SDLG Brand Crawler Type Hydraulic Excavator LG6210E

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Product Description:

LG6210E is a core product jointly developed by SDLG and VOLVO according to the comprehensive market investigation by experts of both parties, and is equipped with high-strength chassis, reinforced implement and optimally-configured powertrain and hydraulic system, applicable for various severe working conditions.

·   The Deutz 2nd-generation supercharged and inter-cooled engine with electrically-controlled regulator EMR2 features strong power, proper economic and environmental performance and high reliability; besides, the engine is designed with three-stage filtering including pre-filtering and air filtering, effectively increasing the engine performance and service life.

·   The hydraulic system is applied with the double-pump constant power negative flow control and has the "auto-sensing operating mode" and the "single-pump/double-pump oil supply control mode”, featuring high efficiency and enabling excellent control performance of the complete machine.


·   The travelling system is driven by the two-speed adaptive traveling motor, and the wet brake is applied for traveling and swing mechanism, providing stable brake and high reliability.

·   It is equipped with the SDLG patented electronic control units like EECU, VECU and IECU, providing the complete unitwith various working modes to meet the demands of different working conditions, and meanwhile realizing energysaving and high efficiency; the color LCD monitor with such functions as self-inspection, monitoring, emergent fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring is installed, offering effective human-machine interaction and easy operation & maintenance.

·   Hydraulic part

·   The X-shape understructure of widened chassis and the reinforced superstructure are applied, enabling higher reliability and high adaptability to various working conditions.

·   The lifting arm, arm and bucket of reinforced design offer for the complete unit a higher adaptability to severe working conditions, and implements such as breaking hammer and grab bucket can be installed as options.

·   The cab, spacious, bright, pantoscopic and properly sealed, is equipped with 8-way adjustable seat, two-stage filtering heater & A/C system and three-stage silicone oil rubber shock absorber, providing a good damping effect and a favorable driving comfort.

Overall poerating weight20700kg
Bucket capacity0.85~1.1m³
Max.excavation force147.1kN
Swing speed0-11.6r/min
Traveling speed(low/high)3.2/5.5km/h
Max.digging radius9940mm
Max.digging depth6730mm
Max.digging height6650mm
Engine rated power120kW
Operating pressure35MPa
Max.climbing angle(H)35°

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