Scalffolding Steel Tube Type Roofing Coupler

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

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Scaffolding Parts
48.3mm X 48.3mm
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:bags then on steel pallets or as your request.
Delivery Detail:according to the order quantity


Roofing Coupler
1. BS1139/EN74 -1.
2. Clear marking.
3. Perfect surface.
4. Timely delivery.

1. Description of Roofing Coupler




48.3*48.3 or as your demands


Hot-dip galvanization/ electro galvanization /painted /or as your request



Fastener Grade



1.2kg/ as your requirement  


1.Good bearing capacity  2.Durable & stable
3.Easy to assemble & dismantle


OEM service is available




woven bags with steel pallets, or as your request

Payment Terms

TT, L/C, or as our agreement.

Delivery Time

According to order quantity.

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First, according to the "construction site temporary safety technical specifications" provisions, construction projects (including scaffolding) and the overhead line between the edge of the minimum safe operating distance: When the external line voltage is 10KV, the minimum safe distance 6.0m. Second, according to the "Regulations on the Implementation of Regulations on the Protection of Electric Power Facilities" and the requirements of the National Standard GB / -1999 "Urban Electricity Planning" of the People's Republic of China, the safe distance of the urban overhead power lines close to or across the buildings is: Case) Line voltage (kV) <11 ~ ~ safety distance (m) kilovolts below 1.0 m 1-10 kV 1.5 m 35 kV 3.0 m 66-10 kV 4.0 m 154 -220 kV 5.0 m 330 kV 6.0 m 500 kV 8.5 m
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In the general case, the thickness ratio of the ceramic layer to the steel pipe is 1:
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call your city building inspection office if you live in the US. They'll come out and literally fine them. OR trip and fall over the scaffolding and say you injured yourself due to their negligence. Get some money out of them before they get fined by the city.
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Scaffold piercing IS the same as an Industrial piercing...the term varies in different countries. Anyways, how long it's swollen for really varies from person to person. I'd say I noticed the swelling being completely down after about 2 weeks. Ice it, take ibuprofen, and make sure you're not sleeping on it or putting pressure on it by like using your phone on that side.

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