SDLG Brand Wheel Loader with 7ton Loading Capacity LG978

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The LG978is a luxurious loader for heavymaterials handling, featuring large breakout force, comfortable operation and high efficiency, and widely used in such operating conditions as construction sites, mining and urban construction.1. It is applied with the imported low-speed high-torque 13L engine, which features low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability andhas the SIEDIA fault detection interface that facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the engine.2. It is applied with the independent box-type cooling system of SDLG’s patented technology, and the controller automatically adjusts the cooling fan speed according to the coolant temperature, and the inlet air temperature of the intercooler, which ensures energy efficiency.3. It is applied with the HT221 fixedshaft electro-hydraulic shift transmission, which has four forward gears and four reverse gears and the forced down shift function (KD key) and ensures easy control and high efficiency; the ZF wet axle ensures large bearing capacity and high reliability, so that the machine is more suitable for harsh operating conditions.4. The complete machine is applied with a three-stage shock absorbing system, which achieves better shock absorbing performance and lower interior noise; the luxury suspension seat of the internationally renowned brand increases the operating comfort of the driver.5. It is applied with the FOPS/ROPS cab, which enables wide vision and large operating space; the full-coverage cab interior is adopted, which offers good sealing performance and lower interior noise; the internal/external circulation A/C is supplied as standard, which ensures safety and comfort.6. The self-developed digitized combined panel of SDLG is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of the complete machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of the electrical components.7. The load-sensing full hydraulic steering system and the pilot control working device hydraulic system are adopted, which ensures flexible, reliable and comfortable operation. The full hydraulic brake offers smooth and reliable braking.8. The new-generation frame of the box-type structure is adopted, which provides reasonable load distribution and steering soft stop and reduces the impact, with the overall fatigue life up to 8,000h; the hinged part is of the composite structure of tapered roller bearing and spherical plain bearing, which is more suitable for harsh operating conditions.9. The optimal design is conducted to the working device, which ensures large breakout force and large full-load coefficient; the main cutting board of the bucket is of the trapezoidal wear-resisting steel structure, and the bottom wear-resisting plate is thickened, which ensure small insertion resistance and good wear-resisting property.




Operating weight


Bucket capacity


Rated load


Max.breakout force


Max.dumping height(E)


Dumping distance(G)



8993× 3320× 3665

Max.tractive force


Max.climbing angle(H)


Total time


Steering angel(O)


Tipping load


Rated power


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