Scalffolding Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom

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Anhui China (Mainland)

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Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated
ISO9001:2008, SGS

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Packaging Detail:Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package
Delivery Detail:As Per Quantity


Ladder Access Transom
Material: Q235
Surface: HDG, Powder coated,etc
Color:Silver,etc Certification: ISO,SGS
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Ladder Access Transom




Q235 Material is as per customer's demand with high tensile and yield stress


Silver, as customer's requirement

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated


Top quality, Competitive price, Timely delivery, Good Service, Standard package,  Easy installation, Professional manufacturer



Main Market

America, South Asia, West Europe, Brazil,etc

Minimum order

one container

Supply ability

15tons/day, 25 containers/month






L/C, T/T, 30% in advance


Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package


OEM service

Customer’s size is also available

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Q:suggestion for cheap scaffolding to reach eaves for sand and paint?
2 sixteen foot ladders with a 2x12 placed where you need it,if safety is not an issue
Q:When scaffolding under the slab should be removed?
wait 10 days 17 samples
Q:How Long Does It Take A Scaffolding/Industrial Piercing To Stop HURTING!?! >.<?
My industrial piercing stopped hurting after about four days, and then a couple of weeks later it was able to tolerate accidentally being knocked around. It's still a bit tender when I clean it with salt water and a Q tip, but when I had it done there was this build up of dried blood that sort of increased the pain. Cleaning that off helped greatly.
Q:contractors scaffolding?
do u mean a cherry picker or a scissor lift, diffrence being a cherry picker you can take it on the roof and move about the roof, scissor lift will take u up 2 the roof then you just walk off scissor lift on 2 roof. i done my courses 4 these 2 the sciossor lift is easier 2 learn but the cherry picker get u all over the roof 2 an extent. hope ive helped pal.
Q:Any suggestions for cleaning windows (on the outside) in a 3 story house w/o scaffolding, stepping on ledge?
go to your local home depot or lowes they sell a bottle that hooks to your hose that you squirt on your windows then rinse. Providing your hose stream will reach that far if not rent a lift from an equiptment rental store they are safe and easy to use. And not that expensive we rent them usually for 135 dollars for all day.
Q:what do i do if my scaffolding piercing goes infected?
White discharge is completely normal with unhealed piercings. You need to either be doing sea salt soaks or saline soaks to keep it clean - twice a day for ten minutes each soak. Don't use anything but that - soaps can cause build up around the piercing. Signs of infection to look out for are excessive redness extending beyond the piercing area (some redness is normal when it is healing), hot to the touch, and yellow/green pus with an odor. If it does get infected do not take it out. That can trap the infection in your body and really do some harm...with infection you just want to keep doing sea salt soaks and if it doesn't clear up within a week or two then you'd want to go to your piercer who might recommend you go to a doctor. It's not always necessary to spend the money on going to the doctor with a piercing infection.
Q:Where could I get a scaffold piercing in my ear, and the beginning piercing for ear gauges?
in case you desire the ***** you will desire to not even care on the grounds which you already took this in attention. would I ask did you ask your female this question previously you ask this question. And one greater element sure it is going to break a sprint, their is a small probability it is going to bleed, and that i admire the be conscious left
Q:What does the scaffold represent to the Puritan community in the Scarlet Letter?
Every chapter in The Scarlet Letter has symbols displayed through characterization, setting, colors, and light. The most dramatic chapters using these techniques are the chapters comprising the three scaffold scenes and the meeting in the forest between Hester and Dimmesdale. Hawthorne’s ability to introduce these symbols and change them through the context of his story is but one of the reasons The Scarlet Letter is considered his masterpiece and a peerless example of the romance novel. Think about what takes place on the scaffold in all three scenes.
Q:12 meters high, 0.5 meters spacing of the scaffolding costs a lot of labor
Steel pipe series, door type scaffolding system, steel support and screw series, bowl buckle system, star system, steel series, new type of aluminum alloy formwork system, aluminum alloy steel (I-beam), etc.
Q:can i use scaffold tube for a dune buggy?
If you don't want it to crush if it rolls, use at least schedule 40 steel pipe.

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