Self Priming Oil Pumps with High Quality

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Product Description:

1) Basic Info

  • Pressure Medium: Oil

  • Capacity: 3.2-600

  • Delivery Head: 12-80

  • Speed: 1450-2900

  • Inlet/Outlet: 25-300

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Material 2: Rubber

  • Material 3: High Chromium

  • Package: Standard Export Plywood Case

  • Export Markets: Global

Product Description

2). Brief Introduction
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.
It is widely used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oil for aviation in oil ware house, oil ≤ Station, oil tanker, dock, tank truck, airdrome etc. It can also be used in chemical industry, pharmaceutics, brew age, electroplate, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electric power, mine etc.
Medium temperature range: -20 Celsius degree to 80 Celsius degree, viscidity≤ 100centipoise, particles consistency can reach 30%.
3). Working principle and structure indication
The pump adopts pump case structure of axes direction back liquid. The pump case consist of suction chamber, liquid deposit chamber, turbination chamber, back liquid bore, air and liquid separation chamber. After start the pump normally, impeller sucks liquid in suction chamber and air in suction pipeline and mixes them. In centrifugal efficiency, liquid mixed air stream to outside of turbination chamber and turns into white spumy strap and liquid separation chamber by diffuse pipe. Meanwhile because flow speed reduce suddenly, lighter air is separated from mixture and rises and put out of pump outlet from mixture. Liquid from mixture is back to deposit chamber and enters into impeller by back liquid bore and mixes with air in suction pipeline once more, in efficiency of high rotary speed impeller, the liquid flow to edge of impeller
The process goes on continuously, air in suction pipeline reduces continuously and exhausts. After finishing self-priming, pump is in normal work, because the pump has the particular output air performance, it can transport liquid with air in no need of bottom it has good function of cleaning cabin if it is used in tanker.
1: It is self-priming centrifugal pump
It stands out the advantage of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, long life, good self-priming performance etc. It need not bottom valve in the pipeline. It just need to have amount of liquid in pump for self-priming before starting pump. It can be used as pump for cleaning off cabin in tanker and water supply of ship with high efficiency.
2: It is made up o f material of high quality. Seal is hard alloy mechanical seal. So the pump has a long life. It need not security valve in output pipeline and no bottom valve in suction pipeline, so that it predigests pipeline system and improves working condition
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.

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Q:How to fix a water-pumping machine...?
If you are in a very cold climate you could have frozen pipes. If not call a plumber.
Q:function of regulator in water pump?
I call the guy who installed it if he reputable he abound fix it if hes a jack. Then call a real plumber.
Q:Could someone tell me the procedure for removing & installing a water pump on 97 buick skylark 3.1L 3100 SFI?
Water Pump Removal Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Remove air cleaner (if necessary). Loosen water pump pulley bolts. Remove serpentine drive belt. Remove water pump pulley bolts and pulley. Note position of locate tab on top of water pump for installation reference. Remove bolts, water pump and gasket. Installation Apply thread sealant to water pump bolts. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fill and bleed cooling system (fill reservoir and radiator, run engine until upper rad hose starts to become hot. Top off and replace cap) Torque Specs Water pump bolt................89 Inch Pounds Water pump pulley bolt .....18 Foot Pounds
Q:How much should it cost for a water pump.?
Q:How do I quiet a noisy water well pump?
It sounds to me like water hammer. There are a few ways to address it, probably the easiest is to add an expansion tank. To find out, try connecting a garden hose somewhere in the system, preferably a cold water pipe. Drain all the water from the hose and put a nozzle or plug on the end so the air can't escape, then turn the valve on. The air in the hose will act as a cushion and, if water hammer is the problem, you won't hear it while the hose is connected. That is not a permanent solution, just a simple test that might give you an answer. Good luck
Q:Having problems removing water pump on 1996 3800 series ii motor someone please give me correct instructions ?
to get the water pump out you need to remove the water pump pulley first it has four 10 mm bolts (I have seem them with 8 mm bolt with a large shoulder on them too ) you can break the bolts loose one of 2 ways 1) put a long screwdriver between the two of the bolt to hold the pulley in place while u break one loose then spin the pulley around rinse and repeat once there all loose u can turn them out by hand and pull off the pulley some time u have to give the pully a little tap to come off you shouldn't need to take off the motor mount unless u plan on chaging the serpintine belt ? be sure once you get the pump off you clean the block side of the surface really good with a scraper make sure u get all the old gasket off the block side so it will seal right when u install the new pump I also recommend a tube of ultra black rtv sealant and only black I have used blue silicone before on many occasion and it has failed me I only use black rtv plus it makes it a lot easier if you have to replace the pump in the future as it come off a little easyier hope this helps a little good luck may the car gods be with you also I would recommend doing a back flush with warm or hot water and using the old school green antifreeze either full or 50/50 mix Dexcool orange has a very well know issue of eating gaskets and putting engine into a vapor lock very costly to fix
Q:i have a 1997 bmw the water pump went out and we replaced it and i need to now what else could be wrong?
I'm assuming you replaced the water pump due to an overheating problem (most water pumps fail due to leakage, so I'm assuming you drove the car with low coolant). If this is the case and you have an engine knock, you're in trouble. A knock signifies damage to the crankshaft/piston/connecting rod and the associated bearings. If it sounds like someone is hitting the engine with a hammer, you'll need to bring it in right away, before you do more damage. It's not going to be cheap (when is it with a BMW) and you may be better off selling the car and starting with a new car. Good luck. Greg
Q:can a non-mechanic replace a water pump?
Unless you have a lot of experience doing mechanical repairs this is not a job for amateurs in most cases. I am not familiar with the engine in question but unless it is a bolt on external unit I would pay someone to install it.
Q:The role of impeller in water pump
Pump impeller through the motor to drive rotation, so that the medium (water) by centrifugal force or lifting force, so that the medium has mechanical energy (kinetic energy)
Q:Can a leaking water pump ruin brake lines?
No but if the brake lines are as rusted up as they usually get any movement could cause a leak. At this point the mechanic did you a favor by bumping them and causing the leak. Sure beats finding out the lines are weak while coming off the expressway.

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