Scaffolding for slab, quick locking plate scaffolding, steel scaffolding for construction

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1.Raw material:Q235 cold rolled steel
2.Easy to install and dismantle
3.High efficiency
4.Timely delivery

Slab Forms Products

1. Quick Info

a. Model:   Slab Formwork (pure steel, electrophoretic coated)

b. Application: used together with plywood for concrete form.

d. Load Capacity:  3 to 4 tons per s.q.m.(whole system)

e. Installation:   A group of 4 workers can erect 300s.q.m in 8 hours.

Product Detail

NO.1Main Beam2.68-4.3965692
NO.2Main Beam2.28-3.6865692
NO.3Main Beam1.77-2.8865692
NO.4Main Beam1.17-1.7865692
Sub Beam1.1560502


ItemLength(m)Thickness(mm)Outer Diameter (mm)
Vertical Standrads2.553.0 48
1.953.0 48
1.353.0 48
1.053.0 48
0.753.0 48
Horizontal Ledgers1.222.7548


* For heavy loads upto 2m thickness slab

* For high shoring like fly over roads and working platform around tower

* Maximizing the usage of materials for different projects easily due to various sizes of cross bracing

* Can be moved by trolley or crane, even with whole large unit  - once assembled, whole phase application without repeated dismantiling and assembly.

* Key role in slab flex and slab table formwork

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Q:A17-57 circular column formwork supporting wood, plywood is converted into steel support how to convert?
Pro, I would like to ask you what is the norm of the quota is your local?
Q:Span of 40 meters, the height of the beam to support the 1.4 meter high density?
Please confirm that the title of the 1.4 meter high beam span of up to 40 meters! Is it concrete? This is more than a certain scale of the greater risk of sub projects, the need for the preparation of special security construction program after the implementation of expert demonstration. The project should be clear, not a joke oh!
Q:Why tunnel CD method in the middle of the steel support to be bent
Set the outer radian to resist lateral pressure to achieve a more stable structure.
Q:Full fastener type steel pipe scaffold with all the fastener type steel pipe support frame what is the difference?
. The construction load of the frame body top layer transfer through the horizontal bar to the top of the pole, the vertical rod is eccentric compression; 2, full frame support is defined in the longitudinal and transverse direction, by not less than three rows of pole and the horizontal bar
Q:The difference between steel sheet pile and foundation pit
Length is used to calculate the amount of money ah, m * amount.
Q:Why should the deep foundation pit support axial force monitoring?
Generally, the supporting structure of continuous wall (pile) and steel support is used. We are using the axial force meter (anti force meter) test, relatively stable his surname is good, can instantly reflect the conditions. They also used the steel stress meter, surface gage, the effect is not how good, especially the strain gauge could not reflect the working condition, and easily broken (numerical measure out), do not know is not associated with the installation process?
Q:The support system of the steel roof structure of a single storey workshop is composed of
In order to ensure the overall stability of the roof bearing structure in the installation and use, to improve the structure of the space work, and reduce the length of the rod in the plane of the roof truss,
Q:What is the meaning of steel support flange connection
The erection and erection of the steel support of the building is dependent on the total length of each steel support
Q:Steel support not fixed end line?
Do you mean the end of the fixed end? Or other support, as of a hinge
Q:Steel support can not be removed if the deformation of the foundation pit, how to solve
Specific analysis of specific issues, but also combined with the value of your pit observation

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