Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

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Product Description:

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

 Description of Screen Mesh:

Material : HDPE, PP ,PVC

Woven Pattern : plain weave , Hinged Weave  

Color: white , blue, yellow ,green ,grey ,red ,etc .

Wire dia. : 0.18mm-0.4mm

Width: 0.4m-6m  ,Length: 15m-100m

Mesh :12,14,16,18,20,22,24,30,50

Weight : 35g/m2~120g/m2


 Application of Screen Mesh:

Insect Screening used on windows and doors to against insects.plastic wire screen has graceful and generos appearance ,used for all sorts of airy in salvation and preventing insect and mosquito for agriculture.

The Features of Screen Mesh:


(1)excellent quality, long service life;

(2)excellent weather resistance, anti aging;

(3)beautiful shape, good to use, and well structured;

(4)light is good, anti-static, deformation UV, tensile strength, not channeling wire, long life;

(5)anti-heat, anti-cold, anti-dry, flame retardant and moisture-resistant.


The Specifications of Fiberglass Screen Mesh:

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

The Photos of Screen Mesh:


Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

 Screen Mesh/Plastic Inscet Mesh/Fly Screen Mesh

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