screw compressor oil injected screw compressor Inverter screw air compressor

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37KW 50HP 6.5m3/min factory directly selling screw compressor oil injected screw compressor Inverter screw air compressor

Features :

1.Rational Structure

The star wheels are paired on both sides of the screw shaft to counteract the radial force acted on the shaft and the axial force on the channel by air. Hence the screw is free from any radial or axial force to achieve the absolute balance status.

While running, each screw works twice per rotation so the channel space is fully utilized to achieve more exhaling volume compared with the same structural & dimension air compressor. The screw slot depth of screw decreases with the increase of pressure. When exhaling finishes and the star wheel separate from the screw slot, the depth is zero without any clearance volume, then high volume efficiency is achieved. As apply unloading device and servo automatic air volume adjustment, the energy save effects is significant which as much as more than 60% of lower consumption when running at no load.

3 .No Vibration and Low Noise

As every rotation of the screw results in 12 compression cycles with 35280 times of exhaling per minute to achieve dynamic balance running, the exhaling process is free from pulses, so the machine vibration is close to zero that a coin can stand still on a running machine. In addition the adoption of sound eliminator and isolator reduces the noise level considerably lower than the other brands of air compressors.

4.Extended Maintenance Cycle
Free from any radial or axial forces and pressures in the air compression process, the shaft life of the air compressor can be as long as 50,000 hours, overcoming the easy wearability of the bearing and shaft seals of double screw air compressor, extending the maintenance cycle, and its durability exceeds other counterparts.

5.high reliability

The star wheels of air compressor is made from PEEK materials, which has been proved of its high reliability in terms of air quality, energy saving, continual running, and low maintenance etc. over the years.

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Q:How about heating the food tray and the plastic tray?
To use stainless steel is good, the food is at least 304 stainless steel in order to reach the standard, you can spend time Buddha - Mountain - red - Treasure - machine - Machinery
Q:The extension of Starr dehumidifying dryer and drying dehumidifying effect to Matsui ji3
5. all machines are equipped with a closed loop feeding system to avoid drying raw materials after exposure to the external air and damp again;6. this series of dehumidification system adopts double cooler structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point;7. feeding system is equipped with cutting valve to ensure that there is no residual material in the pipe;8., the machine is equipped with microcomputer control as standard equipment, optional PLC control and LCD touch type man-machine interface, the operation is centralized and convenient, and the whole machine can be controlled automatically;9., optional dew point meter, monitor dew point at any time.
Q:Digital temperature control wiring method for plastic drier
The temperature control meter is connected with the power supply 220V, and the thermocouple is connected with an output 1 at the control output end of the instrument, and the temperature is set at 100 degrees,.
Q:Plastic particle dryer 100
To achieve the effect of drying. As for the development trend, of course, the automatic vacuum suction machine, the material poured inside, no tube, automatic mixing drying, automatic feeding. It's an integrated route.
Q:How dry plastic particles do not produce bubbles, cracks?
The plastic particles need to be thoroughly dried and dried, otherwise bubbles and cracks will appear
Q:Why should the plastic particles be baked before injection? Simply for drying moisture?
Suliao this is the cause of the dryer temperature is set too high, the drying process, the raw material appears on the surface of melting phenomenon, there will be caking phenomenon, according to the type of material selection of temperature is good, really can help you look forward to adopt,
Q:How far is the dehumidification effect of the non thermal desiccant dryer and the plastic honeycomb dehumidifier?
Our company is committed to plastic honeycomb dehumidifier, no heat dehumidification dryer, industrial chiller, industrial chiller, honeycomb desiccant dryer,
Q:How to solve the drying problem of plastic dehumidifier?
In the regeneration air duct part of the thermostat, if not, a temperature limiter is recommended. In addition, please check the host dehumidifier using time, time is too long, the need for maintenance of dust, even need to replace the main wheel body. Hope you have a nice day. Brisk business!
Q:What is plastic drying related to?
Vacuum dehumidifier is a kind of desiccant dryer, and hopper dryer and independent dryer are two different types of dryersThe relevant characteristics of Puda dehumidifier:1, the use of honeycomb type ceramic transmission, long-term operation will not produce powder, can keep the cleanliness of raw materials.2. Dew point continuous operation, maintain -40 degrees below, dew produce powder crumbs, can keep raw material cleanness.3. Intelligent microcomputer control panel, automatic display of various operating conditions, simple operation, clear at a glance.4. Filter, cooler and electric heating are all made of SUS304 stainless steel.5, external embedded drying windmill and regeneration filter, easy to clean.6, cooler SUS304 easy disassembly design, dry oil, dust, plastic more handy.7, such as reverse phase, abnormal operation, motor overload, regeneration, over temperature protection device.
Q:Plastic drying machine (picture)
Ruida plastic drying general use plastic dryer

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