SDLG Brand Wheel Loader with 5ton Loading Capacity LG952L

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LG952H, a performance-optimized multi-operating mode product combining shoveling and loading and adopting the first-generation energy-saving technology of SDLG, is an energy-saving, highly-efficient and economic wheel loader with medium/short wheelbase, which is especially applicable for loading of bulk materials. Such wheel loader realizes the perfect matching of five main parameters including engine speed, traction force, pump flow and lifting time, enabling high operating efficiency and low fuel consumption.

·   It is equipped with low-speed and high-torque China II engine, which, through its perfect combination with the efficient high-capacity torque converter, enhances the operating efficiency, reduces the energy consumption and achieves a comprehensive energy saving of more than 10%.

·   The technologically-sophisticated SDLG planetary transmission with two forward gears and one reverse gear is applied, enabling easy operation, good reliability and high efficiency; the drive axle is reinforced to provide large loading capacity and high reliability.

·   The load-sensing full hydraulic steering system allows nimble steering, stable operation, energy saving and proper reliability, and the mechanically-controlled implement hydraulic system is easy to operate, and also stable and reliable in performance. The hydraulic pipelines are of dual-sealing structure, further enhancing the tightness of hydraulic system.

·   The digitalized stepping instrument panel independently developed by SDLG is applied, offering an effective human-machine interaction.

·   The new steel cab applied offers for drivers a wide vision and a greater operating space, in which the full-coverage interior is configured to give a good sealing performance, and the optional A/C offers a good comfort.

·   It is applied with the reinforced rear/front frames which have gone through 200,000 cycles of fatigue intensifying tests, and the load of complete loader is reasonably distributed, both of which contribute to a high loading capacity and a good stability;it is designed with the medium/short-wheelbase body featuring small turning radius, meeting the operation requirements in narrow space.

·   The implement is optimized in design, allowing an increase in breakout force, lifting force and full-load coefficient.



Operating weight


Bucket capacity


Rated load


Max.breakout force


Max.dumping height(E)


Dumping distance(G)



7912× 3024 × 3349

Max.tractive force


Max.climbing angle(H)


Total time


Steering angel(O)


Tipping load


Rated power


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Q:Do I need a driver's license for the loader?
The loader's certificate does not call the driver's license, but is called the operation permit. Should be issued to the labor department or the agricultural machinery department, you should go to the issuing agency of the examination last year. [loader] operation permit is a special vehicle driver's license, can not drive the car.By the Ministry of labor or Safety Supervision Bureau approved the formal operation of the card (also known as the job card, also known as IC card), type of technical certificate and a variety of certification.I. training programs1 innings, IC card operation certificate: Electrician operation: installation, maintenance, on duty; metal welding: welding and cutting operation; the crane truck crane, gantry crane, elevator installation and maintenance; the enterprises in motor vehicle driving forklift trucks, forklifts, rollers, bulldozers, excavators the loader, etc.; the high erection operation: building construction, erection, maintenance, installation and other high altitude; the metal processing industry, milling, punching, pressing, sawing, lathe, planer driller2, the Ministry of labor professional qualification certificate: electrician, welder, mechanic, fitter, lathe worker, automobile maintenance workerTwo, registration requirementsOne inch photo ID and close scanningThree, charging standards1, the Safety Supervision Bureau issued the project: 400 yuan / Ben2, the Ministry of labor awarded the project: intermediate 600 yuanThe above fee includes medical examination fee and free training fee. Remark: the operation certificate of special industry (also called certificate of work is IC card)
Q:can you delete the loader app after jailbreaking?
go into the loader app and go to help or options and chose remove appl loader and go back by clicking your home button and that will do it
Q:How to use cheat codes with USB loader GX?
Get 1 called usb loader cfg, it's better. I couldn't get usb loader gx to work half the time. On cfg all you do is choose the game, press 1 to enter game info, turn on ocarina codes, even find make the cheat codes.
Q:are the power loaders in aliens real?
No. They are about as real as the hoverboards in Back to the Furure 2.
Q:why don't my usb loader load all my wii games?
Not all games use the same loaders. Try Configureable USB Loader
Q:usb loader gx wont detect my usb?
I get the same problem for warriors of rock. xD
Q:How do I get USB Loader on my 4.3u Nintendo Wii?
The best guide I've seen is at the link below. It will help you get Configurable USB Loader installed and working. It takes time, and it's a complicated process, so READ IT CAREFULLY before you do anything. I love USB loaders, since I have kids who constantly destroy discs. However, remember that the law only allows you to do this with games you actually own. Other than that, it's all legal, so have fun!
Q:i cant find a usb loader for my wii?
awesome site,download it,extract the folder get the wad and install it via wad manager on your Wii with an sd card. (Need any more help? feel free to ask me,this stuff can be really frustrating.)
Q:Lee Classic Loader self defense ammo?
LOL...the Lee Classic Loader. All of my first 4 or 5 hundred rounds of .44 Mag as a kid was with this workhorse! Good memories of early days! As far as using the hand loaded ammo, there is no real liability issue per se, but you have to remember that if you use your handgun against another person, it is not unusual that the LE and courts use the basic data provided by the ammunition company to determine the distance from the target to the gun. If you use reloads, they will NOT use evidence that YOU manufactured in court. This takes a potentially critical piece of evidence off the table. IF there is no witnesses, and the bad guy claims he was 25 feet away, and you say he was 15, then you have a conflict of testimony that can easily send you to prison for a couple of decades. Evidence to support YOUR claim would take this off the table. Use factory loads for self defense. Practice with a reload that mimics the bullet weight and speed of your SD loads. As to reliability, I have reloaded an inestimable number of rounds in the past 30 years and have never had a single failure due to the round. I still won't use them for SD.
Q:Best Electronic Loader for Fully Auto?
A good idea would be to get a VL, the egg one, and cut off the top. Attach it to the bottom of the can, and use it to feed into the side of the gun. it will be odd looking though, but can be painted to look like the ammo feed box on a machine gun. OR you could look into a qloader type deal, or one of the backpack hopper systems (which are rare) and mount it to an ammo box. Line the inside with something to guide the balls to the feeder.

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