Safety Valves Made In China With Good Quality DN600

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(1)TS Certificate with A level:There are less than 30 enterprises  approved  in China.

(2)ISO9001;2001 Certificate;CE Certificate 

(3)23years’ experience

(4)Export to many countries and keep a long-term cooperation with our customer 

(5)Every valve has 12months guarantee.

 2.Safety valve Feature:

(1)Standard:GB,DIN,ANSI are available. 

(2)Medium: air,water,or equivalences

(3)Main material:Cast steel,carbon steel and stainless steel ect

3.Detail Show

 working temperature: A42Y-16C/25/40 ≤300°C






Size:1/2" -24" or DN 15-DN600

Pressure: Class150LB-2500LB or PN16-PN160 or 10k-40k

Material: A105,LF2,F11,F22,F5,F304,F316,F304L,F316L(1/2 -2 )

WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,C12,C5,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M (2 -24 )

Design & Manufacture Std.: DIN 3356.

Face to Face Std.:DIN3202 .

End Connection Std.: DIN2543-2545.

Test Standard: DIN3230.


Surface safety valve with control sensing system for shutting off the hydraulic oil flow.

It is used in oilwell, when oil and gas leakage , case of fire or other emergency.

Because of  different of drive source, SSV can divided into Hydraulic safety valve and pneumatic valve ; With thermal and high voltage explosion-proof device ; Actuators and prepare two parts of the valve, standard interface, easy replacement and maintenance .


Work pressure


 Nominal diameter


 Work medium

oil, gas,mud, gas with h2s and co2  

 Work temperature

 LU     ( -46°C~121°C)

Material class


Specification class



Performance class


5.Impulse safety valve usage

This valve is used for power plant boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing device and other facilities. It serves to prevent the pressure exceeding the highest allowable pres-sure value and ensure the safety of the device when working.

 6.Impulse safety valve structure briefing

(1)The pressure of the disc is balanced through the lever and heavy hammer and the valve is ensured seal by moving the for ton of heavy hammer and changing the weight of heavy hammer to reach the required set pressure.
(2)The sealed surface is made of Fe base stainless steel by overlaying welding. Through thermal treatment, the wear resistance and anti-erosion of disc is improved.
(3)At the top of valve is equipped an electromagnet to open and another to close the valve. The actions of the mechanism and the electric appliance are separate and will not affect each other.

7.Impulse safety valve installation instruction

(1)This valve shall be used with main safety valve A49H-4 to-gather.
(2)Impulse safety valve shall be installed vertically and the lever shall be kept level. The clearance from the lever to both sides of guide fork shall be even.
(3)The pipeline shall be washed clean before installing impulse safety valve.
(4)A long distance between the leading pipe of the impulse safety valve and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve shall be kept. And the distance between the electric contact pressure meter and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve shall be no less than 5 times of the diameter of the inlet pipe, for feat that the validity of the mater and the impulse safety valve may be affected by the steam releasing process of the main safety valve.

8.Main safety valve usage

This valve is used for power plant boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing device and other facilities. It serves to present the pressure exceeding the highest allowable pres-sure value and ensure the safety of the device when working.

9.Main safety valve structure briefing

1,When the medium pressure rises to the set pressure, the in-pulse safety valve opens, and the medium in the impulse pipe enters into the piston chamber of the main safety valve from impulse pipe, forcing the piston to descend, and then the valve automatically open-s; when the impulse safety valve closes, the disc will slash automatically close.
2,The sealed surface is made of Fe base stainless steel by over-laying welding. Through thermal treatment, the wear resistance and anti-erosion of disc so improved.

10.Main safety valve installation instruction  

1,The main safety valve shall be installed vertically at the highest. position of the device.
2,The main safety valve shall be fastened upon the gallows, which sustains the back-seat force produced in the steam discharging process of the main safety valve.
3,The exhaust pipe shall contain a special gallows to prevent the force of its weight directly applying on the main safety valve. The connecting Lange At the lowest point of the exhaust pipe, water drainage shall be taken into consideration to avoid producing water hammer while discharging set between the main safety valve and exhaust pipe shall eliminate any extra stress.
4,At the lowest point of the exhaust pipe, water drainage shall be taken into consideration to avoid producing water hammer while discharging steam.


Safety Valves Made In China With Good Quality DN600

Safety Valves Made In China With Good Quality DN600

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