SC(B)H15 Type Amorphous Metal Dry-type Transformer

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Q:How to test the transformer capacity
Temperature test is the main means of testing the transformer capacity. Its purpose is to assess the transformer in the rated load working state or overload working conditions, the thermal state of the transformer and so on.  
Q:800KVA transformer itself is the loss of how much?
Are 800kVA transformer, the model is different, loss of access great. You find out the model to say, there are standards can be found.
Q:Will the installation of transformers, power supply bureau is how the charges?
Peak valley price, one day divided into several periods. Each local price is different, the specific local electricity price can call 95598 advice
Q:380V transformer always burn, how is it going
Mainly to see whether the capacity of the transformer to meet the requirements, and then see whether the load side of the short circuit. Our transformer here in order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation in the high side of the installation of over-current protection, can effectively protect the transformer. Please adopt Burning transformer is not because of voltage, but because of current. Excessive current causes the coil to heat up to burn the transformer
Q:Transformer Amorphous Alloy and Silicon Steel Sheet Advantages and Disadvantages
 (3) Amorphous alloys are very sensitive to mechanical stress. Structural design, we must avoid the use of the core as the main bearing structure of the traditional design.   (4) In order to obtain excellent low loss characteristics, the amorphous alloy core sheet must be annealed.
Q:630KVA transformer can use the maximum number of power appliances
600KVA box can generally increase the number of households with electricity
Q:Why is the transformer ah?
Transformers are electrical components used to change the voltage. In the circuit, you can raise the voltage, you can also reduce the voltage to achieve the required voltage value. The voltage transformer is called a step-up transformer, on the contrary, called a step-down transformer. Of course, the transformer can only change the AC voltage (mains, etc.), can not change the DC voltage (battery, battery, etc.).
Q:Three-phase transformer how four ways to connect it?
Three-phase transformer solution Yy Dd Yd Dy these four connections each connection there are many connections such as Yy-10 According to the original side of the different phase has a different solution, and whether the grounding (N) connection is also different
Q:Why can autotransformers be used as safety transformers?
The high and low voltage side of the autotransformer is realized by tapping in a coil, and there is no magnetic connection between the two times and there is an electrical connection, so it can not be used as a safety transformer. Isolation transformer high and low voltage coil is separated, the only magnetic connection between the two there is no electrical contact, so the role of security protection.
Q:500KW load should be installed how much transformer?
Install 630kVA transformer barely enough, it is best to install 800kVA transformer. Because the transformer can not be a long time full load operation, the need for a margin of 0.2, but also take into account the power factor. According to the current capacity of the transformer is only 800kVA level. Down is 630kVA of the. According to 630kVA transformer no-load loss of 1200W, can take the load capacity of 620kW, basically meet the needs of the.

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