Sacheted Vermiculite/ Expanded Vermiculite

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Sacheted Vermiculite & Expanded Vermiculite

1.Product name :vermicultie

2.Brand name:JINLI

3.H.S Code:2530102000

4.Appearance:silver white color or golden color

5.Type:raw vermicultie ,expanded vermiculite

6.Grade:superfine,fine,medium,large grade

7.Applications :Industrial grade,construction grade ,agricultural grade ,horticultural grade

Raw Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite sizeExpansion ratio       
Super fine0.3-1mm20-40mesh 40-60mesh7-9times
Fine1-2mm   0.7-2mm9-10times
Medium2-4mm 1.4-4mm10-11times
Large3-6mm 4-8mm8-10times



Expanded Vermiculite

Vermiculite gradeVermiculite size                                Bulk density               
Super fine0.3-1mm120-150kgs/m3
Large3-6mm 4-8mm90-120kgs/m3


Raw Vermiculite

Expanded vermiculite





5.Sample is free with 1kgs

6.Price is negotiated





5.Sample is free with 1kgs


6.Price is negotiated




















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Q:Hydroponically speaking, what are the easiest vegetables to grow in perlite and vermiculite?
it sounds like a type of insulation i don't know if it's asbestos or not but if it a newer home i doubt it is there may be mold inside you walls also call your local building inspector have him look at it
Q:Is my Vermiculite chemical free? (for a reptile incubator)?
Q:good insulating materials like vermiculite?
Same thing happened to us, but we still had about a million baby crickets- so I wouldn't stress about it too much. Just keep an eye on your humidity, and make sure you submerge your vermiculite in a hot water bath to sterilize it (partly anyway). Of course let it cool down before introducing it into your breeding colony, but all in all, don't stress too much about it.
Q:how can i grow magic mushrooms in the DRC? there is no vermiculite to be found here, and no cow poop either.?
Vermiculite is used in horticulture to aid plant 'cuttings' to grow and helps to with drainage. It is not harmful, but I would keep an eye on your little one when they are mixing it with his know what young children are like and may want to 'taste' anything new. If I were you when you add and mix vermiculite to the soil or compost allow your little one to help you and explain that it is not for eating as it could cause them to get a 'sore' tummy. I remember when my niece was very young and I mixing cement and my niece thought was pleasant stuff to 'run' through her fingers. When I saw what she see was doing I got her inside to wash her hands and explained to her that a cement mixture, was something which could make her ill or damage her eyes. Kindest regards from David
Q:What store can I purchase vermiculite at?
Hi, sounds like you may be misting the vermiculite a little too much and from my experience totally covering the eggs is a problem, even though they are eggs they still need to breath and if you carefully pick up an egg and hold it up to a good light the embryo should be visible and appear pink in colour. Don't allow the temperature to drop bellow 82. Hope this helps
Q:my arabian horse just ate some bad stuff?
I personally like Hatchrite :)
Q:Should I make the lay box now?? Please hurry!?
I used vermiculite for my ball pythons, as instructed by various local breeders. This substrate worked well for me (4 seasons). The only thing is I find vermiculite tends to stick to the hatchlings. I've been told that perlite doesn't have this effect. I know a breeder who produces Leo's, Cresteds, and Gargs. She uses SuperHatch. Apparently it changes color from brick red to pink as the moisture evaporates, and is infinitely reusable. Never used it or heard much else from said product, though. Whatever is available to you, I guess. I've heard good things about all three. Familiarize yourself with whatever substrate you choose. You should be good with any, realistically. Take care.
Q:Where can I find some vermiculite?
I won't even buy dry goods from Petco. When I worked for them, their primary pet distributor was Sunpet. Mites were a perpetual issue, in addition to an array of illnesses I had never seen before. None of their pets are captive bred by breeders. Reptile expos (as someone else mentioned) are your best bet.
Q:Tarantula Question??
You can use potting soil and save yourself the trouble of having to mix your own. Peppers like the heat but be careful that they don't dry out too much because if they get stressed they can get bugs easily.
Q:What material is vermiculite?
Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.

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