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1.Good waterproofing and ageing-resistance function,not flowing at highest temperature and no crack at lowest temperature.

2.Easy application,no pollution,and long service life etc.

3.Possess good tensile strength,elongation rate and size stability  which could be well suited yje substrate distortion crack.

4.Good performance in anti-puncture,anti-broker,anti-resistance,anti-erosion,anti-mildew,anti-weathering.

5.Construction  Is convenient,the melt method can operate in four season,joints are reliable.


1.It is widely used for industry and civil building---the waterproof and dampproof of the roofs,basements,

toilets etc;and the waterproofing of bridges,parking area,tunnels,reserviors etc.

2.SBS modified membrane is specially being applied in the cold area with low temperature,while APP modified membrane is applied in the hot area with high temperature.


1.Make sure the roof deck smooth ,clean and dry(Moisture<9%),then apply the surface of roof deck homogeneously with a kind bitumen paint till dry to start application.

2.There are two methods in application:

One way is by heating and melting method---Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting method to be nearly melted (not flowing),then install the membrane fully bonded to the roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.

The other way is by cold adhesive method---Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck then roll the membrane to install it to be fully sticked to roof deck.

By heating and melting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested.

3.After application ,a full serious inspection is required to make sure no air bubble ,no fold,no falling away etc to guarantee the waterproof life.

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Q:Landlord charging for carpet damage, but upgraded to hardwood floors?
Is there hardwood flooring underneath the carpet? If so, it would be refinishing job which can be between $1.50-2 sq foot. Otherwise, if it is an installation job, you're looking at about $3 sq foot plus materials
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Q:Tung Oil Spill on Carpet?
Hang, to locate a pro near you.
Q:Is it harmful to people to use carpets for a long time?
Carpets made of wool, silk, rayon, etc add to the comfort of the interior, but they are a good place to live. Dust mites are allergens. People with allergies can get sick after inhaling certain allergens. Although the carpet can be removed by vacuum cleaners, it is not thorough. Investigations show that more than 90% of the dust mites are not able to carry it.
Q:What is the use of carpet?
Dear Bala, I am having carpet in my Drawing room Guest room. As I think a good and stylish carpet provide a royal look on the surface, easy to clean maintain, If anybody coming barefoot then all the dust get engaged in the carpet and over all in winter walking barefoot on carpet having a good feeling..
Q:I'm looking for a moderately priced rug for a large dining room table and need the size to be 8' x 14' ,.
Try I've bought many items on both sites and had great luck. Overstocks has low shipping charges, sometimes free on large items.
Q:Need advice on carpet cleaning?
Do If you have stains, treating them correctly will make a huge difference. Again, find out details about this online, probably even from the same site. I have an upright carpet cleaner that we use for whole room cleaning at least once a year. We also use it for upholstery cleaning and for spot cleaning. There is also a small version called a spot bot that I highly recommend. I don't know if I agree with the cleaners recommended at this website. I prefer water and vinegar and a tiny amount of cleaner, if needed. My favorite cleaner for stubborn carpet stains is called Awesome and you can buy it at your local dollar store. Good luck!
Q:Is new carpets have pungent odour is because of low quality?
Generally it's not
Q:What material of the office carpet is better?
it is danger to children' respiratory system, because the wool loss rate is too high and the color fastness is not enough, so if you let it go, you will find lots of wool on your hands. you could let it natural drying. actually you'd best ask for someone who know the carpet well to help you select qualities. the most simple method to identify the quality is to get the color pictures respectively with color software and use PHOTOSHOP to open them. . The other is the degree of color fading of the carpet. you just care about the pattern, but some patterns are difficult to wash, and if there is a family member with a history of allergies, you'd better not use carpet having silky texture, and then cook it in boiling water for 30 minutes. In general, the carpet costs high and very difficult to clean, what's more, it is easy to fade. Basically like this, three color value totaled more than 30, adn fluctuate up and down. the price is also very expensive. acrylic fiber carpet is the easiest to clean, but you should think carefully if there are more than 10 acrylic fiber. the carpet wool loss rate is an important indicator to choose a carpet, because the protein will be oxidizing decoloration after a long time exposure in the air. Take photos under the same conditions, taking a photo with the camera without sunlight and adequate lighting. processing is very trouble. compiled carpet is the most suitable for ordinary families. you need to be careful when you buy, seizing the wool and wrenching it with your hand, seeing if it is easy to loose. the wooly carpet is the best.
Q:I'm trying to find one of those thick white fur rugs for sex.?
try . Affordable Luxury! Alpaca Pete's is the world’s largest producer of Alpaca products. Our Alpaca are perfect for the wall, On the Bed, At the foot of the bed, to highlight a coffee table, or set off a fire place. Perfect as a light traffic area rug. They clean real easy simply brush them. They still have their natural oils that act as a natural scotch guard. Brushing on baby powder with cornstarch is a Natural way to Dry-clean them. ANNOUNCING OUR NEW DYNAMIC ALPACA PAGE. Do not be fooled. At Alpaca Pete's we photo the EXACT piece that you will receive. Buy from the ORIGINAL. For over 25 years we have taken pride in our %1000 Guarantee! Good only on our Alpaca Rugs! We are so sure that you will LOVE your alpaca area rug or Alpaca Wall hanging that we send UPS to your door at OUR expense and give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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