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Electrical cable production with 30 years' experience
-Prompt delivery,quality assured - CCC
-Rated Voltage : 450/750V

Electrical cable, control cable -Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed copper wire braiding screened control cable

1. Characteristics

(1) Cable is made complying with the national standed and have pass the CCC - China Compulsory Certification, which contains the recondition of national security certificate - CCEE,imports of safety and quality licensing system - CCIB,China Certification Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC

  • (2) Fire-resistance property of the fire resistance cable is complying with the standards of GB/T19216.2-2003

  • (3) Cable is manufactured in accordance with standards of GB9330-88.

  • (4) It can also be produced accroding to special requirements put forward by clients.

2.Standards of the product

  • (1) Portable usual electric equipment of A.C 450/750V.

  • (2) Permissable continuous operating temperature of 70 centigrade.

  • (3) Lay-up temperture of PVC insulated or sheathed cable is not less than 0 centigrade

  • (4) The main fertures of the flame retardant PVC control cable is hard to get fire or that the continuous buring of cables is very limited when it is on fire.It happens to the places with special demands of flame retardant property.

  • (5) Fire resistant cable can operate normally for some time when it is burning except that is transmit electrical power under normal condiction.It is used in the places necessary to resist fire.


(1) Series of cores number are from 1 to 61 cores.

(2) Series of cross seaction(mm²)

  • Series of cross seaction(mm²)











Recommended permissive bending radius

Non-sheathed cable

No less than 6 times of cable

outer diameter

Copperbelt sheathed or shielded cable

No less than 12 times of cable

outer diameter

Shielded flexible cable

No less than 6 times of cable

outer diameter

good selling screened control cablegood selling screened control cable

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Q:Convert extra PCI Express power cables to 4-pin molex.?
Motherboard does not furnish that connector for the video card. the flexibility furnish does. Take the facet panel off and notice if it has one. Can continually use a 4/6pin adaptor. maximum retail enjoying cards incorporate one. only make certain you have sufficient watts and +12V amps on the PSU to run the hot card. loads of video card advancements require an improve for the flexibility furnish besides.
Q:Cables required for electric guitar?
The term power cable is used on electrical appliances such as amplifiers. Some amps have permanent fixed ones while others are detachable. A guitar uses what is called a 1/4 inch instrument (or guitar) cable to connect to a guitar amp. These are properly shielded cables. They either have two straight jack plugs or one straight and one angled - both works fine. A length of 6' seems to suit most situations. These cables come in lots of qualities, from very poor to high quality. You do not need the most expensive ones, just don't get the cheapest qualities. If it's a guitar pack you have purchased, guitar and amp together, it may be that there's a guitar cable included. These are typically very low quality... basically throw away stuff. You hook up the guitar by inserting one end of the cable into the guitar output jack and the other end of the cable into the amplifier input jack - usually found on the front of the amp, labelled 'Input'. And no, it is not a stupid question - we all have to start somewhere! Good luck with your playing :-)
Q:What type of computer power cable is needed to support a 400W PSU?
Any three prong power cable will work. You can buy them at Wal-mart, Radio Shack, Best buy. $10 to $15 at the most
Q:What is the meaning of "cable tray: 200 * 100 middle strip" in electrical engineering
Two should be phase line, generally in the three-phase loop corresponding to the color: A phase is yellow, B phase green, C phase red, neutral (that is, zero line) for the blue. If only in the single-phase loop only red and green when the default is red for the phase line, green for the zero line. But not necessarily, some electricians do not follow the requirements, the specific you have to use the pen to know what the
Q:Is a so-called high-end power cable going to really make my stereo/home theater sound better?
I agree. In my view if a power cable can make an audible difference it would only be if absolutely everything else were perfect ... which it never is. Assuming (a BIG assumption) that all electronics are perfect, before a power cable could possibly have any audible impact the power would have to be pristeen ... requiring a multi $thousand power conditioner. And this ignores the MUCH more important impact of room resonances, etc. which, unless you have perfectly tuned the room with bass traps, absorbtion panels, etc won't be the case. Expecting an audible improvement from a power cable is like expecting that leather seats will make a car accelerate faster when the windows are open! I can think of dozens of ways to better benefit from the $100+ one would spend on one of these special cables. I suspect that people that buy them believe in the tooth fairy, God and horoscopes too.
Q:Can anyone identify the type of this monitor power cable and where to purchase one?
most likely an s video. youj can buy them at your local computer or electronic store such as harvey norman
Q:i recently got a tv but i need a power cable?
I'd recommend going back to the place where you got the TV and see if they can sell you an exact replacement. It might not be the cheapest option, but at least you know you're getting the right cable. Especially if the TV is under warranty still. If you use a third party cable, they could try and snake out of honoring the warranty then if something goes wrong. Otherwise contact the manufacturer and see if you can buy directly from them. Again for the purposes of honoring the warranty and well just that is safer going with an exact replacement. I would guess this might cost a bit more, but it could be your only option. Lastly, I guess you could try places online like OKorder, newegg, monoprice or such. They might be able to sell an equivalent replacement for you. Just make sure you're really certain what the cable is that you're replacing.
Q:can an extension cord be used in place of the power cable for 360?
Well I don't know of any extension chord that could replace this fairly crucial component . I think you should look for another one with a friend that maybe has a broken xbox or an old pc.. You might find the piece you're looking for on another machine like a computer or a printer . Look around and see , good luck ;)
Q:Can I mix different power cables / transformers for different electronics? The plug does fit in.?
uk is now 230, the ecu voltage. (easily, capacity is transmitted under the Channel from France throughout the frenzy hour, that's a risk simply by fact the Continent is on needed ecu Time; no longer correct on your question yet exciting.) some electronics bought interior the USA of a are marked one hundred twenty˜240 and those could be utilized interior the united kingdom with basically a plug adapter. Hair dryers and another home equipment have outfitted in resister circuits and you will pass a swap from one hundred twenty to 230/240. or you elect a converter (no longer reported by way of many electricians different than as an emergency holiday expedient) or a transformer. you may desire to examine up the wattage or amperage or you will burn out the transformer. For digicam battery chargers etc, interior the no longer likely experience they are not twin voltage, you may positioned them interior the one hundred twenty v. socket of a batheroom shaver outlet (those have circuit breakers in them for a million amp or much less). I easily have not viewed any digicam chargers recently that are no longer twin voltage. yet confirm. you need to purchase adapters to extra healthful the unique British electric retailers in drug and equipment shops throughout Britain, and at airports.
Q:Need help with power cable that came with my 8800 gs...?
It would be best if you specified which PSU you have. From past experiences, 1 connector to the PSU works fine.

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