Self Priming Oil Pumps with High Quality

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Product Description:

1) Basic Info

  • Pressure Medium: Oil

  • Capacity: 3.2-600

  • Delivery Head: 12-80

  • Speed: 1450-2900

  • Inlet/Outlet: 25-300

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Material 2: Rubber

  • Material 3: High Chromium

  • Package: Standard Export Plywood Case

  • Export Markets: Global

Product Description

2). Brief Introduction
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.
It is widely used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oil for aviation in oil ware house, oil ≤ Station, oil tanker, dock, tank truck, airdrome etc. It can also be used in chemical industry, pharmaceutics, brew age, electroplate, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electric power, mine etc.
Medium temperature range: -20 Celsius degree to 80 Celsius degree, viscidity≤ 100centipoise, particles consistency can reach 30%.
3). Working principle and structure indication
The pump adopts pump case structure of axes direction back liquid. The pump case consist of suction chamber, liquid deposit chamber, turbination chamber, back liquid bore, air and liquid separation chamber. After start the pump normally, impeller sucks liquid in suction chamber and air in suction pipeline and mixes them. In centrifugal efficiency, liquid mixed air stream to outside of turbination chamber and turns into white spumy strap and liquid separation chamber by diffuse pipe. Meanwhile because flow speed reduce suddenly, lighter air is separated from mixture and rises and put out of pump outlet from mixture. Liquid from mixture is back to deposit chamber and enters into impeller by back liquid bore and mixes with air in suction pipeline once more, in efficiency of high rotary speed impeller, the liquid flow to edge of impeller
The process goes on continuously, air in suction pipeline reduces continuously and exhausts. After finishing self-priming, pump is in normal work, because the pump has the particular output air performance, it can transport liquid with air in no need of bottom it has good function of cleaning cabin if it is used in tanker.
1: It is self-priming centrifugal pump
It stands out the advantage of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, long life, good self-priming performance etc. It need not bottom valve in the pipeline. It just need to have amount of liquid in pump for self-priming before starting pump. It can be used as pump for cleaning off cabin in tanker and water supply of ship with high efficiency.
2: It is made up o f material of high quality. Seal is hard alloy mechanical seal. So the pump has a long life. It need not security valve in output pipeline and no bottom valve in suction pipeline, so that it predigests pipeline system and improves working condition
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.

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Q:What does the pump lift mean?
The pump head is the parameter you must know when you buy a pump, that is, the height of the pump.To buy a pump, I think the Heathrow pump is OK. I bought it earlier this year. It's not bad yet, but the quality is pretty good.
Q:What is the 10KV pump unit?
As the name suggests, the water pump unit is a number of pumps, and 10kV is the voltage level. According to the voltage level, what you call a water pump should be a pump with relatively large power
Q:What do I need to install a manual water pump at our preschool?
With no offense meant at all to answer 1... I grew up without indoor plumbing on a farm. ALSO while this is to be functional it reads as if it's to be a demonstration of the process of lifting water by means of the action of a pump. I suggest certainly that it not strictly be a means for practical use IE: drinking; etc. Obviously you'd need a receptacle that will hold enough water to allow the pump to perform. A 5 gallon paint bucket could suffice perhaps. A platorm to bolt the pump head to, and perhaps some method of keeping it all from spilling over when eager students engage with it. I have never checked with HD or Lowes, but certainly online you'd get an answer rather quickly. Farm/Feed stores most definitely would have functional hand crank/lever, water pumps. Also often sold in RED or GREEN,,,smile. I'll assume you have a custodian/maintenance person/husbands/boyfriends/fathers/mothe... who would be happy to get involved and you could be pumping in less than an hour. The situation obviously can be portable and brought indoors at the end of any day you choose to use it for the purposes you define. Steven Wolf
Q:Mercruiser 3L 4cylinder (water pump problem)?
This is your recirculating pump. If it is a marine pump, it will have a brass backed seal and no heater hose outlet. (have seen them in the casting, but no hole there) The only difference is the casting, as long as it was ordered for the boat, you should be OK. For got to ask, do you have a cabin heater in the boat?
Q:*Updated 95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
Again, see last answer to your same question. You obviously dont know what the real problem is, could be water pump and might not be. Instead of wasting over 25.00 on a water pump and that not being the problem, why dont you take it to a reputable repair facility and have the cooling system analyzed and they can tell you EXACTLY what part(s) need replacing, then go from there. Nobody can diagnose your cooling system problem over the internet since we are not at your vehicle with a coolant pressure tester and block test tool.
Q:94 pontiac bonniville water pump removel?
more than likely, the fan holds the pulley on. the pulley probably has corroded on to the pump. lightly tap on it with a hammer and should pop off. i have seen this alot on that style of pulley set up.
Q:Where online can we find a small water fountain pump?
Alex - It's best to look for water fountain pump based on there GPH i.e. Gallon per hour ratings - this is the rating that show how many gallons of water is the pump able to recirculate in one hour. First answer to look for is the GPH rating of your original fountain pump. Also, most of the higher GPH fountains have several inlets, so that should not be an issue if you get a higher GPH pump. Just keep in mind that higher the GPH, higher the power consumption, and thereby, higher electric bills. Just look up the sources I am pointing out below and I am sure you would find a good fountain pump for your garden fountain.
Q:Can I use a electric water pump to cool my V-Drives and transmissions?
Q:I have a mercury 60 hp 4 stroke about 6y old and the water pump was working fine then just stop pumping water?
Sounds to me like your impeller is shot. Just because the water pump was replaced, chances are the impeller wasn't.
Q:What kind of water pump does the 5.5KW motor have?
Model has: QS-250-40-21, lift 21m, flow 40 square, motor power is 4KW, water pump diameter is 232cmQJ-200-40-26, lift 26m, flow 40 square, motor power is 5.5KW, water pump diameter is 189cmYou can choose the right pump according to your well path.

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