Scaffolding Black Steel Tube

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0.5 - 20 mm

Outer Diameter:
20 - 660 mm
Place of Origin:
TIA,Tianjin China(Mainland) China (Mainland)
Secondary Or Not:
Structure Pipe,fluid pipe, oil pipe, gas pipe
Surface Treatment:
Special Pipe:
Thick Wall Pipe
Alloy Or Not:
Key word:
black steel pipe
Thicknss tolerance:
pipe end:
plained end or bevelled end
Packaging Detail:
in bundles,knit bags, plywood box and so on
BS 1387,BS EN10025,BS 4568,BS EN 39,BS EN10217,GB/T 3091-2001,ASTM A106-2006,ASTM A53-2007,BS,GB,ASTM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1) Bundle, 2) In Bulk 3) Bags 4) Clients' Requirements
Delivery Detail:within 10-15 days after receipt deposit or irrevocable LC


black scaffolding steel tube
1. OD: 21.3mm---------219.1mm
Thickness: 1.0mm-------10mm
2. Length: 5.

First: Company introduce


Founded on May 1st,2005,situated in Xizhaizhuang Town Industrial Estate,Tianjin..Thanks to good quality and a great veriety,our products are very popular among new and old customers and are export to such regions and countries as Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Second: Product Information

Black steel pipe/tubes

1. OD: 20mm-----219mm  WT:2.0mm----10mm

2. Tolerance: Thinckness,+/-0.05mm; Length,+/-10mm

3.Material: S235JR

4.Standard: ASTM/BS/GB/DIN

5.Surface: Varnish

6.Moq: 5ton

7. Usage: Greenhouse,Scaffold,highway,bridge

8.Payment:30%T/T advance+70%upon presentig shipping documents.

9. Trade Terms: CFR,CIF,FOB

Third: Size

Stock erw steel pipe

O.D (inch)






















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Q:Is there any secondary construction division exams over the years? (Municipal) can pass a thank you
Yes, air conditioning heating effect is good, the general cooling are good. Before installation of air conditioning, should be based on the size of the room to determine the size of air conditioning, the general household can be prepared by the amount of cold per square calorie 200 to calculate the size of air conditioning, but also consider the room sealed insulation performance, floor, orientation, height and other factors The In addition, should also be based on the nature of the room to determine the structure or type of air conditioning, such as the bedroom is most suitable for installation of inverter air conditioner, a large area of ​​the living room suitable for installation of cabinet air conditioning. Installation of air conditioning should be noted: air conditioning should be installed in a location conducive to ventilation, especially the outdoor unit, should be installed in a well ventilated heat, clean and dust-free, oil, not sunshine direct exposure to the location should be lower than the indoor unit, It is best installed on the outer wall of the concrete beam from the floor, so that the installation of the most solid, the smallest noise, but also conducive to future maintenance. If you have to install a place higher than the indoor unit, the height difference is very large, the installation staff should be allowed to bend the connection pipe back to the oil bend to ensure that the compressor from the string of lubricants can be successfully returned to the compressor. In fact, the cooling principle of air conditioning is very simple, like the refrigerator, heating is through the switch on the four-way valve and one-way valve to make outdoor cooling, and indoor heating fills.
Q:a few questions about scaffold piercing!?
1. The chances are that it's going to be a 14g (1.6mm) 2. do not twist/play/move the jewelry! this is a BAD idea-- it will prolong healing time, destroy the fistula and bring in unwanted bacteria into the wound. 3. You can use tea tree oil, just make sure you dilute it in water beforehand. Keep doing the salt soaks and you should be fine, you can do them for 5-10 minutes so if you want to do them longer than 5 minutes, you can.
Q:My mom is making me choose between and industrial/ scaffold ear piercing or a six pack of colored contacts?
I think you should save your money and buy shares of stock with at. Neither one of these things are going to prepare you for anything and you'll lose interest within 6 months.
Q:is it soar getting your industrial/scaffold pierced?
It's Not That Painful, (Unless You Knock It) And Its A Little Bit Sore After, But After A Few Weeks, It's Fine. :)
Q:looking for scaffolding jobs in dubai can anyone help???
well i dont know exactly what u mean but if u mean u want to get subcontracts for scaffolding works you can approach to the buildings contracting companies, in dubai there is plenty of them , simply while you are passing in any roads you can see the big sign boards get the names from there or simply enter the construction site and offer / present your self or your company for them, in both cases you need to have with you your resumae/ your company profile and prequalifications , best of luck
Q:does home insurance cover you if you have scaffolding up?
The question is too vague. Cover you for WHAT? For an employee falling off the scaffolding? For the scaffolding being stolen? If the Scaffolding falls on a neighbor's car? Having Scaffolding up indicates you're having someone do work on the building - usually painting. It's only up for a short time - a week, or however long it takes to paint the house. If YOU have a business, your homeowners policy won't cover any of YOUR business liability - or your business property. You're going to have to be A LOT more specific. But also, you can call your agent, and ask THEM.
Q:Single-row fastener type steel pipe scaffold for decoration works in the construction of small horizontal bar spacing should be the number of mm.................................
With a steel pipe or wood under the support of the template on it. Take me oh
Q:The Hangman in the poem and the scaffold in the poem are symbolic of Hitler and his rise to power?
1.The Hangman came to town and started hanging people on the scaffold and the people of the town only stood there and watched with fear, not stopping him. The scaffold grew day by day just like Hitler and his gas chambers. Hitler's antisemitism began slowly with making Jews wear the yellow star and creating unfair laws that forbid Jews to do lots of stuff. Then eventually, Hitler started destroying Jews with gas chambers and the amount just seemed to multiply day by day.
Q:a 200N uniform scaffold of length 8m is supported by two ropes?
Okay so we can tell that each rope supports 100N of the scaffold. Now for each mass, we can simply use the ratio of how far it is from one end to the total length to get the force on each rope. For example, if the mass was exactly in the middle, both ropes would have the same force acting on them. So, 2.5/8 * 350 [N] = 109.375 [N] 5.5/8 * 350 [N] = 240.625 [N] And, 3.25/8 * 950 [N] = 385.9375 [N] 4.75/8 * 950 [N] = 564.0625 [N] So the force on the left rope is F = 100 [N] + 240.625 [N] + 385.9375 [N] = 726.5625 [N] Force on left rope = 730 [N] (2 sig figs) F = 100 [N] +109.375 [N] + 564.0625 [N] = 774.4375 [N] Force on the right rope = 770 [N] (2 sig figs) If you're confused which forces to add, just remember that the rope feels more force as you get closer to it. Always remember to check your answer, in this case it makes sense that the rope on the right feels more force, since the heavier object is closer to it. In addition, we can also sum the forces 200 [N] + 350 [N] + 950 [N] = 1500 [N] = 730 [N] + 770 [N] Which checks out!
Q:Snug or scaffold piercing?
I love and have both but I do favor my scaffold due to the fun wavy bars that are available =] lol. Hope this helps!

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