Self Priming Oil Pumps with High Quality

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Product Description:

1) Basic Info

  • Pressure Medium: Oil

  • Capacity: 3.2-600

  • Delivery Head: 12-80

  • Speed: 1450-2900

  • Inlet/Outlet: 25-300

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Material 2: Rubber

  • Material 3: High Chromium

  • Package: Standard Export Plywood Case

  • Export Markets: Global

Product Description

2). Brief Introduction
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.
It is widely used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oil for aviation in oil ware house, oil ≤ Station, oil tanker, dock, tank truck, airdrome etc. It can also be used in chemical industry, pharmaceutics, brew age, electroplate, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electric power, mine etc.
Medium temperature range: -20 Celsius degree to 80 Celsius degree, viscidity≤ 100centipoise, particles consistency can reach 30%.
3). Working principle and structure indication
The pump adopts pump case structure of axes direction back liquid. The pump case consist of suction chamber, liquid deposit chamber, turbination chamber, back liquid bore, air and liquid separation chamber. After start the pump normally, impeller sucks liquid in suction chamber and air in suction pipeline and mixes them. In centrifugal efficiency, liquid mixed air stream to outside of turbination chamber and turns into white spumy strap and liquid separation chamber by diffuse pipe. Meanwhile because flow speed reduce suddenly, lighter air is separated from mixture and rises and put out of pump outlet from mixture. Liquid from mixture is back to deposit chamber and enters into impeller by back liquid bore and mixes with air in suction pipeline once more, in efficiency of high rotary speed impeller, the liquid flow to edge of impeller
The process goes on continuously, air in suction pipeline reduces continuously and exhausts. After finishing self-priming, pump is in normal work, because the pump has the particular output air performance, it can transport liquid with air in no need of bottom it has good function of cleaning cabin if it is used in tanker.
1: It is self-priming centrifugal pump
It stands out the advantage of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, long life, good self-priming performance etc. It need not bottom valve in the pipeline. It just need to have amount of liquid in pump for self-priming before starting pump. It can be used as pump for cleaning off cabin in tanker and water supply of ship with high efficiency.
2: It is made up o f material of high quality. Seal is hard alloy mechanical seal. So the pump has a long life. It need not security valve in output pipeline and no bottom valve in suction pipeline, so that it predigests pipeline system and improves working condition
CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combing many years design and manufacturing experience of our company.

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Q:Fire pump room is required to set up water pump control room?
What is the concept of fire pump control room? If there is a control room host automatic alarm automatic fire alarm system of words (through the pump distribution box can also control) can control the fire pump, if there is no distribution box automatic alarm system you can through the pump room control
Q:A pump, the flow rate of 30T/H per hour, lift 30 meters, should be allocated more power motor?
Mgh=ptIn 1 hours30*1000*10*30=p*3600P=2500 (W)Therefore, the ideal state should be more than 2500W motorWith all kinds of losses, it is recommended to configure more than 3000W motors
Q:What is the difference between self-priming and non self suction?
The self-priming condition of the centrifugal pump is that a small water tank is attached to the pump body. Don't use water every time you start. No suction, no water tank. And the use of volumetric Self-priming pumps, such as car cleaning, high-pressure pumps are in this category.
Q:Why can domestic pumps sometimes pump water and sometimes not?
What floor do you live on? If your floor is relatively high, the noon is not good, because there are too many people in the water (and maybe someone else is using a pump), so the water level is too far away from your house to pump it up
Q:Why can't vertical water pump use spring shock absorber?
Vertical pump can use spring shock absorber, because the bottom of the vertical pump installation area is small, so many people feel that it can not install spring shock absorber, actually not, and now there is a vertical pump can use the shock absorber;Introduction of spring shock absorber for vertical pump;1 、 spring cover and spring seat for the combination of butyl glue and cast iron, and after baking treatment, good weather resistance.2, according to simple installation, bolts can be used to adjust the height and level.3, can be matched with the pedestal design, can be used in various types of machinery and equipment.4, applicable to all types of pumps, fans, air conditioning boxes, pipes and so on.
Q:Fire hydrant and fire pump adapter difference
1, fire hydrant is generally divided into three types, one is indoor, one is outside, is a municipal, the three has two basic purposes, which is directly connected to the fire hose or fire-fighting water, is the scene of the fire truck with water.2, fire pump adapter from the purpose, for fire hydrant system, automatic spray (spray, Yu Lin) system, divided up from the form, have walls, underground, ground type, its basic purpose is, after the fire, if the fire hydrant system (for example network system) when the water pressure is insufficient or anhydrous (water pump system damage and other reasons), through the pump adapter, the fire water supply to the system or booster.
Q:Submersible pump coupling, what does this coupling mean?
Coupled with: "two people together in the cultivated land" means, in Chinese, that is, even things linked together meaningCoupling, as the name suggests, means the connection of the pump and the pipe.Submersible pump, used coupling or coupler, because the pipeline extends into the water, the water will not see, through the coupling, pump automatic clamping to the pipe end, simple and quick.
Q:What is called soft start of water pump?
Soft start is a form of electronic control, mainly through the soft drive to achieve. Principle: the former contactor is directly started as contactor, first pull in, and the device is started by soft driving. Soft start device start smoothly, starting current is small, control system life is long. Soft start is now in widespread use. But the use of high-power equipment is less, the general current is less than 120A.
Q:What are the brands of air conditioning pumps?
Italy Calpeda CalpedaDaneWellerGermany KSBAmerican ITTCanton water pumpSouthern water pump
Q:What is the relationship between pump power, lift and flow?
N= QH/1000 gamma ETA gamma, severe liquid, cattle - ETA / m3; efficiency; N- kW; H- head, power meters;Q- volume flow per cubic meter / sec.

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