SAG 622 antifoam emulsion

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SAG 622 antifoam emulsion is a durable silicone emulsion and an excellent candidate to consider for use in controlling foam in high temperature aqueous systems such as the Jet Dyeing process. It is easy to use and typically displays superior dispersibility in both non-ionic and anionic aqueous foaming media. It does not form free surface oil or non-dispersed particles.

SAG 622 antifoam emulsion allows foam control over a broad pH range and temperature range.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

excellent foam control at high temperature

exceptional foam control in non-ionic and anionic surfactant systems

quick foam knockdown

persistent antifoam performance widely applicable

good emulsion stability and dilution stability

readily dispersible in the foaming media

Potential Applications

SAG 622 antifoam emulsion has found utility in many textile wet processing applications, such as:

foam control in textile pre-treatment processes and textile print paste

textile sizing and scouring agents acrylic latexes and thickeners used for textiles and nonwovens

other chemical processes requiring foam control

Typical physical Properties




Opaque-white emulsion

Solid Content(%)


Viscosity,(25,after stirring), cps




Lonic Character


Suitable Diluent



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