state level (visual). Turn on the power, the indicator should be on. Then start the motor, pump work, drop one or two in the air, check the parts and then start working again. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, should make the pump running 3-5 minutes, confirmation of oil pump work can be carried out. 3, homework personnel enter the platform after the guardrail doors should be closed, with bolt, tied on safety rope, the center of the load (people stand location) should be in the center position of workbench face.
Q:The tomb raider was not able to pry the gear in order
When I play this card for a long time, also I am getting rid of the four is only the past, the front three gear easy to find, the fourth in 3, 4 layer between the right of the lift, there is a hole, was blocked by a few boards, you can go out from there the fourth also make it
Q:What device is better to design a platform that is 1 square meter or so?
Hello, we are jinan Kowloon hydraulic machinery manufacturing co., LTD., which produces elevators,
Q:Diablo ii flame volcanic mission will not be able to jump
Push the pole to the right to climb quickly to seize the board on the wall, press the left key to left, after the magma press e and ran to the front of the counter, jumped to the table according to move to the left along the plate on the plate
Q:What is the size of the hydraulic elevator platform for 2T
If use the size of the demand is larger, can use fixed double span hydraulic lift, double straddle steady lifting, large carrying capacity, easy operation, widely used in vehicle maintenance, kilns, chemical plant, equipment and other industries use.
Q:There are several reasons for the hydraulic cylinder oil leak on the elevator
Oil cylinder in and out tubing joint cracking; (I've seen a lot of this in practice.) 2) the sealing damage of the piston rod with the piston rod is caused by the pull of the piston cylinder. 3) cooperate with cylinder liner piston rod out end seal is damaged, this is caused by long-term use of seal aging more, also has a lot of end cover on is too hard to seal extrusion is damaged, there is a lot of domestic manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder design is not reasonable cause (mostly in order to save costs)
Q:How does hydraulic platform change sealing ring, how to operate
Because the concrete structure of hydraulic cylinder is different, the order of disassembly is different, and it should be judged according to the specific situation.
Q:The principle of hydraulic platform is controlled by foot switch
There is a very commonly used in oil overflow valve, its role is: regardless of the flow of oil, only to a certain pressure to open (internal spring, spring elastic adjustable), also have the effect of pressure.

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