SDLG Brand Wheel Loader with 6ton Loading Capacity LG968

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SDLG 968 WHEEL loader With CE 
Optional equipment: 
hydraulic quick hitch;
pilot control;

The operation of the entire machine adopts semi-automatic shift control, pilot single-handle control, 4 forward, 3 reverse, and KDbutton I/II automatic shift to achieve easy and flexible operation, low fatigue strength, and high operating efficiency.
· The ZF transmission equipped is manufactured using technologies of world-famous transmission company to provide high reliability. Also, an electro-pneumatic internal expanding shoe parking brake is used to achieve safety and reliability.
· 65 optimization improvements have been made to the key parts such as bucket, hydraulic components, pipelines, and electrical components to fully increase their reliability.
· With strong lifting power of boom, centered articulation, widened wheel track, and a body length up to 8.36m, the loader has higher stability. The boom can lift 14 tons of material within a lifting height of 1.6m. very suitable for lifting heavy materials.
· With a lifting time of boom of only 7.0 second and a total cycle time of only 12 seconds, the loader has a short operating cycle time and is one of the products of highest operating speed in the loader industry
· The large bucket rollback angle together with high till factor solves the old common underfill problem of bucket in the industry. Also, the bucket structure of optimized design together with the high-strength wear-resistant main blade made of special materials prolongs the service life of the loader.
· Use of the enlarged hood and the efficient radiator optimizes air inlet and outlet duct designs of the entire cooling system and effectively reduces engine coolant temperature and oil temperature in the hydraulic system, which improves the loader’s cooling efficiency.
· The new-type wide-vision cab is of fully closed design; the optimized air duct arrangement achieves front blow. The loader is equipped with the luxurious interior trims for cars and the mechanical suspension-type top-grade seats; the external air conditioning and heater gives a larger operation space.
· Engine, transmission, cab and frame employ a new-type shock absorber for connection to upgrade operating comfort fully; frames adopt the Lingong patented box-type structure to achieve sturdiness and durability and longer life.
· Use of the Lingong patented dual-seal hydraulic oil pipe joints has completely solved the problem of oil leakage; fully closed bearings are used on the vehicle to prevent entry of dust and improve bearing life.



Overall working weight18400kg
Rated bucket capacity3.5m³
Rated load6000kg
Max. breakout force≥198kN
Max. discharging height3250mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H)8362mm×3210mm×3380mm

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Q:Size of loader 50 loader
LG853B loader parameters: the size of length and breadth of 7530*3000*3400mm; 3100mm maximum discharge height; corresponding discharge distance 1130mm;
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bucket capacity is 1.7 cubic meters and 3 cubic meters, and some are special operations, there are also a little different.
Q:Does USB loader for wii allow you to save the original disk to a hard drive like cover flow?
USB Loader GX does include the same Disc Ripping support that WiiFlow does. However, this support is typically dependent on the format of your USB HDD the USB external disk drive itself (as not all of them are compatible for this use). Check compatibility lists before proceeding.
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The factory is a joint venture, with DEUTZ technology, only temporary workers is the real DEUTZ engine
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Q:C1 driver's license to drive 50 loaders, traffic police can revoke the driver's license?
Driving not in line with type. Revoke driver's license. Serious detention and fines.

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