Seasoning Packing Machine

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Capacity  Vacuum Bag:10Action/MIN(MAX)
Inflatable Bag:8Action/MIN(MAX)
Blister Bag:10Action/MIN
Width Of Film On Bottom300-420mm
Shape DegreePull Down 80mm
Product For Packing  Food/grocery/Medical Objects/Industry
Body LengthStandard:3000mm /Length:4000mm
Compressed Air Supply0.6Mpa/·~120L/Action
Cooling Water    >0.2-0.3Mpa·4-5L/min
Voltage     Phase AC200V 12KVA
Machine Weight     ~1100kg

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Q:Vertical packaging machine common faults which
Failure of these things, useless common common, if you buy bad, where are the fault, if you buy good, t
Q:Packaging machine automatic control system which parts of the composition
) A given device may adjust the device or element of a given signal size according to the process requirements.
Q:Overview of the filling machine
This machine is suitable for filling edible oil, lubricating oil and wine, milk, beverage, fruit juice, all kinds of sticky and non-stick chemical liquid.
Q:The increase in temperature is the main sign of increasing the energy of matter molecules.
Heating environment, generally can not be very strict adiabatic closed, in a very long heating time, it may be a lot of heat on the environment.
Q:What are the development potential of the dryer?
To achieve; In addition, with the human attention to environmental protection, improve the dryer environmental protection measures to reduce the leakage of dust and waste, etc., will also need to further study the direction.
Q:) After the operation of the work
(3) the situation in the commissioning of the equipment (including troubleshooting) records;
Q:What is the characteristics of vacuum packaging machines
3, vacuum packaging container internal gas has been ruled out to accelerate the heat conduction, which can improve the heat sterilization efficiency, but also to avoid the heat sterilization, due to the expansion of the gas leaving the packaging container rupture.
Q:What are the main sterilization products?
(3) the main drive components such as feed pumps and syringes are used at home and abroad well-known brands.
Q:The mechanical use of the strapping machine
2. Be sure to read the random frequency inverter manual before operating the inverter.
Q:Filling machine washing and washing
4, filling machine with needle, 10 with standard 5ml or 10ml syringe, 20 with 20ml glass filling device, 100 with 100ml glass filling device

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