Scalffolding Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom

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Anhui China (Mainland)

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Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated
ISO9001:2008, SGS

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Packaging Detail:Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package
Delivery Detail:As Per Quantity


Ladder Access Transom
Material: Q235
Surface: HDG, Powder coated,etc
Color:Silver,etc Certification: ISO,SGS
Best price

Ladder Access Transom




Q235 Material is as per customer's demand with high tensile and yield stress


Silver, as customer's requirement

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanized, Powder coated, Painted, Electro plated


Top quality, Competitive price, Timely delivery, Good Service, Standard package,  Easy installation, Professional manufacturer



Main Market

America, South Asia, West Europe, Brazil,etc

Minimum order

one container

Supply ability

15tons/day, 25 containers/month






L/C, T/T, 30% in advance


Factory steel pallet, safe and standard package


OEM service

Customer’s size is also available

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Q:What does the scaffold represent to the Puritan community in the Scarlet Letter?
Night, on the other hand, conceals and enables activities that would not be possible or tolerated during the day—for instance, Dimmesdale’s encounter with Hester and Pearl on the scaffold. These notions of visibility versus concealment are linked to two of the book’s larger themes—the themes of inner versus socially assigned identity and of outer appearances versus internal states. Night is the time when inner natures can manifest themselves. During the day, interiority is once again hidden from public view, and secrets remain secrets. Next time do your homework before the night it is due...
Q:While standing on a long board resting on a scaffold, a 80-kg painter paints the side of a house?
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Q:How do I use the word Scaffolding in a sentence?
The painter patiently waited for the scaffolding to be finished so the could paint the second floor of the building.
Q:Just got scaffolding ear piercing ... Why?
The mouth is the fastest healing area of the body. Cartilage has many layers to it and because of that it takes the fistula longer to form.
Q:Is my scaffolding / industrial rejecting?
If its not moving its not rejecting, but puss coming out isnt a good sign. Are you sure its not infected? If the puss smells and its itchy you could be on your way to an infection, the redness and swelling could come soon. Start cleaning it daily again (assuming youve stopped) and hope for the best! Good luck:)
Q:people with scaffold piercings....?
it is supposed to be healed with two rings. but a lot of piercers dont do this, i had mine pierced and the jewelry used for it to heal was a long barbell. how are you cleaning it?
Q:what were the three most important scenes that happened on the scaffold in the novel, The Scarlet Letter?
the woman's punishment trial, the minister admitting he was the girl's father, and his death.
Q:Small bump behind ear after scaffolding piercing?
it will be a harmless lymph node that has enlarged because of the piercing
Q:What's the difference between a scaffold protein and an adaptor protein?
For some proteins, both terms apply, and there is no difference. But in general terms, a scaffold protein holds two or more proteins together so that they (or their enzymatic products) can interact with each other. It's usually a fairly large protein. Whereas the typical structure of an adaptor protein is simply two binding domains, one that binds to one protein, and one that binds to another, bringing the two proteins (or protein complexes) together. You can see how the definitions overlap, but when I think of a scaffolding protein I think about the proteins that hold MAP kinase cascades together in order to generate signaling specificity, and when I think of an adaptor protein, I think of something like Grb2, with an SH2 domain binding to an activated receptor and its SH3 domain recruiting the SOS protein to the membrane and activating the Ras signaling pathway.
Q:Scaffolding piercing - need advice?
Sounds like it was either pierced at an improper angle and/or the anatomy of your ear isn't made for the piercing but an idiot piercer did it anyways. Without seeing it there's no telling. Go have a better piercer look at it.

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