Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale

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Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale


1.The scaffolding coupler is always used to connect the steel pipe as scaffolding system.

2.The often used coupler is swivel coupler and righ angle coupler .

3.We can provide types of scaffolding coupler according to your requirement.

4.Couoler can fix the 48.3mm scaffolding steel pipe tightly and make the whole scaffolding system more steadily.

5.Material:Q235 steel

6.Overall Size:48.3mm*48.3mm

7.Surface Finish: Galvanized/ Painted



10.Manufactuering as per customer requirements

Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale


(1)Excellent Anti-Breaking—Cold Pressed Steel

(2)Outstanding Resistance Deformation

(3)Strong Anti-Dropping Ability

(4)Longtime USe

(5)Qualtity Guaranteed

(6)OEM Service


Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale

Scaffolding Steel Coupler British Type for Sale


Surface finishGalvanized
Weight1.1kg around
Package25pcs/bag,steel pallet
As per customer requirement
MarketAfrica, South America, the Middle East and Asia


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?    

We are a state-owned corporation in China,dealing with various kinds of building materials.We have our holding subsidiaries.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?    

Our factory is located all around China.

Q: Can I get some samples?    

Sample is free, customer only pay freight for the first time. 

Q: Delivery?

10-30days. (5-15 containers)

Any question,feel free to contact us.

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Q:What is the song used in the Geico business meeting commercial, the one with the money on the scaffold?
It was an old 80's song - Somebody's watching me - Rockwell
Q:What is the difference between an extruded board and a foam board?
JGJ130-2011 "construction of fasteners steel scaffolding safety technical specifications" provides a single row of scaffolding should not exceed 24M; double row scaffolding erection height should not exceed 50 meters, which is due to the provisions of the construction safety. As for the single row of scaffolding is not what you want to be able to use, the structure of the building type, masonry structure, the external walls can be used, the frame structure you can single row scaffolding? Height of more than 50 meters of double row scaffolding is not only a double pipe, sub-unloading, sub-erection and other measures, it is "more than a certain size of the larger part of the sub-project", must be in accordance with housing and urban and rural construction Department of "more dangerous part of the project safety management approach" to build quality [2009] No. . the preparation of security special construction program, approved by the expert group.
Q:In The Scarlet Letter, is Hester put on a scaffold or a pillory? Is there a difference?
She is ON a scaffold IN a pillory. A scaffold is a platform. A pillory (also known as the stocks) is a device that has a large hole in the center and two smaller holes off-center. The larger hole is for the person's head and the smaller holes are for the person's hands. When Hester was placed in the pillory, the pillory was sitting atop a scaffold. The pillory is elevated so that the townspeople can get a good view - the entire point of this punishment is public humiliation.
Q:What are the advantages of a new self-locking construction fastener?
Try to wrap the water tank with a heat shield. In the inside you can first use wood to customize a box. And then use the insulation film wrapped from the outside, but the insulation film needs to choose a good material there is a way is now a new type of environmentally friendly and efficient insulation materials - vacuum insulation board with a vacuum insulation board Insulation effect, not only in the summer can greatly reduce the indoor temperature, so you have a cool energy-saving summer, and can play an effective winter insulation effect. Can be described as Dongnuanxialiang high quality green building materials. And its price is quite favorable
Q:Single-row fastener type steel pipe scaffold for decoration works in the construction of small horizontal bar spacing should be the number of mm.......................................................................................
bolt tightening torque is not less than 40N
Q:Is my Scaffolding piercing infected?
I'm going to assume that the first person doesn't have this piercing. I didn't know what a scaffolding piercing was, so I googled it. I have this piercing! But where I'm from we call it an industrial piercing. I wouldn't worry too much. You've just shoved something foreign into a part of your body that take a very long time to heal. That said, this sounds normal to me. Obviously it's going to swell a bit, change color, and be sore. You've just impaled something through your body! Haha. So yeah, it sounds pretty standard to me. A word of advice, get used to to the pain. It takes 4 to 7 months (sometimes longer) for this piercing to fully heal. Ive had mine for 7 months and it's still a little bit sore. Wash it every morning and night with a Q-tip, warm water, and anti-bacterial soap (Be gentle!). Try not and twist it during the first few weeks, and DON'T sleep on it. It will kill. The piercing will also puss and crust a little, so don't be worried (Unless it stinks REALLY bad). It may also bleed a little during the next few days, so again, don't worry. Sometimes bumps/bubbles will form as well. These will typically go away if you don't pick at them. If they don't, a doctor can prescribe a special cream. However, if your condition worsens, I'd see a doctor. Most people say don't let them take it out if it's not infected. And this is true. Don't remove it unless its absolutely necessary. So yeah, in a few months it should be much better, and then you can totally enjoy it, I do! Hope this helps. :D
Q:will a steel scaffold coupler with bolted on chains sunk into concrete be a good?
I'll have the chain cut and the wheel with the disk lock on a skateboard before you can say wanker. But then I came properly prepared to steal your bike. An opportunistic chav won't stand a chance.
Q:In Chapter 23 of The Scarlet Letter the author writes of a final scaffold scene.?
well it's pretty significant. Dimmesdale finally tells the world of his sin and thus lets go of the weight on his heart and dies. Chillingworth lived only to destroy Dimmesdale, and so Chillingworth has nothing left to live for after Dimmesdale dies. His health deteriorates and he finally dies to, leaving everything to Hester and Pearl. I thought it was a pretty satifying climax. It's full of subtle metaphors and hidden meanings.
Q:a few questions about scaffold piercing!?
1. The chances are that it's going to be a 14g (1.6mm) 2. do not twist/play/move the jewelry! this is a BAD idea-- it will prolong healing time, destroy the fistula and bring in unwanted bacteria into the wound. 3. You can use tea tree oil, just make sure you dilute it in water beforehand. Keep doing the salt soaks and you should be fine, you can do them for 5-10 minutes so if you want to do them longer than 5 minutes, you can.
Q:A window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold weighs 396 N?
396 x (.5 x 3.72) = 736.56N/m. 666 x 1.2 = 799.2N/m. (799.2 + 736.56)/3.72 = tension of 412.84N. in the right rope.

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