SC200 Certificated 2000kg electric Construction hoist

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3 unit
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300 unit/month

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SC200  Construction Elevator
1Rated loading Capacitykg2000/2000

2Rated Passengers number

3Rated lifting Speedm/min36-38Speed Reducer Ratio:i=16
4Hanging Cage Inner Size m*m*m3*1.5*2.4

5Starting CurrentA300A*2

6Working CurrentA70A*2

7Power CapacityKVA270

8Engine PowerKW11*3*2

9Weight of Standard Section kg140 1508*650*650mm
10Height of Standard Sectionm1.5

11Max.Install Hightm160

12Overall Weightt2H=150m
13Safety TypeSAJ40-1.2

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Q:What is the size of a barrier-free elevator? As if to deep into the 2750 is it?
Into the depth of 2750? What is your data? Car or hoist? How could there be such a big size? Barrier-free, is to meet the use of people with disabilities, the arc of the old turntable turtle turtle open the door and the car size to meet the wheelchair access, usually 1000kg load elevator. There is room for elevator, hoist 2100x2200, car 1600x1500, open door 900x2100 machine room elevator, shaft 2200x1800, car 1600x1400, open door 900x2100 above is the conventional size, each slightly different.
Q:Tangled title: the woman came home and found to be a man to track, when she walked into the elevator when the man came in.
First, the title itself is ambiguous ..... "the results of a woman dead" .... people are going to die, the title did not say a man killed a woman? You can live forever? The Second, men and women get together in the elevator for so long, did not start, there is only one reason, the elevator inside the monitoring of the reason why the elevator to "stay", is afraid of monitoring, so no elevator on OK, Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Third, there is always an emergency elevator inside the elevator button? Click on, the total will not be wrong, right? Fourth, there is a situation, the man is from the second floor of the stairs to the third floor, if the elevator inside the third floor is not the third floor? In other words, the stairs and the elevator is not parallel, such as I have seen a district staircase on the first floor, second floor, third floor ... elevator first floor, second floor, third floor (elevator inside the third floor is the fourth floor of the stairs, For some reason on the third floor will not stop ...
Q:How to set the elevator shaft
Oh, you are asking the elevator shaft in the budget of the project problem, there are the following items 1, the implementation of steel reinforcement corresponding project 2, concrete concrete implementation of the corresponding project < ; 3, the template in the fixed in a proprietary, is the elevator shaft wall template, in practice, you can also use the shear wall project 4, elevator shaft frame This is the scaffolding in the project 5, you see the construction organization design, There is a corresponding process requirements, there will be no drawings such as bolts and other materials, this do not forget to calculate
Q:What is the width of the elevator?
To the amount of about not know, very simple, I have a friend to do the elevator, he is based on different places to design the elevator, so generally no fixed.
Q:Will the elevator door sets how to calculate the area?
Tianyuan Local Construction Forum is a building that has always been committed to the dissemination of outstanding architectural history, architectural culture, architectural ideas and cutting-edge architectural consulting, research design art and design skills to discuss and exchange building management, supervision, consulting, construction technology, Cost, material, mutual protection, safety and other technical information
Q:The main difference between the elevator and the engine room elevator on the installation
Organic room elevator and no machine room elevator, as the name suggests, is a separate room, a no separate room. General organic room elevator will be in the top of the elevator set up a separate room, called the elevator room. The main role is to put some related equipment in the engine room. No machine room elevator, that is not alone to leave an elevator room. Then the elevator some of the relevant equipment directly into the elevator shaft. From this point of view, the organic room elevator compared to the place, need to separate it with a room, no room, although not occupying the place, but the shaft had to do wide, deep point, because the equipment in the shaft. In addition, the structural professional impact is relatively large or no hook beam. General structure on the roof of the elevator room will be dedicated to set up a hook beam, its use is not used to lift the elevator, is used for maintenance. Such as the elevator is broken, you need to repair the time, have to hang up the relevant equipment and cars or pull up to repair, then you need to use the hook beam. There is a hook on the hook beam, is bent with a round steel bar, the hook will play a role in the maintenance. No machine room elevator related equipment is installed directly on the side wall of the hoistway, so do not need to set the hook beam, and the organic room elevator, you need to set up in the elevator room roof hook beam. This is the difference between the elevator room and the elevator room for the structural professional.
Q:What is the elevator picker?
Picker. The The I understand is the election
Q:Closed staircase and smoke staircase distinction
The difference is that the closed staircase without smoke before the room, while the smoke staircase between the bustling house shares Yijiao turtle tied tyrants have smoke before the room. Anti-smoke staircase ladder and fire elevator combined with the area of the front room, public buildings should not be less than 10.00m2, residential buildings should not be less than 4.50m2, residential buildings should not be less than 4.50m2; Less than 6.00m2. According to the "high-rise civil building design fire safety requirements" requirements, a class of buildings and in addition to the unit and the corridor-style residential building height of more than 32m of the two types of buildings and tower residential, nineteen and nineteen level apartment , More than eleven layers of corridor-style residential, can not be directly natural lighting and natural ventilation of the staircase, should be set to smoke staircase.
Q:When the woman came home she was found to be tracked by a man
I think that as long as no elevator on nothing, because from the behavior of men obviously do not want to start from the elevator, may be afraid of the camera or other reasons, or do not have to wait for the elevator to the third floor, in the elevator to the second floor of the process can be In the elevator room to kill the woman, was not hands-on obviously scruples, so I judge the elevator to the third floor as long as the elevator will be able to life insurance, out of the elevator will die.
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
There is a fan, but did not open it Although there is ventilation, but the circulation will be relatively poor, slightly stuffy, can not be said to be hypoxia, and then meet the low blood sugar, fainted

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