SC(B)H15 Type Amorphous Metal Dry-type Transformer

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Q:Why is the notebook computer transformer hot?
I bet, your power certainly no my hot ,,, my power is my friend's hottest, But you do not have to, but it is normal ah ,,,, different brands, the temperature is not the same .. Generally good power are temperature control, to a certain temperature to turn off the power, I was like this, do not worry But do not plug in the socket for a long time, and will burn the power, and there is easy to thunder in the summer ,,, will burn out ...
Q:Transformer or resistor?
No, you could die. Resistors do not increase voltage. Transformers do. However, you can also get high voltages via a Van de Graff generator, although a big one can still be dangerous.
Q:Where do I get an audio output transformer without buying it. Is there some kind of toys or electronics which?
If you don't want to buy one then rent it. There are a lot of electrical and electronics shops online that offer such service.
Q:Give me a detailed description of what happens in Transformers 1&2?
here okorder
Q:50kva transformer price
1,50kva transformer prices vary according to model prices ranging from 6000-20000 yuan.
Q:TN-S system in the transformer side pe line and n-line neutral point how to take
TN-S way power supply system It is the work of the zero line and dedicated protection line PE strictly separate power supply system, N line and PE line in the transformer working ground once separated, not to re-connect. Called TN-S power supply system. The TN-S power supply system is characterized as follows. 1) When the system is running normally, there is no current on the dedicated protection line, but there is an unbalanced current on the working zero line. PE line to ground no voltage, so the electrical equipment metal shell connected to zero protection is connected to the dedicated protection line PE, safe and reliable. 2) The working zero line is used only as a single-phase load circuit. 3) Dedicated protection line PE is not allowed to break, but also not allowed to enter the leakage switch. 4) the use of leakage on the trunk protection, the work of the zero line shall not have repeated grounding, and the PE line has repeatedly grounded, but not through the leakage protection, so TN-S system power supply lines can also be installed on the leakage protection. 5) TN-S power supply system is safe and reliable, suitable for industrial and civil construction and other low-voltage power supply system. In the construction work before the "three links and one leveling" (Dentsu, water, road and ground level - must use TN-S way power supply system.
Q:How do step up transformers obey the law of conservation of energy?
The regulation of conservation of capability is that capability won't be able to be created or destroyed. A transformer does not make extra capability,yet rather it takes the voltage and will boost it , this might seem to push aside the regulation yet rather in basic terms making extra it reduces the the present. As voltage will boost by using say 10 circumstances the amperage a million/10 of the orginal.
Q:Inverter Transformer Question?
The equation V 4.44fNaB determines what is required for a transformer to avoid saturation. V is the voltage, f is the frequency, N is the number of turns of wire in the winding, a is the area of the core, and B is the peak magnetic flux density. The transformer has presumably been designed so that the peak flux density is as high as it can be without saturating the core. For an existing transformer, V/f a constant. If you increase f, you can increase V so that V/f remains constant. However, the hysteresis losses increase in proportion to the frequency increase and the eddy current losses increase in proportion to frequency squared. In addition, skin effect will increase the copper losses at higher frequencies. Reducing the copper losses by reducing the current would compensate for the skin effect. Reducing the copper losses would tend to compensate for the increased iron losses, but it is hard to say how much a cooler coil will compensate for a hotter core.
Q:Transformer confusion.?
You are confusing VA (power ratings) with transformer ratios 120/16 7.5 :1 3300/120 27.5 : 1 So connect 7Vrms to 16 input to give output 1 52.5V Now connect this 120 (52.5V) output to the 120V input of the 120/3300 transformer The output should be approx 52.5 x 27.5 1444 Volts Use the 16/120 to step up and then the 120/3300 to step up again Take the function generator voltage to its lowest and measure at all points now gradually increase the generator voltage measuring at all points until you get what you want If the voltages are not as you expect then the VA ratings may be a problem Remember to be extra careful with High Voltages
Q:Transformer Ratio Question?
Transformer ratio (number of windings on secondary) / (number of windings on primary) Transformer ratio 350 / 7000 1/20 And Transformer ratio (secondary voltage) / (primary voltage) 1/20 63 / (primary voltage) Primary voltage 20 * 63 1260 volts if a load of 100 ohms is connected to the secondary winding what is the primary current, ignoring V I * R 63 I * 100 Secondary current 0.63 amps Ignoring resistive and reactive losses in the transformer, the power coming out of the transformer is equal to the power coming into the transformer. Power Voltage * Current Secondary voltage * Secondary current Primary voltage * Primary current 63 * 0.63 1260 * Primary current Primary current 63 * 0.63 ÷ 1260 0.0315 amps

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