SEM Brand Heavy Work Conditions Wheel Loader ZL50F-II

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• Turbocharged engine conforms to National Stage II emission standards and has larger torque reserve and lower fuel consumption.
• Brand new design of cooling system meets the requirements for -20℃ ~ +43℃ ambient conditions.
• High pressure work system and steering hydraulic system provides shorter work cycle time and more convenient steering.
• Working pump, pilot valve and priority valve adopt products of world-famous brands, DIN/SAE standard high pressure hose is made at Caterpillar Wuxi plant, and the pipeline layout is optimized.
• Hydraulic system can choose either pilot or mechanical control, which features less efforts and quick operation.
• Self-made fixed axle transmission features multiple improvements for high reliability.
• One-piece 600 series enclosed cab has good vibration absorption and soundproof effect and a wide view.
• Enlarged booster pump further improves brake performance.
• New reinforced frame is designed with FEA process and is proven in use. 
• Brand new design of electric system further improves reliability and comfort.
• Multiple variant working devices meet various needs and requirements for different work conditions.
• The overall design meets China’s mandatory noise and safety standards.


Bucket Capacity2.7-4.5 m3
Rated Load Capacity5000 kg
Operating Weight16200 kg
Max. Drawbar Pull161 kN
Max. Breakout Force177 kN
Max. Gradeability28°
Min. Turning Radius (Outside of Bucket)6780 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Tire)5772 mm
Cycle Time (Bucket lifting, tipping and lowering)9.6 s
Dump Height3142 mm
Dump Reach1214mm
Wheelbase3200 mm
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)7955×3068×3406
ModelSinotruck Steyr D10.21AT21National Stage II emission standards
TypeIn-line, vertical, water cooling, 4-stroke
Rated Power154 kW
Max. Torque920 Nm
Drive System
Torque ConverterYJ375
TypeSingle stage, 3 elements, centripetal type
Transmission TypeFixed axle, constant engaged power shift
Speed Gears4 forward, 4 reverse
Max. Speed.41.3 km/hr
Front/Rear Drive AxleXuzhou Meritor drive axle,4WD, fixed front axle, swing rear axle(±12°)
Steering System
TypeArticulated frame, load sensing steering, steering priority 
Steering Angle (left/right)38°±1
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Pressure17 MPa
Operation ModeHydraulic pilot proportional control/ mechanical control
Brake System
Service BrakeSingle circuit, air-over-oil 4-wheel caliper disc brake
Parking & Emergency BrakePneumatic internal expanding shoe brake
Fuel Tank260 L
Hydraulic System150 L
Optional Devices

Weichai WD10G210E22National Stage II emission standards

side dump bucket/sand bucket/rock bucket /rock bucket with inclined cutting edge

Long reach arm / coal bucket and long reach arm 

Desert tires


Quick coupler and tools

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