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With the development of industrial economy, the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution and more prominent in our country, according to authorities world estimates,environmental pollution problems Chinese ranks first in the world, 20 of the world's most pollutedcity, China accounted for half, the issue of environmental protection has become a pressing matter of the moment problem. Transparent glass building materials this tradition in the modern building industry, automobile industry and the family is most widely used, because of increasing air pollution, but also makes them clean work becomes increasingly difficult. Self cleaning glass is to solve the above problem, the function of building glass a new concept proposed by. It isthrough the TiO2 thin film doped in the glass surface plating on the smooth, to solve the aboveproblem, made a powerful probe to reduce air pollution. Heterogeneous photocatalyst photocatalytic oxidation reaction for Chalcogenide Semiconductor, we chose TiO2 because it is nontoxic, insoluble, good photo catalytic activity and low cost etc.

In 1969 Japan trees and Ren (Hashimoto) and Toshima Aki (Fujishima) found TiO2photocatalysis and hydrophilicity.

In 1972 Japan by TiO2 photocatalyst made a lot of research work.

In 1995 the United States Paz development of photocatalytic TiO2 film on the surface of the glass, the same year the Tokyo auto show car manufacturers on display on the car with self-cleaning glass assembly is the windshield.

In 2001 the British Pilkington company produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coated with TiO2 film self-cleaning glass, sales in the market with Pilkington Actiw grades.

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Q:Is there a special glass paint?
There is a special glass paint, it has a significant sense of transparency and brightness. Glass paint, also known as window stickers, crystal paint, is a transparent glass decorative paint pigments, its shade transparent, strong and solid film, can be used in glass, shade, architectural glass, handicrafts and so on.
Q:Building A Glass Wall 10 Points?
I suggest you contact your local glass merchant. I am not being rude but you need more than dimensions to give you an answer. 1, First where do you live. The price in New York is likely to be different than the price in Juneau, Alaska (or in Chiang Mai Thailand where I live!) 2. Do you need a single piece of glass or a lot of smaller panes 3. What specifications for any joints? 4. Do you want the price of construction included or will you do it yourself? 5. Do you want the materials delivered or will you pick them up. 6. What about cost of transport / shipment? I hope you understand what I am getting at. There are too many factors for anyone on here to be able to help you. Therefore contact a local glass dealer and give him/her your EXACT requiremernts and they will give you the only meaningful answer that you will get.
Q:How do I get rid of build up on my glasses in the dishwasher ?
try soaking the glasses is a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water for a while and see if that doesn't remove the films. some glasses do that in the dishwasher and need to be hand washed.
Q:Architectural glass insulation film brand ranked the top ten are what
The British film is currently available in any glass to achieve energy-saving products, is the national 863 program results.
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Hi, breathing might be a problem for you in your glass sound proof room! How long can you hold your breath for? You might consider a super large fish tank for your glass room purposes, whether not not you add water and fish (for some company) is up to you. Personally, I would just go and sit in the car or lock yourself in the bathroom!
Q:What is insulating glass?
There is now a conductive glass, but not our common ordinary glass, but a new type of inorganic nonmetallic materials, such as: ITO conductive glass, is based on soda-lime or silicon-boron substrate glass, The method of sputtering is coated with a layer of indium tin oxide (commonly known as ITO) film processing made. LCD display dedicated.
Q:How to distinguish between glass and glass?
In the academic world, glass as a material category, covering the natural crystal, glass, artificial crystal, optical glass, architectural glass, daily glass and other areas, people are talking about the daily use of glass, that is, soda lime glass.
Q:What are the advantages of building a house entirely made of glass?
1. You don't have to wonder who is coming up the driveway. You can see anyone. 2. You will learn to be careful- very careful. 3. There is an insulation quality to glass. 4. You can really throw a fit, if you feel like it. 5. You can easily destroy the structure to put up something more reasonable.
Q:The Louvre pyramid in Paris, France, is built of glass panes. There are 4 panes in the top row, and each addit?
So the first row has 4 panes, the second 8, the third 12, and so on. The nth row would have 4n panes. 1. The total number of glass panes in n rows is 4*1 + 4*2 + 4*3 + ... + 4n or, in summation notation: n ∑ 4i i=1 2. n=18 4*1 + 4*2 + 4*3 + ... + 4*18 = 4 (1+2+3+ ... + 18) = 4 * 18 * 19 / 2 [using the well-known formula for triangular numbers*] = 36*19 = 684 * T(n) = n(n+1)/2 3. 684-11 = 673

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