Self-Propelled Telescopic Boom Lifts-GTBZ16SU

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Four-wheel drive provides srperior performance and maneuverability
● Aluminum platform control box
● Cable protection package, to prevent accident reduce replacing cost
● Rough terrain capabilities with 40% gradebility
● 180° platform rotator
● Platform move scope 1.8m from forth to back
● Platform size 6.7×2.28m
● S.W.L 1800kg
● Platform self-leveling
● Chassis auto-leveling
● Swing out engine tray for easy maintenance access
● On-Board diagnostics help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustment in the field to  maximize uptime

Max.Working Heightm15.6
Max. Platform Heightm13.6
Max.Hrizontal Rachm8
Maximum Rearwardm3.5
Platform Slider Boomm1.8
Overall Lngthm7.21
Overall Widthm2.45
Overall Height(Standard/Folded Guardrails)m3.35/2.36
Platform Sizem6.70×2.28
Ground Clearancem0.32
Wheel Basem3.8
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside)m2.45/5.5
Turret Rotationº180°
Perkins 804D-33Tkw/rpm62kw/2600rpm
Travel Speed(Stowed)km/h5.1
Travel Speed(Working)km/h≤1.1
Maximum Slopeº3-5°
Chassis Levelingº10°
Hudraulic TankL280L
Fuel TankL150L
Gross Weightkg11500

● Standard equipment
● Can Bus Technology
● Proportional controls
● Safety electric pump
● Horn
● Hour meter
● Overload sensor with alarm
● Tilt sensor
● 180° Platfrom rotation
● Self-leveling platform
● Onboard diagnostic system
● Slide platform
● Anti-restart engine protection
● The glow plugs for cold starting
● Chassis auto-leveling
● Oscillating axle
● 4WD
● 4WS
● European III emission engine
● Hydraulic oil cooler
● Rough terrain foam-filled tyres
● Automatic outriggers

● Options
● Hydraulic generator
● Hydraulic welder
● Hydraulic compressor
● Hydraulic water pump
● AC power on the platform

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Q:How do you remove the horizontal universal elevator milling cutter
Remove the milling cutter in a horizontal milling machine, and if you hammer it with a hammer, it is easy to break the knife and not be allowed to operate. The correct way to do this is to use both hands to pull the milling cutter out of the shaft, and when it's too tight, you can use a hammer to gently tap around the milling cutter.
Q:There are different kinds of milling machine and vertical lifting machine milling machine
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Q:What is the phenomenon of the worker's transport of wood using a lift
The elevator is divided into the following mobile, fixed, wall, tractive, self-propelled, vehicular, and retractable seven categories: mobile The shear fork lift platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operation. The mechanical structure of it, make the lifting platform lifting has high stability, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity, larger, and the area of aerial work for many people work at the same time. Lifting power is divided into 24 v, 220 v or 380 v power supply, diesel engine, with Italy and domestic hydraulic pump station, mesa use antiskid insulated gusset plate, with non-slip, insulation, safety, please be assured that use.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of using diesel engine as an engine
Most of the diesel engines are low speed machines, with a speed of about 100 revolutions per minute, which can drive the propeller directly. Improved fuel consumption of diesel engine power plant to the lowest, and lift platform can use cheap residue, high reliability, the thermal efficiency can be closer to 50%.
Q:The purpose of the rail elevator
Cannot reach the requirements of the occasion, such as difficult to solve in the narrow space, can make the efficient delivery platform, product set for hydraulic system, the door on the interactive chain, floors and lifting platform work table can set operation buttons, achieve multipoint control.
Q:The home is decorated, make a tatami mat the platform should pay attention to what aspect?
The second is to notice whether the product has a secure clamping system. Most of the products on the market are mechanical clamping system, which is low in safety, and the system is too resistant to it. Best choice is the electronic control system, because it will through the electronic system induction to the resistance changes, more than a certain value will stall, electric and automatic recovery (electronic resistance setting values are very sensitive, high security), such as task of children. The third is, of course, the manufacturer and the brand, the good manufacturer and the brand make the product more reliable, which is not to be said in detail.
Q:Does the shear fork lift stand belong to special equipment?
It belongs to special equipment, the manufacturer must have special equipment production qualification "special equipment manufacturing license" to be able to produce the sale shear fork lift machine. The products of the manufacturer without relevant documents are not eligible.
Q:When the hydraulic platform drops, it feels very shaken and unbalanced. Please answer?
Can you adjust the flow rate to slow down the same amount of pressure and the decrease is much faster than the increase. This does not know that the valve is connected to the solenoid valve, which may be the overflow valve or the balance valve The oil tank has no refueling mouth and oil outlet?
Q:What hydraulic cylinder is used
It is better to use hydraulic welding double acting cylinder.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:Which mobile shear fork lift is better
Mobile shear fork lift There are four major systems, The mechanical structure system,

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