Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality

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30000 set/month

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Product Description:

Structure of Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality Description:

Safety products is a name of all the productions which can protect people during there lives; we have several kinds of safety products, such as: gloves, glasses, vest, mask, shoes, kneecap, and so on;

Our company has established extensive cooperation relationship with over 200 countries in the fields of safety equipment by making full use of its absolute superiority in both abundant source and solid technologies support. We sincerely welcome partners around the world to establish business cooperation with us on the basis of mutual trust, benefit and development.

Main Features of the Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality:

1.breathable,can wear long time comfortable 
2.soft,comfortable,light,latex free, no stimulus to skin
3.various colors and sizes are available for different request

4. SMS (Spun bond + Melt blown +Spun bond nonwovens), PP, PP +PE, Micro porous, spun lace,


Images of the Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality:

Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality

Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality

Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality

Safty Vest High Visibility Vest EN ISO 20471:2013 Good Quality Specification:


PP/SMS/SF/PP+PE coated






with hood/collar,with/without boots,front zipper,zipper   cover flap 


white,blue,green,red,yellow ect

normal packing:

1 piece/polybag * 50pcs/carton


1000 pcs


breathable,comfortable,soft,invironmental,non-irritant,soft,anti   dust 

production capacity


delivery time

20-30days after receiving deposit


Lingyang/ OEM


hospital,medical/food/electronic/chemical/beauty   industry,household


ISO9001:2008, ISO13485, CE, FDA






a.What is monthly capacity

---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

---Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


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Q:What's the difference between heavy protective clothing and light protective clothing? How should I choose?
The difference between the two, we from the following points to analyze:1. materialA. material thickness: heavy chemical protective clothing is relatively light chemical protective clothing material more thickB. material: heavy chemical protective clothing commonly used flame retardant fabric coated with PVC polymer film, polyester fiber, chemical fabrics; light chemical protective clothing using flame retardant neoprene coated fabric.2. color markingHeavy chemical protective clothing color is the standard yellow light is orange red suit.3. sealing performanceHeavy chemical protective clothing is relatively light chemical suits better sealing performance, the whole people wrapped clothes inside the airtight zipper antichemical, and with the double strip. Light and chemical protective clothing, general protection throughout the body, but the face is the need to separate with protective masks to toxic substances.
Q:How to wash protective clothing?
Types of protective clothing include fire protective clothing, industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and protective clothing for special populations.
Q:What is the difference between the protective clothing and the protective clothing?
Different materials: protective clothing is disposable goods, isolation clothing is not.
Q:What are the advantages of labor insurance clothing?
Click on the human body electrostatic attack, may by the charged body on the human body by electrostatic discharge, may also be people to touch the body discharge, the results form the current flows through the human body electric shock caused by light attack, dermatitis, skin burns, fingertip injury and functional damage, severe mental disorders, fear of attack, which resulted in two times.The damage of low temperature on the human body basically has three kinds: one is the arrangement of skin frostbite; two is the onset of skin damage and skin touch the metal at low temperature; three is due to the low temperature is the body heat loss too much, the formation of systemic physiological damage discomfort, such as breathing and heart rate, shivering, with people questioning gradually performance decline, increased gradually, and even in death.
Q:A radiation protective clothing for nuclear protective clothing
A fabric made from a polymer lining and natural or synthetic non-woven fabric, and then used to prepare radiation resistant safety clothing. The weight of this garment is only 1/5 of that of traditional lead clothing. Its radiation resistance is on top of existing protective clothing. The polymer lining can make its electronic layer similar to that of heavy metal by modifying it, and can absorb nuclear radiation.
Q:Can hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity wear protective clothing for live work?
Live operation shielding clothing is also called equipotential bonding. It is made of uniform conductor material and fiber material.
Q:Protective clothing, split or one good?
It depends on the needs of the work, split work clothes easier to do, such as anti acid and alkali are generally flame retardant
Q:What's the use of welding protective clothing?
Welding protective clothing protects against radiation such as ultraviolet rays during soldering;
Q:When chlorine leaks, emergency personnel must wear gas masks and protective clothing
It is forbidden to contact or cross the leakage of liquid ammonia, to prevent leakage into the sewer and drainage, and to enhance ventilation. Smoking and naked fire are prohibited in the premises. In order to avoid leakage of liquid ammonia, it is necessary to seal or turn over the leaking containers to ensure safety. Spray water to suppress steam or change the direction of the vapor cloud, but prohibit the direct use of water to spill the liquid ammonia or the source of leakage. Prevent leakage into the water, sewer, basement, or confined space. Restricted space where ammonia may be pooled is prohibited. After cleaning, remove all protective clothing and equipment before storage and reuse.
Q:Does 3M have a protective clothing that can be recycled?
3M protective clothing product series, there is no recycling products. Recycling involves removal of pollutants attached, whether can be effectively removed, whether removal method has influence on the safety integrity of protective clothing, these are the use of reusable protective clothing needs to be considered. There is no such problem as the use of restricted clothing (maintenance free).

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