Safety working shoes in UK style fashionable design beige color nubuck leather

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China main port
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5000 pair
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100000 pair/month

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safety working shoes
1:Direct manufacturer price
2:Meet CE EN20345 standard
3:Double density PU outsole
4:Size 37-47

      UK style fashionable design beige color nubuck leather safety working shoes         




We specialize in manufacturing wide range of  leather steel toe and non-steel toe shoes and boots. Professional safety shoes with steel toe cap, modern design, high comfort, ABSORBER lining with high absorbing abilities and with Bacterbril fibres avoiding bacteria and moulds propagation, injected PU sole resistant to acids and oils, CE EN 345 stanard.

Safety shoes detail specification are as follows:

MODEL:Safty Shoes/ Safety boots
The Upper‘s material for Optional:Cow/Buffalo Split LeatherCow/Buffalo Suede LeatherCrazy Horse Leather
Nubuck LeatherSmooth LeatherFull Grain Leather
Toe-cap's Material for Optional:Steel Toe CapComposite Toe CapToe Puffs
Midplate's Material for OptionalSteel Middle PlateKevlar Middle SoleWithout
Lining''s Material for OptionalAir MeshArtificial FurCambrella
Natural Fur
Design and Color of outsole for Optionalpopular outsole
Color: Any your interested color, our attractive color for your reference.(Red, green, transparent color, yellow)
Fuction:Oil and acid resistant

 water resistant, Anti-static

Package:1 Pair / Color Box
10 Pairs / Carton
1 pair / Plastic bags
10 pairs / Carton
Low Shoes
Package Size:
Size Range:37-4041-47
Carton:59*39.5*33.5 cm =0.078CMB61.5*41.5*35.5 cm
Middle Shoes
Package Size:
Size Range:37-4041-47
Carton:61.5*45.5*33.5 cm =0.094CMB64*47.5*35 cm = 0.106CMB
Boot Package Size:37-40:59.0*63.5*31.0 cm = 0.116CBM
41-43:61.5*65.5*33.0 cm = 0.133CBM
44-47:64.0*67.5*35.5 cm = 0.153CMB
MOQ:1000 Pairs
Payment Terms:L/CT/TWestern Union
Quantity for Shoes3300 Pairs6900 Pairs7800 Pairs
Quantity for Boot2200 Pairs5600 Pairs6600 Pairs
Delivery Time35-45 Days35-45 Days35-45 Days


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Q:What's the standard for safety shoes plastic Baotou?
Compared to steel Baotou, aluminum, Baotou and non-metallic synthetic Baotou are lighter, but the price is usually much more expensive. However, they do have their advantages for specific uses, including the use of magnetically sensitive electronic plants and petrochemical industries. Synthetic Baotou and plastic Baotou safety shoes are also commonly used at Airports because their nonmetallic properties can minimize interference to metals while passing through security areas.
Q:Is the insulation parameter of safety shoes 6000V enough?
Anti break shoes generally refer to shoes worn on different occasions to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable damage. 7, professional shoes, mainly in our work needs to wear shoes, because there are many units of enterprises, in the face of equipment, shoes and so on, there is a certain requirement.
Q:Is it possible to wear industrial safety shoes through security checks?
Every day we have to wear protective shoes into the airport maintenance, is what you say is the kind of plate, shoes will ring detector meet, but airport security people know this is inside the shoe plate, there is no contraband, even the largest passenger is shoes over X machine, but not the general.
Q:What brand of insulated safety shoes or shoes for electrician?
Electrical insulation shoes and no one brand is best, as long as the insulation shoes in line with national standards, you can.Electrical insulating shoes are a series of safety shoes, as a kind of security of electrical distribution operation in armor is worn when properly used, is an important prerequisite to ensure the safety of the.
Q:What are the differences between anti break shoes, safety shoes, shoes for labor protection, and steel head shoes? How to use and maintain?
Safety shoes, commonly known as labor shoes, generally refers to the safety shoes, but also anti - smashing shoes, steel head shoes. But strictly speaking, safety shoes are divided into protection, toe safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, safety shoes, electrical insulation, high temperature resistant safety shoes, safety shoes, but very commonly used is to protect toe safety shoes, is anti-static shoes, because anti smashing the front of the shoe with Baotou steel, so it is commonly known as steel head shoes. The maintenance of safety shoes is basically the same as that of ordinary fashion shoes.
Q:What are the test criteria for crash safety shoes?
According to the national standard GB21148-2007, 15KN standard, static pressure, protect the minimum distance in Baotou should be more than 14.0mm; impact energy impact 200J, protect the minimum distance in Baotou should be more than 14.0mm, in addition to the protection of Baotou test line, should not have any material through the cracks, the light through the cracks.
Q:Acid, alkali, safety shoes, pickling workers can not use, the use of pH is how much?
Acid and alkali safety shoes: suitable for electroplating workers, pickling workers, electrolytic workers, distributors, Chemical operators, etc..
Q:Classification of safety shoes soles and their respective features
Bottom: TPR (T, P, R thermal plastic rubber) TPR is a general term of generalized, including TPV, SEBS, SBS, TPO, TPU, EVA and other products.TPR sole is mainly refers to the modified material commonly known as SBS (a TPR application belongs to the material) is the special material.TPR for shoes a new type of polymer material for shoes mainly manufactured by thermoplastic SBS, rubber properties for processing and recycling, according to thermoplastic plastic is wear-resistant, easy shaping, low price; safety shoes TPR base material has the characteristics of lightweight, comfortable, high elasticity, good air permeability, easy staining high strength, especially excellent low temperature resistance, high friction coefficient, adhesion is strong. But the contact oil solvent will slip. Heavy material, poor abrasion (no wear), flexibility is poor, poor bending (without folding), shock absorption ability is poor, poor ventilation can use ordinary plastic. The forming machine Made of injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, rubber products. TPR pellets after hot melt injection molding, forming molecules in emission movement
Q:What functions should the safety shoes used in the chemical workshop have?
Chemical production is flammable, explosive, easy to poisoning, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and so on. As a result, it is more dangerous than other industrial sectors.
Q:Which brand of insulated safety shoes is good, I'm an electrician
The general safety shoes sales is very good oh 'but you may need to contact pressure, high voltage insulation shoes

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