SDLG Brand Motor Grader for Road Construction G9190

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G9190 is a product of high speed, high efficiency, high accuracy and multiple purposes developed by SDLG on the basis of advanced technology of VOLVO, can be used for ground leveling and grooving, scraping slope, bulldozing, ploughing snow, loosening, compacting, material arrangement and mixing works, and is widely applied in construction operating condition of road, airport, defence engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland improvement and so on.
1. Electrically-controlled variable power DEUTZ engine is used and has three power curves in perfect matching with Advance transmission case, which makes it available to select applicable power mode based on load to realize an optimum performance and fuel efficiency and high efficiency and energy saving function.
2. It is equipped with dual-cylinder driven tray-type working device of advanced VOLVO technology and domestic industrial originated dual rotatory cylinder and rotatory valve structure which is of large drive power and can rotate with load.
3. FOPS/ROPS cab is safe and reliable and of good sealing performance; It has wide visual field and is conductive to observe the condition of two ends of shovel nose tool in turning, crabbing and leveling rim angle, with high operational accuracy.
4. Swing frame is made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free composite bearing, with small frictional coefficient, high reliability and is shock-proof and wear-proof; Hydraulic lock cylinder location is adopted and is easy to operate.
5. Shovel nose tool structure and cylinder is reasonably arranged, with high levelness in operation.
6. Electrical system of the entire machine has centralized control, three-stage alarm electronic monitoring system, digitalized stepping instrument display, high man-machine interaction and is convenient for detection and maintenance; the entire machine control has automatic cruise function, which can get engine operated in setting speed and thus reduces the labor strength of operation person.
7. It is optional to mount auxiliary appliances such as front blade, middle rock ripper and rear rock ripper to meet various demand of customer.

Operation mass of complete machine15800kg
Max. angle of inclination of front wheel±18°
Max. swing angle of front wheel±16°
Max. steering angle of front wheel±50°
Steering angle of frame articulation±23°
Cutter diameter1626mm
Cutter specification (length × height × thickness)3962×635×22
Rotation angle of blade360°
Ground clearance of blade445mm
Cutting depth of blade787mm
Angle of inclination of bucket90°
Sliding range of blade673mm
Max. traction (f0.75)82kN
Engine power148kW
Max. speed, forward/backward38/23km/h

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