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SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is made by saturating the base in bitumen, or thermoplastic elastomer (such as styrene butadiene-SBS), reinforced with polyester or fiberglass, finishing the upward face with fine sands, mineral slates(or grains)or polythene membrane etc.


a)Good impermeability

b)Possess good tensile strength, elongation rate and size stability which could be well suited the substrate distortion and crack.

c)SBS modified bitumen membrane is specially being applied in the cold area with low temperature ,
d)Good performance in anti-puncture, anti-broker, anti-resistance, anti-erosion, anti-mildew, anti-weathering

Applicable scope

Suitable for civil building roofing, underground, bridge, parking, pool, tunnel in the line of waterproofing and dampproof, especially for the building under high temperature. According the roofing engineering stipulation, APP modified bitumen membrane could be used in the Grade I civil building and industrial building which has special waterproofing requirement


1.We have a professional control process, management process

2.No hurm to invironment passed ISO9001

3.Exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and America

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Q:How to save an old rug?
I expect you could get an upholsterer to re-line the back with something a few and ask.
Q:What is the best way to get candle wax out of carpet?
Using an iron and brown paper works excellent as a first step and after that if some wax still remains use a product called Goo B Gone sold in the market and hardware stores. Works excellent for lipstick, adhesives and other stains for clothing, carpets and on objects. Although if your carpet is wool it is tricky to get all of the wax stain out.
Q:Odour in rug?
You could try a steam cleaner with an odor-out additive. There are also pet odor sprays that are different than Febreeze that may work. I have a Bissel steam cleaner, and just use that to steam clean things with an odor fighting additive mix. If it gets real bad you can always try to steam clean it anyway on a small area and see if it tears it up. Plus there's the trash, but I know that's a bummer. Vanilla extract gets odors out but it stains. Depends on how dark the rug is. Definately for any type of plastic cooler or plastic in general, I always wipe it with vanilla extract after washing it.
Q:how to buy an area rug?
There are many nice machine made rugs that are not very expensive.You can find them at department stores, which often have sales, and home improvement stores -- which are good ones for high traffic areas. Hand made ones will be more expensive, it's all in how much you can afford.
Q:Benefits of carpeting floor versus tiles?
I. Carpet Pros: -absorbs sounds -looks better -when you dropped something, your item wont break easily (ex: glass, cellphone, etc) -relaxing (just in my opinion) Cons: -u always have to clean it to keep it away from dust mites -a no-no for allergic people Vinyl Pros: -affordable -lots of design to choose from Cons: -u have to take extra care of it (durability issues) -avoid it from getting wet
Q:Carpet Measurement Question?
This seems a bit like basic math so let's see where this goes, and hope it can help ya along the way. (I'm converting it all to inches) Room #1 : 10'6 X 29'2 126 X 350 44,100 Room #2: 11'8 X 12'10 140 X 154 21,560 Closet #1: 7' X 2'4 84 X 28 2,352 Total area = 44,100 21,560 2,352 Total = 68,012 one sq foot is 12 X 12 = 144 So.... 68012/144 = 473 sq. ft. If we assume a standard 12' width for our sq ft then we need a length of: 473/12= 39.4 feet and this would be Best Case Scenario To figure your Worst Case Scenario you could just assume you'll be using the width of 12 feet for each cut ( room) and just pull off of the roll the length you need to do the whole room. This means, we only need to add the lengths to figure how many feet pulled off of the rolls we require. 29'2 + 12'10 + 2'4 350 + 154 + 28 = 532 44.3 feet pulled off the rolls.
Q:carpet pricing for 3 bedroom house?
Prices vary a lot because of the different qualities of carpet , but you can figure around 3 dollars a s/f installed with basic pad. This won t include ant rip out or disposal of the old. Size of the rooms will effect the pricing since carpet comes in 12 and 15' rolls ( for the most part) and a 10x10 room will require the purchase of the same amount of carpet as a 10x12 room. Bigger rooms will require seaming and extra carpet. No professional will add 10% for scrap. A few inches is common practice for out of square rooms but 10% is a rip off. And you never have to buy a whole roll . You buy only the lineal foot of carpet thats needed. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:I live in AUS would my horse need a rug?
Yes it will. im in aus to and my horse always has a rug on. Where looking at a HOT summer this year mate. And hot summers mean COLD winters. Use a rug!
Q:My area rug was folded in the garage for a while. Now I decided to use it but it's bumpy in some places.?
Just lay it out on the floor. In a couple days it will be smooth.
Q:Do Rug Dr's Really Work? What do most Stores charge to Rent them, & How long?
My experience has been pretty good as far as cleaning ability, but the down fall to that machine is that it is designed for short people, being tall as I am 5'7 I was bend over trying to clean, left my back and neck hurting. Cost effective and the fact that you have animals and a child, and maybe more in the future, you may want to purchase your steam cleaner. The other thing to think about also, unless you get all the dirt out of your carpet and padding, once you get the top surface clean and it dries, in a week you will start seeing the spot reappearing, this is because you got all that dirt and such under the carpet and padding wet and made mud, so as you walk on it it will come back up through. Unfortantly unless you have a Kirby, your not going to get all the dirt from under the surface of the carpet. So you could be fighting this for now on. Now when cleaning your carpet, add some vinegar to the solution and spray your carpet with a product called OUT it is found in the pet isle at Walmart, this has an enzime in it that will get the urine and pet mess out of the carpet. Another possibility to limit the spots from resurfacing is go with a carpet dry cleaner, those work wonderfully as well. Most stains that you find after that will be surface stains.

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