Self Priming Jet Water Pump for Irrigation & Garden

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China main port
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1 unit
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1700 unit/month

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JET100M

Performance:Self-Priming Pump

Applications:Irrigation & Household

Working Fluid:Water

Free Spare Parts:1% of Purchase Quantity

Painting Color:as Customers′ Required


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Export Standard Carton

Standard:CE, SGS

Production Capacity:20000PCS/Year


For water supply from wells or reservoirs.

For domestic use. for civil and industrial applications.
For garden use and irrigation

Operating conditions

Maximum fluid temperature up to +60º C

Maximum ambient temperature up to +40º C
Maximum sand content: 0.25%
Total suction lift up to 8 m.
Continous duty

Motor and pump

Rewindable motor

Three-phase: 380V-415V, Single-phase: 220V-240

Insulation: Class B
Protection: IP44

Structural characteristics

Pump body: Cast iron/SS
Front cover: Cast iron
Diffuser: Noryl
Impeller: Brass/PPO 
Mechanical seal: Ceramic and graphite
Shaft: 45# steel/stainless steel
Motor case: Aluminum

Warranty: 1 year
(according to our general sales conditions)

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Q:how do i take off water pump on 97 lt1 camaro?
If you haven't figured it out already, it's best to remove the plastic shield around the fan first. Then remove the declutching fan from the water-pump. If you skip this step, when the water-pump does come loose the fan blades will blast right into the radiator. There are only four bolts holding the water-pump to the engine block. When the declutching fan is off you can use a dead-blow hammer on-top of the water-pump drive spindle with the other hand underneath the water-pump snout to prevent from hitting the radiator core. If your not riding around by now it's because you'r having trouble figuring out where all the crap is in Roberts Rules Of Order.
Q:water pump replacement..some opinions needed, electrical or not?
stick with the stock set up
Q:How large is the starting current for a 1.5 kW submersible pump?
If single-phase, the no-load current is about 3.7A, the rated current is about 10A.
Q:Is my cars water pump broken? Squealing noise..?
Coolant from water pump can leak on the belts and cause a squeal. So get some belt dressing to stop that. All things can be fixed with cans from auto stores. Fix a flat is good stuff too.
Q:5.7 mercruiser water pump?
If you are raw water cooled it can take up to 3 minutes for the thermostat to open, and a little mist to start coming out. You should not run the engine out of the water, or without a flush attachment.
Q:How long will a bad water pump last?
Water pumps rarely just go. If you can specify on what loose means, such as is the bearing worn out, is it leaking, etc we can help moreso. Chances are a few weeks won't hurt, if this is a problem that has slowly surfaced and worsened over time, as opposed to a sudden onset. Just keep a religious eye on whether the temperatures begin to climb, and if so don't take the risk and carry on, stop and get the vehicle recovered (if you really can't afford to have the work done sooner rather than later, and take the risk that is)
Q:what tools do i need to remove the fan on my BMW and get to the water pump?
You need to get the large nut lose. It holds the fan/fan clutch to the water pump shaft. After you get that off it's all down hill from there.A large adjustable wrench will work on the nut but you will need to keep pump from turning to loosen it. I think it may be left hand thread. It is not on real tight. The book will help on this one.
Q:$90 labor to replace a water pump...?
A water pump. Ninety dollars sound like 1.5 hours of work at $60 to $65 an hour. The car must cool off first. The car must be emptied of coolant . The serpentine belt must be removed. There might be other items that may need to be placed out of the way on this Impala, capitalized, Mr. Swayward, as car names are proper names and must be capitalized. Apparently teachers do no cover this in class any more. There are many bolts that need to be removed. There is a gasket that needs to be removed. There is a water (coolant) pump that needs to be removed. There is a new pump that needs to be installed. There is a gasket and a cover pan to be installed. There is a serpentine belt that must be returned to service by adjusting the tension. There might items that were removed that need to be moved back. There is coolant fluid that must in added to the vehicle. Past a certain point of adding coolant the engine is run to circulate the fluid to burp the system out of air. As the coolant levels goes down, more fluid is added. Repeat as needed. Once assured of no air then the radiator cap is placed and then work can be checked for leaks and for quality of work, A few minutes of monitoring the engine and the temperature are needed. An experienced mechanic could possibly do this faster but the labor rate comes form a book or website used all over the USA as the time an average mechanic would need to complete this job. As to your question. Is it reasonable? Since you know where on the planet you happen to park this car, then you could call another car repair shop and ask as to this job. You can compare prices.
Q:The problem of single phase pumps
Is your starting capacitor pump is broken. Because you pump it is a single asynchronous motor..... Single-phase asynchronous motor by capacitive phase shifting function, the single-phase alternating current isolated from another 90 degree phase alternating current. The two alternating current into two groups or four groups of motor winding, forming a rotating magnetic field inside the motor rotating magnetic field induced current in the rotor, the induced current magnetic field and rotating magnetic field in the opposite direction, by rotating magnetic field push pull into the rotating state, because the rotor must be cutting magnetic lines to produce induction current, so the rotor speed must be lower than the rotating magnetic induction motor speed, so thatSo if the starting capacitor is broken, then your pump will start difficult,
Q:Pump pumping small is what happened?
You are lifting pump or submersible pump ah? Lift pump before pumping water pump, first open the pump and then open the outlet valve, and if there is no pressure, it is time to leave, the sealing performance is not good, check where leakage, and perhaps your pump is broken

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