Self Priming Easy Suction Non Clog Sewage Pump

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Specifications of Self Priming Easy Suction Non Clog Sewage Pump

Flow: 5 - 800 m3/h
Head: 10 - 80 m
Power: 2.2 - 55 kW
Speed: 1450 or 2900 r/min
Calibre: Φ 2 5-Φ 300
Temperature: ≤ 80 deg C
pH Value: 6-9 Stainless steel 2-13
Self-priming high: 4.5-5.5 m

Performance and Advantages of Self Priming Easy Suction Non Clog Sewage Pump
Integration of self-priming and non-blockage blowdown Axial reflux type with outer recirculation Reliable self-priming performance Strong blowdown capacity High efficiency Energy saving Easy for operation and service.

Range of Application of Self Priming Easy Suction Non Clog Sewage Pump
Applicable for municipal sewage discharge, aquiculture, light industry, papermaking, textile, foodstuff, chemical, electric power, fibre, to handle paste, mixed suspended matters, and other chemical mediums

Technical data of Self Priming Easy Suction Non Clog Sewage Pump


TypeFlowQHeadMotor PowerSpeed

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Q:Why does my water pump switch on and off about every 5 seconds?
It sounds like the bladder in your pressure tank has ruptured.
Q:How long should a water pump last?
Years is the wrong way of looking at it. You should look at in mileage. And it depends on if the replacement was a new or re manufactured. Remans last about 1/3 the time (or mileage) of a new. Be sure to check the entire cooling system and fix the problem. I've seen people replace entire cooling systems ( radiators, water pumps, thermostats) only to find out it was a head gasket.
Q:How hard is it to change a water pump on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am with the 3.3 Liter motor?
Yes, water pump seals will leak all the time (worse when under pressure). It is not a hard job if you now what your doing. Get a repair manual and make sure you have all the right tools and parts before you start.
Q:can i hook 2 water pumps together?
The problem with hooking up two pumps directly to each other (with just a pipe in between) is that one will work faster than the other. If the faster one is first, then the pipe in between will get pressurised and force water into the second pump, perhaps damaging it or the forcing pump. If the slower one is first, then the pipe in between won't be full and the second pump will be running dry.
Q:I need Water Pump help?
The impeller.
Q:why does my water pump turn on and off?
Does it have a resevour that it pumps to? If so, when it get full it will shut off, and when the water level gets low, it comes on.
Q:Anyone know anything about Mazda water pumps?
If you had a water pump leak you'd know it! There would be coolant draining out of water pump seal the minute you filled the cooling system. A water pump leak doesn't get coolant into the motor. It will get the timing belt wet with antifreeze and cause the belt to jump time and possibly bend your valves. The only way you'll get coolant in the motor oil is if there is a head gasket leak. To check for that you need to have a block test done.
Q:Timing Belt/Water pump replacement?
In these vehicles, the water pumps are located behind the timing belt. Remember that the MOST EXPENSIVE item on the timing belt replacement is the labor to do so. This being said, the shop is recommending the replace of the water pump you are already footing the bill for the LABOR to replace the belt and you want have that cost if/when the water pump goes out. Here's and example, let's say the timing belt replacement on your car came to a total of $250. The belt itself only cost $15 to $20, leaving the rest of the cost in associated gaskets and labor. If you don't replace the water pump and it fails, this time your cost will $300 with the difference in price being ONLY the difference in cost for the water pump and timing belt. It's not an absolute necessity to replace the WP when doing the TB, it is just a good idea! If your keeping the cars... change the WP... if not.. just the TB and sell it! Good luck and I hope this answers the question!
Q:i hear water in my dash board, i know its the water pump pushing water through the heater core, how do i fix?
Sounds like you have air in your engine cooling system. Newer cars are notorious for trapping air pockets in the engine when the coolant is changed. Take the car to an auto repair shop and have them bleed the air out of the system.
Q:what's wrong with my water pump?
Easiest way to tell is to bypass the pressure switch and connect the pump motor wire directly to incoming power and manually run the pump until you reach shut off pressure... use your circuit breaker to do this.. My guess is that when you wired it the wrong the first time you forced the pump to shut off by way of an overload protector on the motor and either the protector is bad now or the motor is

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