Safety helmet with High quality led flash light

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Packaging Detail:1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .
Delivery Detail:within 20 days

Specifications helmet with head lamp led
2.Battery capacity:2500mah
3.discharge time:13-15 hours
4. high quality factory price.

1.Name:safety helmet with head lamp led light ;                                                      

2. Shell material: ABS original ;                                                

3. Max Illumination at 1m:3000-3800lux;  

4. Battery capacity:2500mah;                    

5. discharge time:13-15 hours ;              

6. Discharge current:150-180mah ;

7.Battery recharge life:≥800 cycles ;

8.Charging time: 6 hours/cycle ;              

9. Safety features: Power circuit use PTC microelectronic chip constitute automatic safety circuit and automatic short circuit protection device, in the event of malfunction, can cut off the circuit within 1 ms, and it will automatically switch back to normal when malfunction removed .                                                  

10. Structure feature:Water-proof, integrated,impact-resistant,anti-static,Explosion-proof design, safety and high performance.           11. Intelligent Charge Management: Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection ;                              

12. Convenient and flexible:Main lamp and sub lamp could be switched freely. Main lamp could blink as contact signal.

13. Packing: 1unit/polybag/inner box, 20pcs/carton;G.W./N.W.: 18.2KG/15.4KG .


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Q:What is the role of the construction safety helmet?
Construction safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment for preventing impact damage from the head.
Q:Is the forklift operator required to wear a safety helmet? Is there a standard?
There are no specific rules and standards in this regard, depending on the working environment.
Q:How do you recognize the helmet color?
White is the supervision or other personnel of Party ARed is the site management personnel, including construction workers, what the inspector;Blue is a skilled worker, including field electricians, tower cranes, workers and so onYellow is an ordinary worker, a worker of ordinary labor
Q:What are the requirements for the use or inspection of safety helmets?
Users are not allowed to disassemble or add attachments at the safety helmet so as not to affect their original protective performance.
Q:How many years is the helmet available?
The helmet is available for one and a half years from the date of purchase. Plastic cap not more than two years, laminated cap and glass steel cap, two and a half, rubber cap and cold helmet three years, ride safety helmet for three and a half years. All kinds of helmets exceed their usual service life, prone to aging, and lose the protective performance of helmets
Q:Under what circumstances should helmets be used?
Safety helmet is a kind of protective equipment to prevent impact from damaging the head. It consists of a hat shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek belt and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, firm and smooth, and has a certain elasticity, the impact of the impact and the puncture kinetic energy are mainly borne by the cap shell.
Q:How to stipulate helmet color in State Grid
With White Helmets, the general is supervision or Party A, supervision, that is, we believe that site managers, usually the middle level of the project, the main responsibility for the implementation of the site and the quality of the project.
Q:Is the heavier hat the better the quality?
Safety performance refers to the protective performance of the helmet, including basic performance requirements and special performance requirements. It is an important indicator to determine whether the helmet products are qualified or not.The helmet standard GB2811-1989 clearly specifies the requirements that helmet products should meet.
Q:The impact test of the helmet shall not exceed the force of the delivery die
(a) sign: there should be a certificate of safety and safety certification on the helmet, and have the following permanent identification: the name of the factory, the number of the production license and the date of production.B) selection and useIt must check whether the safety cap crack, scratch, uneven wear, before use (including the cap liner inspection), a safety cap as there are obvious defects affecting the performance of it should be promptly scrapped, so as not to affect the protective effect.It can not be in a safety cap to remove or add attachments, so as not to affect its original protective performance.It can adjust the size of the cap liner. Safety helmet internal dimensions such as vertical spacing, wear height, horizontal spacing, there are strict rules of the standard, these dimensions directly affect the safety performance of the cap, the user must be adjusted, otherwise, litter impact event, helmets for wearing loose leaves or because of the impact and not to touch the top the protective effect of direct injury to the wearer.The use must be safety cap, wearing prison, can not shake, to fasten the chin strap, after adjustment to prevent the safety helmet off band.Is not to punch on the safety helmet, safety helmet, not collision free, not the safety helmet when the bench, so as not to affect its strength.
Q:Unlicensed driving damaged moped Road, without a helmet, was arrested by the traffic police arrested the moped
From the traffic law, the four: driving hidden dangers of vehicles, driving unlicensed vehicles, driving without driving permit vehicles, do not wear a safe driving helmet.

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