Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment/Repair Car

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1.Ultrathin structure design can be installed directly in the ground.

2. Four cylinders structure. Minimum height is 110mm. 3. Antiskid platform, aluminum shell motor with over-heat protection.

4.Operating control system with 24V safety voltage

5. With 24V limit switch

6. Safety signal alarm when lowering to 500mm above ground.

7. Pneumatic lock device.

8. Platforms can be extended.

9. Pass 115% dynamic and 150% static loading test before shipping.

10. CE Approved


Lifting Capacity:3000kg/6600lbs

Lifting Height:1850mm

Minimum Height:110mm

Platform length:1450-1950mm

Platform width:600mm

Lifting Time:50-60s

Width between platform:800mm


Packing Size:1560*710*760mm* 2pcs/ 480*420*1050mm



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall Width


Length of Platform


Runway width


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment/Repair Car

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment/Repair Car

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment/Repair Car

Scissor Lift Automoitve Service Equipment/Repair Car



1. Why should I choose CNBM 2 post car lift?

There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a CNBM Lift:

Top raw materials from only the finest plants
Only professional cost-effective equipment
Low prices with high quality revenue producing products
Increase productivity for your customers( Your customers gain more, they will enjoy buying from you.)
The best customer service. Quick reply within 24 hours and more.
Great Warranty

2. How safe are your 2 post car lift?

Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . They also meet the American
and Australian Standard.

3. Should I keep repair and replacement parts in stock?

Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts should always keep in stock.

4. What type of fluid is required for my 2 post car lift?

We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons / 12L are required.

5. Are CNBM 2 post car lift designed for commercial use?

All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications without any problems.

6. Do you offer any custom designs?

Yes,CNBM Lift provide OEM/ODM services to top range partners.Produce a superior product for you by your designs.


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Q:How to build a very small hydraulic lift that could lift an rc car?
Well, the lifts they put in real race cars to lift the wheels off the ground for changing are compressed air, not hydraulic, to save weight and for fast action in both directions. Are you trying to do it scale or lift the model for working on more conveniently? Clarify.
Q:This is the elevator motor parameters, the representative of what the meaning
Car lift is used in the process of car repair car lifting equipment, the car to the lift station, through the manual operation can lift the car a certain height, easy to vehicle maintenance. Lift in the car maintenance and maintenance play a very important role, and now the maintenance plant are equipped with a lift, lift is an essential vehicle maintenance plant equipment. Single column, double column (two columns), gantry, child large cut, ultra-thin double shear, to cut scissors lift, mobile lift and so on a series of professional vehicle maintenance lift. China is currently the world's largest manufacturer of auto care equipment. Export volume is much higher than domestic demand. Lifting machine is the most critical and most important part of the auto insurance industry. For the maintenance of cars, tire positioning correction provides a great help.
Q:clueless about cars...what is a suspension lift?
A Suspension lift is usually a kit that has longer springs that puts the body/frame further away from the axles. Which is preferred over a body lift which only seperates the body from the frame. A suspension lift also provides more suspension travel. Which leads me to your next question. What you see those Jeeps doing when the tires move but the body stays fairly level is called flexing or articulation. All suspensions provide this movement but it depends on the suspension design as to how much flex it has.
Q:how do i lower the front suspenion on my car and lift the back?
1. Yes it can be done, but I won't tell you how because... 2. This kind of thing should NEVER be done on a FWD vehicle because: A. It greatly upsets the handling balance of the vehicle B. It looks super retarded. Rear-wheel drive drag racing cars lift the rear end in order to improve weight transfer characteristics at launch. This is fine and good if you only drive in a straight line for 12-15 seconds at a time and your car is REAR WHEEL DRIVE. On a FWD vehicle people will just laugh at you because they know better.
Q:Is there a four - column lift in the basement of a built - in building?
The general installation of the kind of floor lift, you can go to the local auto parts city to find the car insurance business, asked him to a parking device, the name of the floor lift, we installed here, less, generally 4s shop place Not enough, will consider the car into the second floor to install such a device, recommend manufacturers Qingdao Aofu Machinery Co., Ltd., done 30 years of conscience manufacturers
Q:I want my car lifted to fit 22 rims...?
dont do it, black people think that buying big wheels is a great way to show off to other black people how much money they have regardless of the technical aspect of the car. they just dont know technical stuff. It will make your car look shorter and not as elegant. it will just make you look like a drug dealer!
Q:Is there a problem with the Dubai / Sharjah Police if i use Car lift?
if you are stong enough to lift your car, the police don't complain
Q:how much would this car lift cost?
It depends what brand the lift is, where you get it done at. Just tell him you want to make your first car different.
Q:How much is the one with the second lift?
The purchase of an elevator is an important decision for the garage, and it is not an easy thing to do. In your repair shop, the lift may be more frequent than any other device. In every working day, the lift may be lifted dozens of times. When you intend to buy a lift, the first thing to do is to determine what the new lift will be used to help narrow the selection.
Q:Jack For Lifting Cars?
once you carry a automobile utilising a jack, you're at maximum in basic terms taking one wheel off the floor. you're also shifting the burden of the vehicle by technique of jacking it up. you always opt for to save the vehicle in park so it doesn't roll backwards and slide proper off the jack or the jack stand that you position on it. you ought to chock (position obstructions like a brick or block of timber) behind both wheels that stay on the floor to more advantageous shrink the probability of the vehicle rolling or shifting round. Whoever instructed you to placed the vehicle in impartial to jack it up is an finished fool.

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