Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

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The host end fittings:
Round bottle labeling machine. For round bottle labeling, can use attachment; Conveyor belt is high-speed flat belt and conveyor belt width is 110 mm, conveying speed 0 ~ 26 m/min

Base: adjustable heightconveyor belt from the ground , from 610 to 1010 mm, applicable in different workplace or assembly line interface. Suitable for samples: standard is suitable for round bottle label.
touch screen:    model( TP170A )  origin( SIEMENS )
output module:  model( EM232 )  origin( SIEMENS )
stepper motor:  model( TS3630N2E3/1.4A )origin( Japan)
Check the electric eye    model( WF2-B4210 )origin( SICK )
Seized electric eye    model( VRF-N )        origin( SICK )

performance characteristics:
Power Supply:one-way communication220V±2% , 50/60Hz , The whole machine power about1000W。
Structural materials:SUS303/304stainless steel6061/6063aluminium alloy。
Conveyor belt specification:110mm(W)*2.2M(L)。
Conveyor Height:can adjust between0.75M-1.05M
Put line speed:0-26m/min(The speed synchronization with conveyor belt)。
LABEL WIDE:10~130mm,:15~300mm (Can design according to customer's request)
Posted content high:10~230mm (Can design according to customer's request)
Very large touch screen, simple operation
Apply paper roll diameter:φ76mm,  Roll Outside Diameter:φ350mm
Labeling Precision:error of Before and after between ±1.0mm;up-down error between ±1.0mm
Labeling parameter on memory:10 group

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