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Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane


Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane












Polyethylene Film PET

Double-sided self adhered

Polyethylene Film PE

Doubled-sided self adhered


It has good waterproofing and ageing-resistance function,not flowing at highest temperature and no crack at lowest temperature;

Easy application,no pollution,and long service life etc.


It is widely used for industry and civil building --- the waterproof and dampproof of the roofs,basements,toilets etc;and the waterproofing of bridges,parking area,tunnels,reserviors etc.

It is specially suitable to the building waterproofing in cold area and to the buildings of changeable constructions.

Requirements for surroundings

1.The base should be dry and clean. Do not work in the rainy or snowy day.

2.Do not work under heavy wind(above 5 grade)

3.Unsuitable for construction below 0°C

4.If it is rain or snow in the process of construction, protective measure to the laid membrane is must

Package and transportation

1.  Membranes should be stored under dry and ventilated conditions.

2.  Different types of membranes must be piled separately.

3.  Under usual condition, storage period is one year since production date.

4.  Membrane roll should be put vertically during transportation. It should be kept away from sunshine and rainwater

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