SDLG Brand Crawler Type Hydraulic Excavator LG6360E

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Product Description

The LG6360E is the product of SDLG's absorbing advanced Volvo technologies to conduct a comprehensive upgrade and update, featuring strong power and efficient operation. With its structural parts strengthened, this excavator is easily qualified for heavy-duty mining and other harsh operating conditions.
The hydraulic system is applied with the double-pump constant power negative flow control and has the "auto-sensing operating mode" and the "single-pump/double-pump oil supply control mode", featuring high efficiency and enabling excellent control performance of the complete machine. 
 Applied with the reinforced heavy-duty boom, and the mining-type arm and bucket, more reliable and better adapted to heavy-duty mining and other operating conditions.
The high-torque slewing motor and reinforced slewing inner ring gear enable high slewing speed, and the wet brake ensures good smoothness and high reliability.
Applied with the reinforced upper frame designed for harsh mining conditions and the X-type lower frame of the widened chassis, offering higher stability and easily qualified for heavy-duty operation conditions.
Applied with the large-size three-side doors and the split engine hood, which facilitate the inspection, maintenance and repair.
Applied with the high-torque traveling motor and lengthened high-strength crawler, which respectively contribute to larger traction, and lower ground pressure and better chassis trafficability.
The cab is bright and spacious, features wide vision and good sealing effect, and is equipped with the high-end shock absorbing seat, two-stage filtration A/C (cool/heat) and silicone oil rubber shock absorber with excellent damping effect; all of them offer a comfortable riding environment.
Applied with the imported SDLG dedicated low-speed high-torque 13L engine, featuring strong power, which is provided with the SIEDIA fault detection interface, facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the engine, and equipped with the three-stage air filter, oil filter and fuel filter, ensuring higher reliability.
stem is provided with the EECU, VECU and IECU of SDLG's proprietary technology, and thus allows the machine to operate with a variety of modes to suit different conditions and enables energy efficiency of the complete machine. The color LCD monitor has the self-inspection, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring functions, ensuring good human-machine interaction and easy operation and maintenance.

Overall operating weight37700~37800kg
Bucket capacity1.7~1.9m³
Max. excavation force236kN
Swing speed0-9.7r/min
Traveling speed(low/high)3.3/4.5km/h
Max.digging radius11130mm
Max.digging depth7450mm
Max.digging height7290mm
Engine rated power198kW
Operating pressure35MPa
Max.climbing angle(H)35°

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