Safety helmet with High quality led flash light

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Packaging Detail:1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .
Delivery Detail:within 20 days

Specifications helmet with head lamp led
2.Battery capacity:2500mah
3.discharge time:13-15 hours
4. high quality factory price.

1.Name:safety helmet with head lamp led light ;                                                      

2. Shell material: ABS original ;                                                

3. Max Illumination at 1m:3000-3800lux;  

4. Battery capacity:2500mah;                    

5. discharge time:13-15 hours ;              

6. Discharge current:150-180mah ;

7.Battery recharge life:≥800 cycles ;

8.Charging time: 6 hours/cycle ;              

9. Safety features: Power circuit use PTC microelectronic chip constitute automatic safety circuit and automatic short circuit protection device, in the event of malfunction, can cut off the circuit within 1 ms, and it will automatically switch back to normal when malfunction removed .                                                  

10. Structure feature:Water-proof, integrated,impact-resistant,anti-static,Explosion-proof design, safety and high performance.           11. Intelligent Charge Management: Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection ;                              

12. Convenient and flexible:Main lamp and sub lamp could be switched freely. Main lamp could blink as contact signal.

13. Packing: 1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .


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Q:What are the basic technical requirements of a safety helmet?
Impact absorption performance refers to the ability of a helmet to absorb impact energy when it is impacted by a falling object. A better safety helmet absorbs 80%-90% in the impact absorption process to minimize the impact on the renti, so as to achieve the best protection effect. The formulation of impact absorption energy is based on the maximum impact force of the renti cervical spine. In accordance with the provisions of GB/T 2812-2006, after high temperature, low temperature, immersion, UV irradiation pretreatment shock test, the transfer of the first die on the force of no more than 4900N, the cap shell shall not fall debris.
Q:What is the color distribution of the helmet?The construction industry is fine
A safety cap color generally follow the principle of safety psychology. The yellow than the general international plus black, is caused by a sign warning sign, red is restricted or prohibited; blue show the role of play. Therefore, the use of helmets for ordinary jobs, to adopt white, light yellow, light green is appropriate. The coal miners helmet, used to use black color, this may be due to dust is black tarnish the helmet can not see, but other colors are very easy to detect. But the miners helmets with black, obviously does not meet the safety ergonomics principles, because mine lighting poor, black miners cap in contrast is not obvious, easy to due to blurred vision and accidents. So should be brightColor,
Q:How to solve the problem of helmet pressure head type?
There is no way.Unless you shave off your head.The belt inside the helmet is a buffer when it is accidentally injured. It is of vital importance.Safety first, I have to go out of work and comb it well.Also, don't forget to fasten your seat belt.
Q:What is the difference between the integral forming and non integral forming of the mountain riding helmet? Which is better?
One forming resistance is certainly better than non - integral one! As for the later question, you have to see the other people's answers!
Q:Which kinds of helmets are there in the building? What's the difference between them?
Consumers can choose suitable varieties according to their own needs. Safety helmets should be selected according to the industry and working environment used. For example, the construction industry in general on the selection of Y type safety helmet; in the electric power industry, power grid due to contact and electrical equipment should be used T4 (insulation) safety helmet; operation in explosive environment, should choose the T3 type safety helmet.Safety helmet colors optional, with light or eye-catching color is appropriate, such as white, pale yellow, can also according to the relevant provisions of the requirements of selection, selection of follow the principle of safety psychology, according to the Department to distinguish selection, according to the work place and environment to choose.
Q:How is the color of the helmet broken down in the engineering construction?
There's no such thing as a death rule. The workers who work in general are yellow, the management is red, the supervisor is white. I said that in general, there are special, such as management of China Railway Construction Group with white, and Beijing. Supervision hat is blue.
Q:Why should the gas bottle wear the best safety helmet?
On the other hand, bottle valves are exposed outside and are easy to break into dust or grease during handling and storage. Wearing a helmet prevents dust or grease from contamination and invasion.In order to eliminate the risk, so the requirements of bottle units in the factory must be equipped with safety cylinder cap. When the gas safety cap into the fixed location, after using in time to wear cap screwing, do not throw. Don't forget to wear a safety helmet when handling or loading and unloading. The inflator shall not inflate the cylinder without a helmet.
Q:PC safety helmet and glass fiber reinforced plastic safety helmet which is good?
Glass fiber reinforced plastics, but the price of FRP is relatively high, there is no special requirement is not necessary. Many hats for fire protection, public security and troops are now made of fiberglass.
Q:Who are you going to wear a safety helmet for?
You must wear a safety helmet and fasten your chin belt. The helmet shall be visually checked before use. It is found that the cap and the liner are abnormally damaged and the cracks shall not be used again, and a new safety helmet shall be replaced. If the helmet is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from the heat source and not exposed to direct sunlight.
Q:What is the material of the safety helmet for roller skating?
There is also a shell attached to the interior of high-density sponge, and this protective performance is also very good, representative products will be a few 187killepads, the title owner can go to understand.

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