SDLG Brand Wheel Loader with 5ton Loading Capacity LG956L

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Product Description:

SDLG956L WHEEL loader With CE 
Optional equipment: 
hydraulic quick hitch;\ 
pilot control;

Under the working conditions of loading marble, the fuel consumption is reduced by 8.78%, and overall operating efficiency gains by 11.47%, thus an annual fuel consumption saving will be more than 39,500 RMB.
·Super traction power 
Improve the allocating torque and engine, the power of inserting into material is more than 16.5 ton,the whole machine is equipped with high traction power.
·Perfect bucketing and grubbing capabilit and stability
Equipped with turning cylinder,the breakout force reach 17.5 ton.
Equipped with lifting cylinder, the lifting force at ground reach 15.4 ton.
Long shaft space, equipperd more , increase the machine’s stability. Overturning loading capability exceed 12.5 ton.
·Reliable structure
High rigidity structure can be competent for more complicated working condition , the frame experienced high intensity test for 200,000 times can still work reliably.



Overall working weight17250kg
Rated bucket capacity2.7m³
Rated load5.0t
Max. traction force≥160kN
Max. breakout force≥180kN
Max. grade ability30°
Max. discharging height3190mm
Dumping distance1100mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H)8040×3060×3382mm

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