Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump Our Products are packed in exportation plywood case usually, our package is good for protecting the products. The putting way is different because of the different pump size and quantity. english manual will be provided together with the products.
Delivery Detail:15 working days for Gorman Rupp Self Priming Sewage pump

Gorman Rupp Self Priming Sewage centrifugal water pump


Performance Parameters:

Capacity( flow rate) :  30~1200m³/h

Head  :5 ~ 60Meters

Suction Lift : 7ft~ 25ft

Max. Solid : 76.2mm

Material : Cast Iron,SS304,SS316,SS316L.

Driven mode: Electric Motor and Diesel Engine.

Seal : Mechanical Seal, Alloy SiC/SiC

Bearings : NSK brand


1.Products Overview:

             P series self priming non-clogging sewage pump is a new generation product which is developed on the basis of the lastest technology and craftwork.

         A hole is addad to make sure that stronger sewage can be cleaned quickly when pump is jammed.

        The unique lubrication oil mechanical seal makes the performance more reliable and avoids to damage mechanical seal when it operates without water.



2.Main usage:

♦   Municipal Project,Sewage Project,Instruction Project.
♦  Transportion of the sewage of uptown.

♦   Sewage transportion in Hospital,Hotel and so on.

♦    Classification of municipal sewage treatment factory and concentrate treatment systems engineering.

♦   Tansportation of the factory and contaminated water.



3.Operation condition:

1. The temperature of medium no more than 80°C,

  the density of medium is 1.0 ~1.3* 10³kg/m³.

  PH is within 5~9 .

2.Max. diameter of solid should be less than 75mm.

3.Max. suction lift no more than 7m.


4. Technical Specification:



2''(50mm), 3''(75mm), 4''(100mm), 6''(150mm), 8''(200mm), 10''(250mm), 12''(300mm)

2.Impeller Diameter


3.Rotary Speed

550RPM-2150 RPM

4.Flow Rates











9.Solid Passing



Cast Iron, ADI, CD4MCU, 316 SS, Alloy 20, C276.

11.Diesel Driving

Water cooled or air cooled

12.Method of Connection

Self-priming pumps are available as basic units or may be flex-coupled, V-belt driven or engine mounted.

13.Drive Variation

Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo, Perkins or Chinese Diesel, Electric Motor

14.Skid Mounted on Trailer

2 or 4 wheels Trailer/Trailor,Cart


Exporting plywood case


CE ISO9001:2008



5. Details of all Pump size :

P-21150-290046361 – 10 HP9211444.45
P-3650-2150107351 – 20 HP18320563.5
P-4650-1950163361 – 30 HP259.528076.2
P-6650-1550330332 – 40 HP36439176.2
P-8650-1350600347.5 – 75 HP58163476.2
P-10650-14507754010 – 100 HP63566376.2
P-12650-125012754220 – 125 HP998106676.2
H-3850-215085621.5 – 25 HP21422520.63
H-4850-2150148583 – 40 HP27229728.57
H-6850-1950308575 – 75 HP41343731.75

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Q:install water pump on chev 5.7?
As John M said, they make special wrenches to remove the fan clutch from the water pump. It can be a pain in the... When I did mine on my 97, I ended up removing the fan and pump as one piece from the truck, then had to weld the impeller of the water pump to the housing to keep it from spinning, then use a big wrench on the fan clutch to get it loose!!! It was way too tight. Hopefully yours isn't that tight, but maybe it gave you an idea on how to get it apart. Good luck
Q:What are the signs of a bad water pump?
The reason it leaks after it's parked is because that's when the pressure is built up so it leaks. A/c not blowing cold air. is sometimes a sign of water pump. The water pump is located where your belt is. drive the car around for about 20-25 mins needs to get warmed up and build up pressure in the system then park the car but leave engine running and look around that area and check all hoses and hose clamps.
Q:what tools do i need to remove the fan on my BMW and get to the water pump?
You need to get the large nut lose. It holds the fan/fan clutch to the water pump shaft. After you get that off it's all down hill from there.A large adjustable wrench will work on the nut but you will need to keep pump from turning to loosen it. I think it may be left hand thread. It is not on real tight. The book will help on this one.
Q:how many water pumps are in a volvo penta?
The water pump is located in the outdrive. You should see a screen area on the lower end where the pump is loicated. I would guess the impeller needs to be replaced. You should stop running the engine 'till it is fixed.
Q:chrysler sebring water pump?
not real hard to change any cars water pump buy a new one have a look at what it looks like... look at motor see where it remove whatever that is in way of it after getting it off clean the old gasket off ...apply some blue Silicone put on new one and replace what you had to remove refill radiator check for leaks.. and might want to replace thermostat also if its been running hot while you there....should be able to do it in a few hours double check your job for leaks afterwards
Q:1999 toyota sienna LE water pump?
When you change the timing belt you as well change the water pump as well. If you take it to anyone for timing belt change they will ask you if you want to change water pump because its convenient to change it out at that time. But if you dont have any knowledge how to work with the timing dont mess with it take it to someone who is knows what there doing because paying couple hundred dollars is better then paying thousands for engine rebuild or new engine.
Q:How does water pumping work?
Usually they look for an underwater spring or reservoir, then they drill or dig into it. From there, they either instal a pump or use it as a well. As for how it works, refer to water pressure.
Q:Need help with my 2004 Yamaha R1 Oil Pump/Water Pump?
Take pictures make notes if you don't have a manual.
Q:My water pump pulley is off line with my other pulleys how do I fix this?
The water pump pulley is bolted to the water pump flange. The flange bolts are sheared off or have worked loose and the pulley/belt combination are no longer turning the water pump. If the flange has come loose from the water pump shaft, it will still be bolted to the water pump pulley. This may have also been caused by a locked up water pump. You can not fix a loose water pump flange or a locked up water pump. A new/rebuilt water pump will have to be installed. Happy Trails!
Q:RV Water Pump Question!?
If U basically establish it seem on the arrows for water pass. If no longer than make beneficial it has water attending to ti and not close off or leaking line. There are exams U can do on the pump to verify if it extremely is working like a hose right into a bucket of water and notice if it pumps.

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