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Salad Washer


Salad washer using ozone technology to sterilize and decompose pesticide.

Why do we need a salad washer?


* Food-borne diseases cost the USD37.1 billion per year.

* Nearly 33 million cases of microbial food-borne diseases recorded in US each year.

* Over 9,000 food-borne disease related deaths each year (National Center for Health Statistics)

* 325,000 Inpatient per year are due to food-borne diseases.

How does this salad washer work:

Choose our salad washer:

1.Core technology of ozone sanitized system with patented invention  
2.Patented technology of Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotated washing

3.Largest washing capacity by 9 litter in the world
4.Lowest power consumption which below 50W
5.Smallest size and the lightest weight compare to other similar one
6.patented Ozone filter installation which could treat the off gas effective
7.High Efficient and Super Silent

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Q:What are the main functions of the negative ion air purifier?
Negative ions contribute to the body's synthesis and storage of vitamins, and strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the body
Q:What are the types of air purifiers?
Air purifier according to the working principle is divided into three types: passive, active, passive passive
Q:What are the applicable places for air cleaners?
The air purifier is suitable for newly renovated or refurbished accommodation
Q:What do you mean by negative ions and ultraviolet light on the air purifier?
Ultraviolet disinfection has long been used in the fields of medicine, industry and so on
Q:What are the core technologies of air purifiers?
At present, there are two main air purifier Technology
Q:What is the working principle of an air purifier?
Using chemical substances and formaldehyde for chemical reactions, to achieve the purpose of formaldehyde removal
Q:Can air purifiers and humidifiers be used together?
Air purifier is mainly to purify the air, and humidifier is to air humidification, the two are not contradictory
Q:How many cleaning methods are there in an air purifier?
The electrostatic dust collecting type: through plastic fibers or breakdown of metal mesh with electrostatic charge, suck through the particulate pollution filter, to improve the particulate pollution in indoor air to
Q:What are the benefits of air purifiers?
Remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur and carbon monoxide
Q:What's the use of air purifiers?
The air purifier can purify air, sterilize and eliminate static electricity

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