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With the development of industrial economy, the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution and more prominent in our country, according to authorities world estimates,environmental pollution problems Chinese ranks first in the world, 20 of the world's most pollutedcity, China accounted for half, the issue of environmental protection has become a pressing matter of the moment problem. Transparent glass building materials this tradition in the modern building industry, automobile industry and the family is most widely used, because of increasing air pollution, but also makes them clean work becomes increasingly difficult. Self cleaning glass is to solve the above problem, the function of building glass a new concept proposed by. It isthrough the TiO2 thin film doped in the glass surface plating on the smooth, to solve the aboveproblem, made a powerful probe to reduce air pollution. Heterogeneous photocatalyst photocatalytic oxidation reaction for Chalcogenide Semiconductor, we chose TiO2 because it is nontoxic, insoluble, good photo catalytic activity and low cost etc.

In 1969 Japan trees and Ren (Hashimoto) and Toshima Aki (Fujishima) found TiO2photocatalysis and hydrophilicity.

In 1972 Japan by TiO2 photocatalyst made a lot of research work.

In 1995 the United States Paz development of photocatalytic TiO2 film on the surface of the glass, the same year the Tokyo auto show car manufacturers on display on the car with self-cleaning glass assembly is the windshield.

In 2001 the British Pilkington company produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coated with TiO2 film self-cleaning glass, sales in the market with Pilkington Actiw grades.

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Q:In addition to the service industry, what other work?
It depends on what you will be
Q:What does LOW-E mean in architectural glass?
Simply put, low-e glass is low-radiation glass, solar energy can be far from the infrared part of the energy reflected back to play a role in energy saving!
Q:Domestic architectural glass insulation film which brand is good
Do you say domestic brands? I do not recommend posted domestic brands, it is best to choose foreign brands, such as iUQE, ten years warranty, will not release harmful substances.
Q:How do you use PS to make glass in outdoor building renderings?
Best to use 3DS, with PS, then the next alien skin plugin, it is easy
Q:Will the curtain wall hollow glass which is better?
Not the best only better. With my personal view: the glass glass flatness and corners to deal with some, but some of your skin flatness of the epithelium is also OK, but the corners are better than the South Glass is good. Of course, there are some small manufacturers around, small manufacturers of glass flatness as a whole, especially after the glass of steel.
Q:What is the coating of the glass coating?
What kind of glass did you ask? Automotive glass? Optical glass? Architectural glass? Different glass coating is not the same.
Q:When bartending, for what type of drinks do I use a shaker and what types do I just build in a glass?
Generally, the recipe will tell you. Any drink "on the rocks" is built in the glass over ice. Any muddled drink is generally built either in a pitcher or the glass. Any drink ordered stirred is built in the glass. If a drink has soda in it, it gets built in the glass. Tom Collins, Whiskey sours, Amaretto Sours, Long Island Iced Teas, and Mint Juleps are all popular drinks that are build in the glass. Martinis and Cosmopolitans are probably the most popular shaken ones.
Q:Is nano-glass insulated paint a lie?
Nano glass insulation coating is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving paint, mainly used in building automotive lamp glass insulation, the use of nano-technology research and development, the domestic technology has been very mature, and can effectively isolate the temperature of 18-25 ℃, well-known brands Is the patented glass insulation coating.
Q:How do I project a gobo onto a glass building?
Is there something behind the glass windows, curtains, blinds, etc. to project on? If not you might have to hang some pipe and drape inside so you have a palate for the image.
Q:What is the difference between the span on the architectural glass and the width of the glass?
Width, refers to the size of a single piece of glass, that is, between the size of the two sides of the box

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