SC200 Certificated 2000kg electric Construction hoist

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3 unit
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300 unit/month

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SC200  Construction Elevator
1Rated loading Capacitykg2000/2000

2Rated Passengers number

3Rated lifting Speedm/min36-38Speed Reducer Ratio:i=16
4Hanging Cage Inner Size m*m*m3*1.5*2.4

5Starting CurrentA300A*2

6Working CurrentA70A*2

7Power CapacityKVA270

8Engine PowerKW11*3*2

9Weight of Standard Section kg140 1508*650*650mm
10Height of Standard Sectionm1.5

11Max.Install Hightm160

12Overall Weightt2H=150m
13Safety TypeSAJ40-1.2

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Q:Fire elevator must be equipped with firefighters dedicated function?
Yes. Fire linkage, fire forced landing, firefighters function, should have.
Q:What is the meaning of the upper limit of the ceiling?
Work protection measures.
Q:What are the eight systems of the elevator!
Traction system guidance system car door system weight balance system electric drive system electrical control system security protection system! The
Q:Vertical elevators between the two kamels distance 11m must be installed in the middle of the security door?
Yes, according to the provisions of (1) when the adjacent two-door gate of the gap between the big tiger gong port harboring locust song Wei linked to 11m, during which should be set to a height of not less than 1.80m, width of not less than 0.35m of the well safety door (3) the door should be installed with a key to open the lock, when the door is open without a key to be able to close and lock, after the door locked (after the door is locked) , The key can be opened from the hoistway; (4) the electrical safety device should be provided to verify the door closed
Q:What are the embedded parts in the elevator shaft?
Most of the embedded parts made of metal, such as: steel or cast iron, wood, plastic and other non-metallic rigid materials. The prefabricated part (prefabricated part) is a pre-installed (buried) component in the concealed project, that is, the structure of the structure when the structure is placed, for the masonry when the superstructure of the lap. To facilitate the installation of external engineering equipment base fixed.
Q:The main difference between the elevator and the engine room elevator on the installation
No difference, that is, traction machine; control cabinet installation location is different.
Q:District elevator no signal tube should be how to do?
1, the elevator itself is indeed no mobile phone signal, or cell phone signal is weak. This phenomenon is related to the structural design of the elevator itself. The car used in the cell is a metal frame structure, so when the elevator door is closed, the elevator is like a metal cage inside. And this structure can effectively shield out the phone signal. 2, if the owners put forward the demand, as a property management agencies, property companies can contact the relevant telecommunications agencies in the elevator to install mobile phone signal amplifier for receiving signals. 3, the property company should also be scientific, rigorous attitude, to the owners from the theoretical explanation of the elevator no cell phone signal truth. If necessary, in the park bulletin board for the nature of the announcement. 4, in order to avoid community owners in the elevator in distress can not help through the phone. Elevator should be set to emergency alarm button, emergency intercom phone and camera. If the owners are in distress in the elevator, you can contact the property management department in time or help.
Q:Solve this problem.
So that the elevator power
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
No, there is a corresponding exhaust. There is no dedicated exhaust fan.
Q:What is the elevator called?
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