Sacheted Vermiculite Non Abesto Expanded Vermiculite

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Sacheted Vermiculite & Expanded Vermiculite

1.Product name: Vermiculite

2.Brand name: CNBM

3.H.S Code:2530102000

4.Appearance:silver white color or golden color

5.Type:raw vermicultie ,expanded vermiculite

6.Grade:superfine,fine,medium,large grade

7.Applications :Industrial grade,construction grade ,agricultural grade ,horticultural grade

Raw Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite sizeExpansion ratio       
Super fine0.3-1mm20-40mesh 40-60mesh7-9times
Fine1-2mm   0.7-2mm9-10times
Medium2-4mm 1.4-4mm10-11times
Large3-6mm 4-8mm8-10times



Expanded Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite size                                Bulk density               
Super fine0.3-1mm120-150kgs/m3
Large3-6mm 4-8mm90-120kgs/m3


Raw Vermiculite

Expanded vermiculite





5.Sample is free with 1kgs

6.Price is negotiated





5.Sample is free with 1kgs


6.Price is negotiated

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Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layers?
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Q:Should I make the lay box now?? Please hurry!?
I used vermiculite for my ball pythons, as instructed by various local breeders. This substrate worked well for me (4 seasons). The only thing is I find vermiculite tends to stick to the hatchlings. I've been told that perlite doesn't have this effect. I know a breeder who produces Leo's, Cresteds, and Gargs. She uses SuperHatch. Apparently it changes color from brick red to pink as the moisture evaporates, and is infinitely reusable. Never used it or heard much else from said product, though. Whatever is available to you, I guess. I've heard good things about all three. Familiarize yourself with whatever substrate you choose. You should be good with any, realistically. Take care.
Q:plaster of paris with vermiculite vs. perlite?
SOME old or foreign vermiculite has asbestos. If you buy a present day product, it will not. The asbestos would not hurt, but would help the incubation process. Remember, asbestos is one of the best insulting materials known.
Q:Can i use vermiculite to insulate existing stud walls?,What is the R velue on it in stud walls?
Q:Vermiculite, vermiculite for soil improvement?
Vermiculite can effectively promote plant root growth and seedling growth is stable. Provide water and nutrients necessary for plant growth for long periods of time and maintain the stability of root sun temperature.
Q:bearded dragon egg care?
If you can get your hands on a polysterine box thats you pretty much sorted. You make a cut near the top so the wire for the heat mat can go in with the lid still on properly, and then put little tubs in ( chinese food boxes or the ones you get crickets on) put the vermiculite in and make sure it stays moist. have fun :)
Q:my bearded dragon has laid 2 eggs then 1 egg a hour later and nothing the next day is this normal?
any potting soil with vermiculite , for drainage, Put some stones in the bottom for extra drainage,and make sure the potting soil has some kind of food in it.add something called soil moist to reduce watering.
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